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ICE STYLE.....2016 Skate Canada International: ICE DANCE and PAIRS!

Skate Canada International Ice Dancers: Costumes from Ice Dance competitors at 2016 Skate Canada International 

Pairs Couture: Costumes from Pairs figure skating competitors at 2016 Skate Canada International

Finishing off with my 2016 Skate Canada International "Ice Style" blogs--You can read my LADIES and MEN Costumes Recap HERE--now it's time to discuss the costumes from the Ice Dance and Pairs skaters. As usual, there were lots of fun costumes, featuring diverse designs for the "Blues" and "Hip Hop" mix of Ice Dance Short Dances, as well as some interesting creations that ranged from Traditional to "Oh Dear!" for the Pairs. So...let's get started!

ICE DANCE---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada Short Dance to Hip Hop: Kiss by Prince, Blues: Five Women by Prince, Blues: Purple Rain by Prince--For their return to the International skating stage at the 2016 Skate Canada International, 2010 Olympic champions and 2014 Olympic silver medalists, Virtue and Moir wore these looks above. Tessa's costume featured a Prince-inspired ruffled and sequined purple (of course) lace top-and-black leggings jumpsuit, and Scott wore a black Revere collared top with black pants outfit. Both looks reflected the 80's theme of the Prince music and I think were effective and not too Halloween Costume tacky. 

Virtue and Moir of Canada Free Dance Pilgrims on a Long Journey by Coeur de Pirate
Latch (Acoustic) by Sam Smith: I cannot say enough words of fashion praise for these gorgeous costumes worn by Virtue and Moir for their Free Skate. They were modern, chic and oh-so fashionable. I LOVED Tessa's putty colored "band" dress; it was very Herve Leger fab. And Scott was the perfect fashion foil to her in his clean and sleek deep blue outfit. They both looked like they should be on the cover of "Vogue: The Figure Skating Edition", if  there ever was such a thing!

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin of Russia Short Dance to Blues and Hip Hop mix: This very handsome Ice Dance couple of Stepanova and Bukin wore these non-costumes for their Short Dance. He had a white muscle t-shirt, motorcycle jacket and black trousers, and she had a bustier/corset  and low-slung skinny pants. They looked very early 90's retro, yet I'm not sure that might have been the point. To me, they looked like dancers in a Cruise Ship Dinner 1996.

Stepanova and Bukin of Russia Free Dance to Libertango by Astor Piazzolla, arranged by E. Runge, J. Ammon Verano Porteno, Primavera Portena, Libertango by Astor Piazzolla: For their Free Dance, they went into a Tango-themed territory with the music and the red and black costumes. Alexandra's was a simple red side draped dress which was simple-pretty in its style. Ivan looked as if he was coming in for his morning rehearsals at the Bolshoi Ballet. I admire the simplicity of both looks especially when they're both so good-looking and have such perfect bodies...why distract from that with overly designed costumes. 

Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte of Italy Short Dance to Blues: Cry For Me
Boogie Woogie: Choo Choo Boogie--I love this Ice Dance couple from Italy. They always have fun, great character-driven ice dances. For their Short Dance, they donned these bold looks. Anna was very 50's fun in a black and white polka dotted dress and Luca was giving Ballroom Dancer Host in his Shawl-collared red and black tuxedo outfit.

Cappellini and Lanotte of Italy Free Dance Limelight by Charlie Chaplin, Chaplin Medley and
City Lights: Overture by Charlie Chaplin--Another great Costume Look from Italy's Cappellini and Lanotte. The theme was Charlie Chaplin and well, especially for Luca: Nailed it! I also liked her "Charlie Chaplin paramour" powder pink and wine red dress. She looked delicate, lovely and a perfect costume foil for his kooky Chaplin. Bravo!

Madison Chock and Evan Bates of USA Short Dance to Blues: Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood, Hip Hop: Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars--These were interesting, sexy looks from USA's Chock and Bates for their Short Dance. Madison looked punk-tastic in her turtleneck crop top with "ripped" sleeves and sexy low-slung faux leather super-skinny pants. Evan was looking like he went to Zara and bought a jersey knit top, under t-shirt and sleek denim skinny pants. I still liked it.

