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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss International 2016 Finals EVENING GOWN RECAP!

International Queen: "Miss International Philippines" Kylie Verzosa wins "Miss International 2016" title, and Evening Gowns--Miss International 2016 Finals Tokyo Japan

This week has been a busy week in the world of Beauty pageants. First, there were the Finals of "Miss Grand International 2016" in Las Vegas and on Thursday, the 56th Annual "Miss International 2016" took place at the Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo Japan. 69 contestants from all the world competed and the winner was Kylie Verzosa "Miss International Philippines".

Crowned: Outgoing "Miss International 2015" Edymar Martinez from Venezuela crowns the new "Miss International 2016" Kylie Verzosa--Tokyo Japan

Kylie--who was one of the favorites, is 24 years-old, stands 5' 9" (1.75 M) and besides modeling and being a beauty pageant winner, also works as a pre-school teacher. The gorgeous beauty thanked everyone who supported her and she was very happy for gaining this top international title for her nation.

Work That Cape: "Miss International 2016" Philippines' Kylie Verzosa during her Crowning Walk--Tokyo Japan

Kylie Versoza "Miss International Philippines"

Kylie is a pro on the Philippines Pageant circuit, having competed for the coveted "Binibining Pilipinas" ("Miss Universe Philippines") crown in 2015 where she placed in the Top 15, and this past year, she competed again, winning the "Miss International Philippines" crown...

"Miss Philippines" Kylie Verzosa during the Swimsuit Competition of "Miss International 2016" Tokyo Japan

Kylie Verzosa "Miss Philippines" during the National Costume Presentation in a Francis Libiran-designed costume depicting San Agustin Church carvings--"Miss International 2016" Finals Tokyo Japan

And now, time to RECAP and REVIEW the "Miss International 2016" EVENING GOWNS!!! 
I'll begin with the outgoing "Miss International", Venezuela's Edymar Martinez and then, discuss this year's winner from the Philippines Kylie Verzosa and then discuss some of the Finalists as well as some other "notable" Evening Gowns...
Photos courtesy of Missosology Facebook

"Miss International 2015" Venezuela's Edymar Martinez: Edymar wore a pink and white embroidered ball gown custom-designed by Venezuelan designer Hugo Espina. It featured built-in lighting (see right photo above). This was quite a "Disney" Cinderella-type gown and very "Miss International" in its "Princess"-like look. While this might have worked in Japan, it was a bit too over-the-top and slightly tacky QuinceaƱera for my taste. But...I do appreciate that it was probably (most definitely) made impeccably and sewn to perfection. 

Philippines Kylie Verzosa: Kylie wore a beautiful gown designed by Filipino designer Francis Libiran. The pastel lilac gown featured the intricate sequined embroidery that Libiran is known for. The gown silhouette was gorgeous, it fit perfectly, was the correct length and overall, a stunning gown made for a winner. Like I always say, if you're going to compete in an international pageant--no matter what country you are from--you need to "BRING IT!". This is NOT the time for an off-the-rack dress darlings...Bring on the COUTURE! And Kylie did!
Score: 9.75

Australia Alexandra Britton: 1st Runner-up "Miss Australia" Alexandra Britton also wore a lilac-hued gown for the Finals of "Miss International 2016". It was much more simple than Kylie's. The satin princess-seamed gown featured a heavily beaded bustier/top section. While the gown wasn't extraordinary, it did fit well, she wore the right shoes (no tacky platform heels, thank you very much!) and overall, she looked pretty.
Score: 8.99

Indonesia Felicia Hwang: The beautiful Felicia won the "Miss Best Dresser" Award during the entire competition, as she was very much the perfectly styled fashionista throughout the pre-finals events. Her gown for the final night was STUNNING. The royal blue and ivory halter-style gown featured intricate sequined embroidery that almost made her look like a priceless Ming Vase. To add major drama to the design, it featured a gorgeous satin cape attached to the back. Felicia was coming to win with this gown--and she almost did, since she got the 2nd Runner-up crown!
Score: 9.80

Nicaragua Brianny Chamorro: 3rd Runner-up Brianny from Nicaragua, wore a very pretty and impacting golden gown which featured nude lining and stunning criss-cross sequin details. The gown fit perfectly and the length was on-point! Well done "Miss Nicaragua"!
Score: 9.45

USA Kaitryana Leinbach: Kaitryana captured the 4th Runner-up title at "Miss International 2016" wearing this silver sequined fit-and-flare gown. The design and details were similar to "Miss Nicaragua's" but in silver as opposed to gold. The gown also featured a jeweled waistband. I think this was an elegant and stage-impacting choice, and once again, I was happy that it was classy, fit well and...the CORRECT LENGTH!!! (no tacky platform shoes showing!! Yeay!).
Score: 9.45

Some of the Top 15 Semi-Finalists-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Argentina Yoana Don: Yoana's gown featured a sequined embroidered column dress with a silver iridescent organza overskirt. I'm not a fan of the iridescent organza since to me, it looks polyester-y and cheap. I think this style of gown aged the lovely Yoana and made her look "Mumsy" and it was just Too Mucheey for her. I also didn't like those nude platform heels sticking out from the too-short gown.
Score: 7.50

Canada Amber Bernachi: The beautiful Amber wore this red mermaid-shaped gown for the "Miss International 2016" Beauty pageant. The taffeta gown which featured a nude illusion inset at the neckline and double-tiered bottom ruffles, is from Jovani Los Angeles, and in case you're wondering, the style # is 337153 and retails for ONLY $590! I don't know how Jovani can manufacture a gown like this for under $600. Seriously. I'm guessing it's polyester and made in China but still; this looks like $3,000 gown and it looked quite impressive on "Miss Canada".
Score: 9.10

