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Nick Verreos "Top 5 OMG Moments of Project Runway Season 15"--Episode 8, YouTube

For this week's episode of Lifetime Network's "Project Runway", the designers had to design looks for what Tim Gunn called "the First EVER Pop-up Store!". There was LOTS of drama, Evil Step Sisters (Erin and Dexter) and Cinderella (Cornelius)...and in addition, a TIM SAVE!!

Pop-up First??--Nick Verreos "Top 5 OMG Moments of Project Runway Season 15"--Episode 8, YouTube

There is lots to discuss so--including a certain similarity to a challenge I was part of back in Season 2...Let's begin with my "Top 5 OMG Moments" of the episode via YouTube:

Click here to watch my Top 5 OMG Moments of "Project Runway" Episode 8:

Tim Gunn and Gregory Patterson, Celebrity Ambassador of Sally Beauty

#1....OMG!  Pop Up Shop 1st!?! The designers learn they will be part of the FIRST EVER “Project Runway and Sally Beauty Pop-up Color Shop”. They're split into teams of 3 and have to create a 3-look collection inspired by a specific color palette; might remember back on my season, we did something very similar to this in the “Window Dressing” Challenge.

"Project Runway" Season 2 "Window Shopping" Challenge

Back then, we created a design for Banana Republic, and yes, the public got to vote on their favorite window looks. Um...sound familiar??? At the time (back in 2005) there was no such thing as a “Pop-up Store” so we just called it a fashion window display.  So, while this technically is a “first time ever” Pop Up Shop, this challenge was certainly "inspired" by the Bravo Years.

Team Neutral Designs in the Workroom = Drab European Airline Uniforms

#2....OMG!  The Teams Better Werk! After Tim made his Design Room visit, it seems like ALL the teams had some work to do! Team Red looked like they were creating a window display for a Valentine's Day Event with all that red. Team Neutral seemed to be creating a collection based off the blandest European Budget Airline Uniforms EVAH...and Team Blue is urged by Tim to add more Design into their TOO-BASIC styles. It's time for the teams to "Make It Work"!

Cornelius (Cinderella) and Erin and Dexter (The Evil Stepsisters)--"Project Runway" Season 15 Episode 8

#3....OMG!  Team Mean Girls! Soooo...the minute Cornelius became part of Team Red with besties Erin and Dexter, I wanted to yell "You in DANGER GURL!". And yep, he was. The 2 Evil Step Sisters didn't listen to Cornelius and made him work like Cinderella while  they were feasting on Coq-au-vin and Dom Perignon back in the "Project Runway" craft service buffet! (BTW--there's NONE of that on "Project Runway's" craft service! I'm just saying that for DRAMATIC effect).

Lounging in the Lounge--Erin and Dexter--"Project Runway" Season 15 Episode 8

Anyhow...when they ended up at the bottom, you just KNEW the nails, wigs and hoop earrings were all going to come off and Miss Cornelius was going to let 'em have it!

Gurrrl....Cornelius Isn't Happy--Dexter and Cornelius--"Project Runway" Season 15 Episode 8

But it wasn't until they got back to the lounge that the drama really started. I just grabbed my popcorn, sat back and was thinking "Ah bless your little hearts, you just fell into the producer's trap yet again"!!

#4....OMG! Team Blue Wins! Back in my #2 OMG I said "Teams Better Werk!"...well, THEY DID! While all 3 teams did a great job, I have to start off by saying that I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked Team Neutral! Now, you know I'm a designer who LOVES color but Nathalia, Jenni and Mah-jing did an outstanding job knowing what it looked like in the beginning when Tim paid them a visit. They turned their drab "Air Europa" flight attendants into Fab Swiss Ski Chalet millionaire's wives. In the end, however, Team Blue was the judge's favorite and Roberi pulled out his first win of the season with asymmetrical skirt outfit. I especially loved how it looked like his model had tied a plaid shirt at her waist in his skirt design. Muy Bien Chamo!

Ummm...I'm going to save...

CINDERELLA!!!...I mean Cornelius--"Project Runway" Season 15 Episode 8

#5....OMG!  Tim Saves Cornelius! While you could definitely argue that Cornelius did not deserve to go home--seriously no one really did a terrible or tasteless design, those judges were really stuck between a rock and a Stiff Tulle Petticoat, and so they voted him out. But...then Tim saved him! Between you, me, and this white board behind me...I thought that was an odd save for Tim.  Cornelius has not really been one of the stronger designers this season and has yet to prove his worth. The jaded side of me wonders if this was done to keep a bit of drama alive in the workroom. #JustSayin' We’ll see how long the happiness lasts and how soon "Cornelius The Victim" returns to "Cornelius The Villain".

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Previously on “Project Runway,” the designers got to take a trip to Universal Orlando Resorts, enjoy the Skull Island: Reign of Kong, and be inspired to create Urban Jungle streetwear designs. Now, they get to take their designs to the actual streets… in the form of a pop up store. There were catfights and throwing of fellow designers under the bus. But there were also some cute styles and an eventual Tim Gunn Save. Time for the recap!

Tim Gunn greets the designers on the runway stage along with Gregory Patterson. I have fond memories of Gregory when I worked with him on “Project Runway: Under The Gunn.” Back then he was the lead stylist for Blow Pro, and now he’s with Sally Beauty. Patterson announces the “Project Runway” and Sally Beauty Pop Up Color Shop, and Tim joins in to define the actual challenge...

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