Black Swan Fab: Canada's Kaetlyn Osmond performs her Free Skate--Skate Canada International 2017, Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

This past weekend was the second event of the 2017-2018 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating competition: 2017 Skate Canada International. This year's event was held in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. Last week, I discussed the costumes for the first event of the series--the 2017 Rostelecom Cup of Russia competition (Click HERE for Ladies, HERE for Men and HERE for Pairs & Ice Dance) so now, it's time to talk about the Costumes of Skate Canada 2017! First up, it's the LADIES!

Which One Is NOT a Costume Repeat? (L to R) Canada's Kaetlyn Osmond, USA's Karen Chen, Russia's Maria Sotskova and USA's Ashley Wagner--Skate Canada International 2017

Now...not sure why but it seems like GROUNDHOG'S DAY in the Figure Skating Costume World for this 2017-2018 season. Lots of the figure skaters--whether Ladies, Men, Ice Dance--are repeating programs of the past. Many figure skating fans and commentators speculate that since it is an Olympic Season, many of them are going back to their "tried and true" programs from past seasons that were successful and are now reprising them in hopes of recreating their previous success and winning that elusive Olympic Medal. With that said, you'd think they would at least do a "costume refresher". But NO... Maybe these skaters are on a VERY TIGHT costume budget? BUT... what about the skaters that are repeating costumes from past programs skating to NEW programs! OK, now I'm really thinking that they are either being cheap or (let's hope!), it is just the beginning of the season and their actual costumes are still being created, so they're just repeating these because they have nothing else--for now! We'll see...

With all that in mind, let's discuss the LADIES of Skate Canada International 2017:
Ashley Wagner USA: Short Program to Hip Hip Chin Chin performed by Club des Belugas (same Short Program from 2015-2016 Season). The costume--well, it wasn't much of one--it was a rather drab black leotard with simple crystal beading accented by a ragged hem skirt thang. I know that sounds so un-fashion-y but seriously what was that? I wasn't a fan; it just didn't look refined, ISU Grand Prix competition level and almost seemed store bought (Mon Dieu!)...Since Ashley has done this program before (Yes, it's Groundhog's Day kids!), I wanted to see what costume (or costumes) she wore to this before... 

HELLO FABULOUS!!! OK, now I'm REALLY MAD! Ashley wore these TWO styles during the 2015-2016 Season Short Program and it baffles me that she just didn't re-wear one of these!!!! Instead of that black "thang" with the raggedy hem. Will someone PLEASE find these in Ashley's closet and stuff them in her carry-on bag for her next competition??!! Pretty please?

Free Skate to Diamonds, One Day I'll Fly Away, The Show Must Go On (from "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack): Ashley decided at the last minute to drop her "La La Land" Free Program and go back to this one which she skated to back in the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 Seasons. So, while the program is a repeat, the costume, thank goodness is not. This red sequined style is new and pretty on Ashley. The costume hints at a corset silhouette in the front as well as in the back with the criss-cross looping. While this was a nice costume, it still didn't have the stage appeal and Haute Costume look of these:

 Ashley's Moulin Rouge Chic--These costumes above were ones worn by Ashley Wagner in previous seasons while skating to "Moulin Rouge!'.

Kaetlyn Osmond of Canada: In case you are thinking you may have seen this costume on Kaetlyn before, it is because...YOU HAVE! Not only has Osmond gone back to her Short Program to Sous le ciel de Paris, Milord performed by Edith Piaf from the 2016-2017 Season, she is using THE SAME COSTUME as well. The costume features a tie-neck design, midnight blue sequined chiffon with applique details, all giving a nod to Parisian Chic. I liked the costume then and still do but... really, I just wish she would have worn something new. Just because well...I HAVE ALREADY SEEN THIS BEFORE!

Free Skate to Andante Allegro (from "Swan Lake") and No. 24 Scene: Allegro (from "Swan Lake") by Petr I. Tchaikovski, Stumbled Beginnings (from "Black Swan") and Nina's Dream (from "Black Swan") by Clint Mansell--OK, now I'm HAPPY!! This "Black Swan" costume was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! The design was exquisitely made, looked Ballet-perfect, refined, elegant...Kaetlyn looked like Margot Fonteyn at the Royal Ballet with this costume, Prima Ballerina makeup and that top-knot...SUPERB! I also LOVED how the sequins/crystals were peeking over the shoulders...

Coming from the beautifully studded illusion-and-crystal back (photos above). Well done!

Marin Honda of Japan: Honda skated her Short Program to The Giving by Michael W. Smith in this sublime costume above. I thought this nude/blush colored costume was so pretty and delicate and right for the music and the skater. The sequin work over nude illusion also included random feathers and some amethyst colored jeweled crystals as well. 

Free Skate to Turandot by Giacomo Puccini: For her Free Skate, Marin wore this scarlet red colored design featuring gold sequins in a very intricate pattern highlighting her upper torso. Once again, this was an exceptional costume from the young 16-year-old Japanese skater. 

Courtney Hicks of USA: I always look forward to Courtney Hicks and her costumes because she "brings it"! This costume for her Short Program to Nocturne (from "La Califfa" soundtrack) by Ennio Morricone, performed by Yo Yo Ma made me smile. I LOVED the feather-like sequin detail in the front and off-center "plunging neckline". The ombre-dye-looking blue coloring was pretty and I also liked the handkerchief-hemmed skirt section. Her braided top-knot was so chic as well!

