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Nick Verreos "Project Runway Season 15 Top 5 OMG Moments" YouTube

This past week on Lifetime's "Project Runway", it was time for the designers to attend an Absolut Elyx party. As we know, there's no such thing as a party on "Project Runway" since this one, of course, involved a challenge: To create a "luxurious" Cocktail Dress. For some reason, a lot of this season's remaining designers struggled...

 My sketch for "Cocktail Wear" if I was a "Streetwear" designer
My Fave--"Cocktail Dress" Challenge/Episode 6 Design by Laurence Basse, "Project Runway" Season 15 designer

I'm still a bit perplexed at the reason but, oh well...I had lots to say about this episode so...enjoy my latest "Top 5 OMG Moments" of "Project Runway" for Episode 6 by watching the video below. And if you keep scrolling, you can read my FULL RECAP of the episode as well. 
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Click below to watch the FULL "Top 5 OMG Moments" Video of "Project Runway" Season 15 Episode 6:

#1 OMG!.....There’s No Such Thing As A Party…On PROJECT RUNWAY! While I’m sure the designers were THRILLED to get a YUMMY Absolut Elyx cocktail—or two! We all know there’s NO SUCH THING AS A PARTY…on “Project Runway”! Listen, I love a good cocktail as much as the next person BUT…when you’re on “Project Runway”, Always know that... A) You’re being filmed, and B) You’re AT WORK! Order that drink, pretend to sip it, but know this isn’t really a PARTEEE. And a Challenge could be coming around the corner! In this case it was in the room and Heidi and Tim gave the designers the task of designing a COCKTAIL DRESS!

#2 OMG!.....Curious Commonalities??  This week, Jenni was making a cocktail dress using sequin appliqué that was VERY SIMILAR to details Erin has done previously, including last week on that fabulous yellow-and-mauve coat she made…Even Erin was like “Ummmm, that looks familiar!” Listen, it’s totally normal to get inspired by other designers in the workroom—your eyes wander and unconsciously (or consciously), design commonalities do occur. Does that make it OK? Talk amongst yourselves.

#3 OMG!.....Find Your Voice!  Whether you’re designing Streetwear, Ready-to-Wear, Activewear, Cocktail… or even an Unconventional Materials Challenge, the key to success is to FIND YOUR VOICE. In other words, know who you are and then apply that to the task—as opposed to forcing the TASK onto Who You Are as a designer. If you are a Streetwear designer designing for a Cocktail Challenge, make sure your voice is heard…

Sooo TASHA: Instead of fighting it, I would have suggested doing a luxe Hoodie-inspired dress with side pockets, ribbed banding and a copper sequined Absolut Pineapple back detail. Now THAT would be something I'd like to see!

#4 OMG!.....The Cocktail Struggle Is Real!! OK, now following along this same subject: Why was it SOOOOO difficult for A LOT of the designers to make a Cocktail Dress?? 6 out of the ELEVEN designers either kind-of failed, or failed! Exhibit A, B, C, D, E, and F: Cornelius' wasn’t cocktail but rather Daytime Wedding Guest at the Hamptons; Nathalia was Figure Skating Pageant; Dexter went Hoochie Vegas; Mah-jing almost did a Dripping Blood Dress!; Erin's was 90's feathered and brocade costume-y...And Tasha…well, I don't even know what to call that! What happened? Were they hung-over from too many Absolut Elyx Cocktails? As Zac said, it was disappointing, underwhelming and cocktail hour un-creative.

#5 OMG!....My Winner!  While I liked  Rik’s amazing bartender-inspired leather apron dress and Jenni’s 1920’s speakeasy-inspired satin and sequined shift dress, my favorite was—by far!—Laurence’s Little Black Dress which was based on a Chesterfield leather sofa. I loved how she ingeniously used the quilted details of that sofa and made exaggerated sleeves out of them: TRES FAB! If I was a judge, Laurence would have been my Top Vote Getter!...For Sure!

And now...Time for my FULL RECAP from

Season 15, Episode 6 Recap: Unhappy Hour

“Project Runway” loves a party. But as we’ve learned time and time again, a party on “Project Runway” is never truly a party. This season, in fact, began with a soiree welcoming the new designers, but as they quickly found out, the party was anything but a celebration and instead, the source of their first unconventional materials challenge. This week’s episode began yet again with a festive event, but quickly the designers’ happy hour turned to work hour when they were tasked with creating a cocktail look inspired by their surroundings. Grab your favorite drink kids, cause it’s the cocktail dress challenge recap.

The episode begins with a press party at Absolut Elyx House, a well-appointed apartment/events space in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Heidi, Nina and Zac are there along with bloggers interviewing them. Soon enough, Tim Gunn arrives with the designers in tow. As they are all enjoying their Elyx pineapple copper-mug’ed Absolut drinks, all I can think of is that they shouldn’t get too liquored up since… there’s no such thing as a “party” on “Project Runway.”

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