Dominican Republic Cynthia Nunez: Cynthia wore a golden-nude sequined gown with long sleeves at the "Miss International 2016" Finals. The coloring worked well for the tanned-skinned beauty and I liked the center front slit and that it was "Lady-like" high (and not high!). I also give her MAJOR PROPS for wearing proper golden ankle strapped heels and not tacky platform stripper ones.
Score: 8.99

Finland Emilia Seppanen: Emilia was one of the Top 15 semi-finalists and she wore this teal-colored chiffon gown. I liked the style and especially the dramatic caped "sleeves" and silver crystal neckline. I just had a problem with the too-short length (about 6 inches too short in the front!) and then, she styled it with these nude semi-platform heels that just didn't go with this gown. The shoes are too casual and daytime for such a gown; she should have gone with either matching color or delicate metallic strappy heels with no platform.
Score: 8.00

Poland Magdalena Bienkowska: Magdalena wore this lilac colored fit-and-flare gown that looked quite pretty on her. The dress had an overlay with silver lace applique and blue sequins. There was nothing extraordinary about it in terms of a "Couture"-like design but it fit well, was the right length and worked for "Miss International".
Score: 8.45

Russia Alisa Manenok: I didn't like this gown very much. It looked like a wedding dress for a bride who's getting married for the THIRD TIME. It was a bit Mother-of-the-Bride and kind of like a "Mrs. Claus" costume if she added a red and white fur cap to finish it off. I know that for "Miss International" and its Japan-based owners, these contestants know to think more "sweet" and the farthest thing from Supermodel Sexy but this was just too Prom circa 1992-dated and "Mumsy".
Score: 6.99

Thailand Pattiya Pongthai: Pattiya wore this shimmering lilac (popular color!) sequined gown featuring a beautiful cape detail. The cape was very "Elie Saab/Zuhair Murad" dramatic, but part of me wished the dress had more beading and maybe nude colored lining as opposed to the lilac. It was also a tad bit too short as we can see above.
Score: 8.90

Extra Gown Mentions----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Puerto Rico Gabriela Berrios: Gabriela is a Pageant Pro and competed as "Miss Universe Puerto Rico" at the "Miss Universe 2014" Beauty Pageant. For the "Miss International 2016" contest, she wore this nude-and-ivory organza and embroidered ballgown. It was quite a dress and very impacting on stage. I loved the shape although I don't think it needed those off-the-shoulder straps but other than that, this was quite a gown!
Score: 9.55

Venezuela Jessica Duarte: Jessica wore a red gown designed by Venezuelan designer Hugo Espina. Espina also designed the gown the outgoing "Miss International" wore (see the "Disney Princess"-like ball gown in this blog). This was another one of those "Quite a Gown" moments, but it got little attention from the judges (Jessica didn't make the Top 15). The design featured red hand-sequined embellishment and a SUPERSIZED tulle overskirt. It was A LOT but I still liked it, especially for the "Miss International" Japanese audience.
Score 9.00

Costa Rica Raquel Guevara: Raquel wore this red sequined applique fit-and-flare strapless gown with nude lining. From the front, it was OK and quite nice but then...she turned around and she was "pooping" nude organza! (you can kind of see in photo above). Why, in the name of the Pageant Gods, she wouldn't remove that back piece is beyond me. Oh, and yeah, it looks like she wore those nude Stripper Platform heels I HATE.
Score: 7.75

China Xinna Zhou: Xinna wore this violet colored gown featuring an illusion with crystal beaded top section. It was very "Figure Skating Costume" and not original in its design. She then was ill-advised to add a big ol' necklace that was so not necessary. It all looked a bit 90's dated.
Score: 7.00

Denmark Sara Danielsen: Sara went with an ivory satin gown that had a princess seam slit, back cape/fall and beaded torso. It was very Prom-and-Pageant and very late 1990's/early 2000's. The big updo bouffant was also quite dated and those peep-toe heels were not the shoes to wear with this. At all. While she looked quite "Pageant Pretty", it wasn't Red Carpet Fabulous or giving me anything extraordinary.
Score: 7.89

Vietnam Pham Ngoc Phu'o'ng Linh: While I appreciated the somewhat original design and oversized pearl jeweled sequins and feathers, the nude lining interspersed throughout did give it a bit of a "Figure Skating Costume" look to it. I wish most of the gown had been covered in those oversized pearl jewels.
Score: 8.00

Sierra Leone Maseray Swarray: I LOVED Maseray's beautiful face, her short-cropped hair and choice of this bright lipstick red gown. The dress--which featured a satin overskirt and beaded lace embroidered detail--was a bit Prom-and-Pageant and polyester-y but to me, that didn't matter when she displayed such joyous fabulousity.
Score: 8.00

Congratulations to the new "Miss International 2016" Kylie Versoza--and to the country of Philippines for getting this coveted beauty pageant crown! Mabuhay! Maligayang bati sa iyong pagkapanalo

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chad p said...

Miss earth 2016 please

Unknown said...

always happy to read your review about the dress on beauty pageant ... Thank you nick ... Love from Indonesia

Jerrycola said...

You know how to speak Filipino! I'm a fan of your designs and reviews, been a fan since Project Runway days! ❤️

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Miss indonesia felice, she won best dresser creating by anaz desingner form indonesia same as made ariska in miss grand international

Anni Vikstedt said...

Too bad you decided to write you review before photos of ALL the contestants were posted on the missosology site. Now we didn't get to hear your thoughts on ALL the top15 finalists. Intstead some girls who did not make the finals.