Free Skate to Amazing Grace performed by The Tenors, ft. Natalie Grant: For her Free Skate, she also made me a Happy Figure Skating Costume Commentator! This costume was so gorgeous--I loved the lilac-to-violet color, the EXQUISITE gold and silver sequins perfectly placed in her upper torso thereby bringing attention to that area. This was a great example of a finely-made expensive costume. If I was a skater and the designer told me this cost $5,000, I'd ask "To whom do I write the check?". Now, I have to say that I have no idea who designs Courtney's costumes--but they are gorgeous! And I wonder if...

her coach Todd Sands and his wife Jenni Meno-Sands had a hand in helping her style her looks.  I remember Jenni's costumes ALWAYS being SUBLIME, elegant and Stylish. I wonder if Jenni had something to do with Courtney's costumes??? Inquiring minds want to know (i.e. ME!).

Karen Chen of USA: Karen skated her Short Program to El Tango de Rozanne (from "Moulin Rouge!") and in case you are having another one  of those "Figure Skating Groundhog's Day" are correct: She has worn this costume before (Seriously: What is going on???). This is the same costume she wore for her last season's Free Skate to Tango Jalousie by Jacob Gade. Well, at least it was a Free Skate and different music. I liked it then and I still think it's SOOO Tango Fab! But yes, it would be nice to see something new. 

 Free Skate to Slow Dancing in the Big City (soundtrack) by Bill Conti: Speaking of new, this is! Karen skated her Free Skate in this blue crystal studded costume. The program was new (originally, it was supposed to be "Carmen" so...I wonder if she just would have worn the SAME costume for her SP and Free Skate??!! Two-for-One!). Glad she didn't because then it would have REALLY looked as if she was under MAJOR budget constraints. This costume was nice and I did like the heavy-to-light display of crystals but I can't help but think it just lacked that certain "Figure Skating Bespoke Costume" look. In other words, there was really nothing extra special about it.

Maria Sotskova of Russia: Oh here we go AGAIN: Another Costume Repeat Offender! Maria wore this powder pink colored costume for her 2017-2018 Short Program to Swam Lake by Tchaikovsky. And yes, if you think you saw this're right again! This is the same costume she used last season for her Free Skate to different music, At the Manilovs (from "Dead Souls") Addagio by Alfred Schnittke. If it worked for that, I guess (her team) thought it could work for "Swan Lake"???? OK, it's official, these people are being CHEAP...or shall I say "thrifty"--or I.S.U. or their countries figure skating associations aren't giving these kids enough funds. The costume is pretty and that back is gorgeous and yes, this would be so fab as a gown for a future "Miss Universe" but....Can I See A NEW COSTUME!!

Free Skate to Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy: Oh GOODIE: A new costume! Russia's Maria Sotskova skated her Free Skate wearing this deep lilac-hued costume featuring intricate gathered-and-braided details embellishing the bust and midriff sections of her torso. I liked the "different" take on a gathered/draped costume and I thought that--overall--it worked with the iconic music and program, but it all seemed a little heavy and bulky....and dare I say....polyester-synthetic! Ye Gads! 

Anna Pogorilaya of Russia: Anna skated her Short Program to Esperanza by Maxime Rodriguez. The music is a classical flamenco style and therefore, her red and gold costume works. The look was a mix of "Scheherazade Meets Madrid". The fit on the upper torso was a little odd and loose and I feel she needed something to accentuate her waist. It was a dramatic look, but made her look a bit square-shaped.

Free Skate to Swan Lake by Petr I. Tchaikovski: For her Free Skate, she wore this "Black Swan"-like costume. It wasn't as refined or high-end chic as Kaetlyn Osmond's but it was OK. I liked that the silver crystals in the front gave the illusion of a slimming look with the design. And I also didn't dislike the gloves (I am usually not such a fan of those gimmicky gloves!). But poor Anna...

This is not part of her skate, kids! Anna fell several times and naturally, photographers were there to capture it. I added these photos because I was just excited to see close-up's of the crystal detail (seriously!). But, yeah, if you think this is just a fluke. Google "Anna Pogorilaya". Literally, the second name search that comes up is..."Anna Pogorilaya Falls". If you think I'm kidding, look HERE. It seems to be her "thang".

Rika Hongo of Japan: Japan's Rika Hongo is a skater who I also look forward to--in terms of costumes. She seems to understand the power of fab costumes as integral to her program. This season, she did not disappoint. Hongo skated her Short Program to O Fortuna (from "Carmina Burana") by Carl Orff wearing this eccentric and striking red design featuring multicolored jeweled sequins, a nude illusion shoulder/neckline/sleeve section ad black crystals that almost looked like Tribal Tattoos. Me LIKEY it!

Free Skate to Frida (soundtrack) by Elliot Goldenthal: Lastly, Rika skated her Free Skate to "Frida" and she delivered another wonderful costume! I LOVED the black oversized netting...the bold and colorful flower designs...her center-parted hair and on-point makeup! It may be the second Grand Prix event of the 2017-2018 season but this is already one of MY FAVORITE LADIES COSTUMES!

**NEXT UP: The MEN and their COSTUMES of 2017 Skate Canada International!

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William Brown said...
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Unknown said...

FYI: no Maria's team isn't being cheap. Her new costume for Swan Lake isn't ready yet ;)

olchap said...

Marin Honda's costume designer is Satomi Ito. She is the go-to designer of the top level skaters in Japan. Clients like Yuzuru Hanyu, Shoma Uno and Satoko Miyahara. Marin has notable costumes in her junior years too, she is the one to watch.

Unknown said...

Courtney Hicks’ designer is Ximena Davalos (XCostumeDesigns)