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ICE STYLE.....2017 Rostelecom Cup of Russia COSTUMES REVIEW: THE LADIES!

"Please Let Me Win Gold!'--Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva closes hers eyes as she begins her Short Program at this weekend's 2017 Rostelecom Cup of Russia Grand Prix of Figure Skating competition, Moscow Russia

It's Grand Prix of Figure Skating Season!!! (as well as International Pageant Season! What a coincidence!). The first one is the 2017-18 Rostelecom Cup of Russia, held in Moscow over the weekend. In my previous post HERE, I discussed my thoughts on the MEN'S COSTUMES--and Yuzuru Hanyu's (almost) Costumes Repeats. Now, it's time to review the LADIES!

The Necklines Win!--Bedazzled necklines of some of the ladies' costumes seen at the 2017-18 Rostelecom Cup of Russia Grand Prix of Figure Skating: (Clockwise, L to R) Mirai Nagasu(USA), Mariah Bell(USA) and Wakaba Higuchi(Japan) 

Carolina Kostner of Italy: Italy's Carolina Kostner is BAAAACK! And kids, she is looking quite good! For her Short Program to Ne me quitte pas by Jacques Brel, performed by Celine Dion, she wore this Cabernet red colored costume which was simple, romantic and right for the iconic song. The red evoked passion, heart (notice the sweetheart neckline!)...while the oversized jeweled "straps" have a slight look of a delicately detailed gown. This costume was beautiful. in it's sublime qualities.

Free Skate to L'apres-midi d'un faun by Claude Debussy: For her Free Skate, Carolina wore this lilac-hued costume which honored the music and Nijinski ballet. I LOVED the leaf-like gathered tulle details and crystals that highlighted the upper torso. Nicely done Carolina!

Evgenia Medvedeva of Russia: Evgenia is an INCREDIBLE skater. SUPER INCREDIBLE. No one can touch her. She has matured with her skating and she has matured with her costumes. For her Short Program to Nocturne by Frederic Chopin, she wore this gray, blue and ombre lilac costume. I thought this was just gorgeous; it looked as if it cost $5,000 if not more! 

Free Skate to Anna Karenina (soundtrack) by Dario Marianelli: I also loved this costume which Evgenia wore to her "Anna Kerenina" Free Skate. The design was chic, sexy and different. I liked the black and silver sequin applique highlighted throughout the costume and I especially liked the see-through stretch chiffon in the back, sides and skirt. I am usually not a fan of those finger-less gloves but here, it worked--both with the "Period" theme of the music and the rest of her costume.

Mariah Bell of the USA: Mariah skated her Short Program to Roxie (Chicago soundtrack) performed by Renee Zellweger and All That Jazz (Chicago soundtrack) by John Kander, Fred Ebb. This was the same music and costume Mariah wore for last year/season's Short Program which I LOVED in my Costumes Review of 2016 Skate America HERE. So yeah...I still love it! It's jazzy, excellent for the music and really gives extra vibrancy to her skate. The silver jeweled sequins + the skirt fringe=FABULOUS!

Free Skate to West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein: For her Free Skate, she went "Sequined Maria" in her costume. And I loved it! The halter neckline costume featured a red base fabric with lots of multicolored sequins that looked AMAZING especially near her neck. I love the dripping bugle beads from the neck and the combination of red and purple. This was a very nice costume and well designed. 

Mirai Nagasu of USA--Mirai skated her Short Program to Nocturne No. 20 in C Sharp Minor by Frederic Chopin. This was the same music as last season's Short Program as well as the same costume...

Mirai Nagasu at 2016 Skate Canada International (above photos)--I really liked this costume then and naturally, I still do. Would I have wished she might have "changed" the costume just a teeny-tiny bit? Maybe. But, this is so outstanding that heck, why not? Give it a second run! Since is the first event of the season, I'm kinda hoping these repeat program gals and guys will at least give us a switch in costumes. One can only hope!

Free Skate to Miss Saigon by Claude-Michel Schönberg: The minute I saw this red costume, I just knew it was "Miss Saigon". The red cheongsam silhouette, the Mandarin collar, the intricate silver and gold crystals...all added up to a very pretty costume perfect for this music. I especially liked how the sequins were put on to highlight her upper torso as well as almost "draw" a sweetheart neckline bustier.

Kaori Sakamoto of Japan: Kaori skated her Short Program to Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven and wore this blue ombre-dyed costume. the design featured a gathered one shoulder-like design plus lots of silver sequins throughout the garment. It was pretty and expensive-looking.

Free Skate to Amelie (soundtrack) by Yann Tiersen: For her Free Skate to "Amelie" she wore this olive-colored design. It was drab as drab can be. I get the connection to "Amelie" with the color and mini "Peter Pan" collar but this just didn't have enough of that figure skating costume "razzle dazzle" needed to make an impact and this is one of the most unflattering colors one could possibly choose. It was SAD; she looked like she was playing a refugee from a war-torn land.

Wakaba Higuchi of Japan: Japan's Wakaba Higuchi wore this costume for her Short Program to Gypsy Dance by Leon Minkus and I loved it! The strawberry red costume featured gold, silver and emerald jeweled sequins as well as feathers which framed her shoulders and upper torso beautifully. I especially loved the jeweled sunburst in the center front bust. Wakaba did look like a gypsy...and a very fashionable and fabulous one!

Free Skate to Skyfall (James Bond soundtrack) performed by Adele: For her Free Skate, she also made me very happy with this indigo blue colored costume as she skated to "Skyfall". LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the entire look--from her sleek chignon, the silver crystal those AMAZING oversized jeweled stones on her upper torso. Her costume literally looks as if the stars in the sky...fell! 

Mae Berenice Meite of France: France's Mae Berenice Meite is know for her costumes, and also, being a lover of jumpsuits/bodysuits. She did not disappoint for what she wore for her 2017-18 Season's Short Program to Halo by Beyonce, cover version by Jasmin Thompson
Who Run the World by Beyonce. The halter neckline jumpsuit featured a STUNNING display of gold jeweled sequins on her upper torso which really gave me goosebumps! Seriously...take a look at those photos above! THAT, my dear readers is what a top level figure skating looks like! The costume--I assume--was inspired by these looks from Miss Beyonce:

Beyonce in DSquared2 at the Super Bowl Halftime Show (Left) and in Roberto Cavalli for her "Formation" Tour

Free Skate to Les Nocturnes de Chopin and Happy by C2C: For her Free Skate, Mae Berenice wore this black and white costume featuring a very "Lady-like" Peter Pan collar, and tuxedo-like shirt and cummerbund ensemble. I thought this was pretty "safe" especially knowing what Mae Berenice has worn before. It was very un-Mae Berenice. I was like "OK, this is soooooo not her!". And then, halfway through her program...

She did an "outfit change" of sorts and flipped her wrap skirt flap and exposed multi-colored jeweled shorts! While, yes, it was arguably a bit gimmicky and possibly semi-tackylicious...I still LOVED IT! Now THAT'S the Mae Berenice Meite I was looking for!

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