Chock and Bates of USA Free Dance to Under Pressure by David Bowie, Freddie Mercury: I really liked these costumes worn by Chock and Bates for their Free Dance. The designs were directional and fashion fab and I especially LOVED the delicate crystal beading on Evan's side seam of Evan's shirt--which matched Madison's beading on her dress' shoulder. If there was any critique, it was the dangling "fishtail" hem of her asymmetrical hemline; it was a bit distracting if not downright slightly annoying during the program. I'm hoping they cut some of that off for their future competitions.

Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier of Canada Short Dance to Blues: Oh What a Night for Dancing by Barry White, Vance Wilson, Disco: Disco Inferno by Leroy Green and Ron Kersey: Seriously, where do I start with these costumes? I think they are so Disco-Kooky that I have no reason but to LOVE THEM! Piper's dress was like a costume straight out of "Blades of Glory" and Paul...WOW! He was from "Boogie Nights"! And can I just add how much I am obsessed with his John Travolta pouffy blow-dried hair and "pornstache" mustache!!?? #Hot

Gilles and Poirier of Canada Free Dance to Con Buena Onda by Daniel Lomuto, Ernesto Baffa, Hector M. Arce: For their Free Dance, Gilles and Poirier went more "Tango Eleganza" with these looks above. Paul was all things Muy Sexy with his double breasted suit and tie ensemble. His gelled hair was perfect and once again, his 'stache works perfectly well! And Piper's lilac dress was very pretty and 1930's/40's retro elegant with its neckline and draped-front detail. 

Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford of Canada Short Program to Killer by Seal: For their Short Program to Seal, Duhamel and Radford went modern, sleek and slightly directional. Meagan wore a black sequined jumpsuit with crystal applique and Eric was the perfect costumed partner with his matching black-and-crystal sequined batteau neckline long sleeved top and pants.

Duhamel and Radford of Canada Free Skate to No, je ne regrette rien performed by Patricia Kaas: When it was time for their Free Skate, Duhamel and Radford went more Traditional with these costumes. Meagan wore this lilac-hued sequined, illusion and chiffon costume that was a bit too Prom-and-Pageant. Not sure if it was the color or the neck-piece or the sweetheart neckline or a combination of all of those. I did, however, like her slicked back top-chignon hair. Eric looked polished and good prom-tastic with his pleated-front lilac shirt and midnight blue pants.  

Nicole Della Monica and Mateo Guarise of Italy Short Program to Carmina Burana by Carl Orff performed by The Piano Guys: Well, well, well...Della Monica and Guarise really went for it when it came to their Short Program costumes to Carmina Burana. It is Carmina Burana, after all so I can understand the slight fire-fab cray-cray aspect of these designs. I must say, part of me loves these and the other--more tasteful part--doesn't. One think I do like is the nude illusion backs with the superimposed writing. While these might be a bit kooky, they still do look Sexy-licious.

Xiaoyu Yu and Hao Zhang of China Short Program to Eternal Flame, Fearless by Brand X Music: I liked these costumes worn by this Chinese Pairs couple. I loved the bold violet color and, especially her draped and sequin embroidered costume. His top was also kind of fabulous for its center front crystal detail. These costumes look expensive and custom-made Figure Skating Couture.

Yu and Zhang Free Skate to Cavatina Larghetto amoroso: Another gorgeous costume pair here on Yu and Zhang. Her sequined applique costume featured flowers, ombre shading and crystal detailing with a Chanel Couture-like design sensibility. His gray outfit was elegant and a nice masculine contrast to her superb femininity. I especially admired the diagonal pleating detail in his shirt.

Yuko Kavaguti and Alexander Smirnov of Russia Short Program to All Alone by Joe Satriani: Kavaguti and Smirnov were Feminine Pretty and 90's Male Stripper in their contrasting costumes. These seemed a bit disjointed to say the least. I really didn't get the costume connection. On a good note: Her costume's sequined detail down the center front and sleeve edges was quite Haute. 

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