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Up Up and Away!--Season 15 Project Runway Episode 10

Nick Verreos "Top 5 OMG Moments of Episode 10 Project Runway" on YouTube

This past week's episode of Lifetime Network's "Project Runway" involved designing an "Editorial" outfit for a "Power Woman". It was also the Marie Claire Challenge. The designers took a helicopter ride to get a fly-over view of Manhattan for their inspiration. The results were mixed. Time for my Top 5 OMG Moments of Episode 10 "Project Runway" as well as my RECAP on  Continue reading...

Ready for a Ride--Tim Gunn and Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Anne Fulewider (top photo) and Season 15 designers (lower photo)--Season 15 Project Runway Episode 10

Bird Sanctuary Couture??--Season 15 Project Runway Episode 10

#1....OMG! Up, Up & AWAAAAAYYY!! This week's episode began with a "note from Heidi" (that was placed there by a Production Assistant) telling the designers that for the next challenge "they need to have their heads out of the clouds...and you can't wing it and win it!". This left them scratching their heads and making wild guesses, wondering if they were A) going hot air ballooning or B) designing at a bird's sanctuary. As it turns out, they were taking a helicopter ride to be inspired by Manhattan. If you ask me....based on their runway was a waste of turns out the designers were more inspired by golf courses, and Africa?? (Hmmm!). Maybe they should have taken a taxi ride instead...Or better yet: Gone to that BIRD SANCTUARY!!

What Kind of Underwear Should I Wear Rik?--Designers Rik Villa and Nathalia JMag--Season 15 Project Runway Episode 10

#2....OMG! Rik's The New JENNI!! Poor little Nathalia... ever since Jenni got the boot, Nathalia has been like a lost puppy, caught in the rain searching of its owner. If we didn't already know that Nathalia was the baby of the group, the editors made it LOUD and CLEAR letting us know how much she needed a new security blanket. So.....Rik to the Rescue! She turned to him for advice for everything. In fact, I was waiting for her to ask him what kind of underwear she should wear for Runway Day!!  Rik was such a trooper, taking the place of Jenni---- and bless his heart for that---- BUT if it was me, I'd be running for the Brother Sewing Room the minute I heard Nathalia's quivering "What should I do?" voice.

Editorial Minnie Mouse and Bird Poop Slash--Designs from Dexter Simmons (L) and Rik Villa (R)--Season 15 Project Runway Episode 10

#3....OMG!  Editorially Confused!! OK, since this was an "Editorial" Challenge, it was just kind of interesante that the two people--Rik and Dexter--who "attempted" to do Editorial, ended up in the bottom. While I give them kudos for trying to step outside of the "design box" and honor the Editorial part of the challenge, Dexter re-hashed his Mickey Mouse exaggerated rounded shoulders jacket  and Rik made a disjointed dress that left everyone--except the Marie Claire editor--dazed and editorially confused.

Designer Cornelius Ortiz and his design (top photo)--Season 15 Project Runway Episode 10

#4....OMG! Cornelius' Comeback!! While Cornelius' shift dress wasn't particularly Editorial, it was definitely creative in its design. The colorful leather inset panels and interesting seaming were unexpected and enough to give him the Power Diva Editorial Win. In addition, it was a surprise that he was inspired by a golf course, of all things. Luckily, his model and design looked more Upper East Side Chic as opposed to Caddy Shack Putting Green! This was a nice redemption for Cornelius who was saved by Tim only 2 episodes ago. Even I was like "Really Tim, this is your SAVE?" But, yeah, at least in this challenge, he got his "How you like me now!" moment.

Wonky Side-Bo*b: Nathalia JMag and her "Superwoman" Design--Season 15 Project Runway Episode 10

Bye: Designer Dexter Simmons--Season 15 Project Runway Episode 10

#5....OMG! Double Auf Wiedersehen!! We knew Nathalia was in trouble with that Star Trek-Meets-Britney Spears Wonky Side-boob Superwoman ensemble (UFFFFF! that was BAAAD!). But Dexter gave her a run for her money with his Gothic Minnie Mouse Jacket Re-do with a lace negligee dress underneath. Power Goth Disney Lingerie, anyone?? Well, the moment Heidi declared that Nathalia was OUT, and Dexter remained onstage...I thought "You In Danger GURL!". My instincts were right and Dexter became the victim of this season's Double Elimination :(

Here's my FULL RECAP of this week's episode of "Project Runway":

Season 15, Episode 10 Recap: Power Trip

It seems hard to believe that we are already at episode 10 of Season 15! And as this season moves along briskly, the designers continue to dwindle in numbers and with the conclusion of this week’s episode, we are left with a surprise total of only six designers! How did we get here? Sit back, relax and join me for a ride in the “Project Runway” helicopter!

The designers are in their humble abodes where they just happen to find a note from Heidi. The note reads, “For the next challenge, be sure to have your heads out of the clouds. After all, you can’t wing it and win it.” As they leave, everyone is taking wild guesses as to whether they will be A) hot air ballooning, or B) designing in a bird’s sanctuary and using feathers. As it turns out, it’s none of the above. They all gather in wonderment at a heliport as Tim and a special guest land down in their very own “Project Runway”-branded helicopter...

Click HERE to continue reading!

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