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BEST WESTERN.....Go. Get. Glam. Contest: Winner #2 Samantha: BLOG, VIDEO, SKETCH

From Grungy Hipster to Fab Hipster--Best Western Go. Get. Glam. Contest Winner #2 Samantha--Nick Verreos "Travel Style" sketch

As part of the Best Western Go. Get. Glam. Contest which I was part of, the winners would get--among other fabulous prizes--a personalized Good-to-Glam Travel Style sketch from me! First, we chose three winners, then I took a look at the photo they submitted and sketched a "Travel Style" outfit I envisioned for them as a way to take their travel look up a notch...or two! In case you missed it, HERE is my sketch and blog of our 1st Winner Linsday, and now here's Winner #2 Samantha:

Click below to watch me sketch my "Travel Style" Good-to-Glam Transformation for the Best Western Go. Get. Glam. Winner #2 Samantha:

And here is my description of her outfit via the Best Western Travel Blog:
Nick Verreos Travel Style Sketch for Best Western Go. Get. Glam Contest Winner #2 Samantha

For Samantha, the second winner of Best Western’s Go.Get.Glam Contest, I wanted to take her “Travel Style” ensemble from Good….to GLAM! I loved her own distinctive “cool girl” look but wanted to elevate it. I tried to seize the essence of her own style—as seen in the photo that she submitted—and make her more sophisticated. I imagined Samantha as an up-and-coming Fashion Blogger/Insta-star, so when traveling, she had to project the part!

The Sweater: First, I knew that I wanted to start her look with an “Item Piece” and to me, this was a loose, on-trend “Boyfriend Sweater” in a bold color, and then build the rest of her outfit around it.  In terms of the color, I chose a muted chartreuse, which is a definite “color of the moment” and makes a nice statement for a cool travel outfit. The sweater itself is comfy, slightly oversized, with pockets of course, and extra long sleeves that she can scrunch up for a more relaxed yet stylish look...

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