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The Blue Boy: Jason Brown of USA skating his Free Skate at Skate Canada International 2017, Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

In my last post HERE, I discussed the LADIES of Skate Canada International 2017 and their costumes--and all those COSTUME REPEATS (!). it is time for the MEN. Thank goodness that they were a bit more Costume savvy than the ladies and did not do COSTUME REPEATS but they did do Music-and-Program Repeats instead. So, at least, somehow, they opted for NEW costumes, Gracias a Dios!

Shoma Uno of Japan: I look forward to what Japan's Shoma Uno will wear each season for his programs since he seems like a skater who cares about his costume and the whole stage presence/artistry of it all. For his Short Program to Winter (from "Four Seasons") by Antonio Vivaldi, he wore this costume above. I loved this costume on him. The Ombré dyed stretch velvet combined with the beautiful beadwork that mimicked ice crystals all combined to create the perfect accent to his stunning skating.

Free Skate to Turandot, Nessun Dorma (from "Turandot") by Giacomo Puccini, performed by Jose Carreras--Shoma Uno wore this costume for his Free Skate. it consisted of black pants (of course!) and an intricately detailed royal blue top. The top was striking and impacting. It featured a "plunging neckline" (demurely covered by nude illusion), and gold sequin applique highlighting his neckline and upper torso. It's obvious Shoma Uno LOVES a FABULOUS top for his skates and this follows this style pattern. In case you were wondering, this program was a REPEAT PROGRAM (The Season of Figure Skating Groundhog's Day!): This "Turandot" program was the same as Season 2015-2016 but THANK GOODNESS, not the same costume. this is what he wore then:

Here is his costume back then. At least, he used a new costume!

Takahito Mura of Japan: Mura skated his Short Program to Zapateado (Flamenco) wearing this black-and-white ensemble. The look had the ubiquitous black pants as well as a very flashy applique lace-like top featuring sleeve ruffles, stand-up collar, crystals and, if that wasn't enough, fringe on the front as well as what looked like sleeve "garter belts". I (kind of) see the Flamenco reference (the lace, the ruffles...the black & white) but it was still kind of a mess. 

Free Skate to The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber--For his Free Skate, Takahito brought back (Groundhog's Day!) his program from the 2014-2015 Season was a different cut of music (well, at least, there's that!) AND this old-but-new program was choreographed by none other than Charlie White! In terms of his costume, he wore this part black/part cabernet red jacket look with heavily studded lapel, a red chest pocket hankie and mismatching black and white gloves. Mura, once again, took it into a Too Mucheey Costume Level. I get the "Phantom" reference, but it was all a bit too kitschy for my taste. least he didn't repeat his costume:

This is what he wore back then...and I kind of wish he would have worn it again! At least it was classier (he did keep the black-and-white gloves though!)

Michal Brezina of Czech Republic: Michal has a new look and he's giving "Hipster Skater" (Oh lordy!) with that annoying top knot. He skated his Short Program to Kodo (Japanese Drums) in this black and white costume featuring a skin-tight top with crystal studded dragon-like motifs. The look worked--he did look like one of the Kodo performers and at least he didn't wear this:

On second thought...that might look HOT on Michal Brezina!

Patrick Chan of Canada: Patrick skated his Short Program to Dust in the Wind by Kansas in this ensemble of black pants and a white-and-black top. According to CBC Sports, Patrick Chan arrived at Skate Canada International after some travel snafus but...his costumes didn't. The three-time world figure skating champion missed last Thursday morning's practice after his flight out of Detroit on Wednesday was delayed. He missed his connection in Toronto, and spent the night there before flying to Regina on Thursday. Well, his costumes might not have arrived and I don't know where he got this, but I liked it! It was sleek, fit him well, and the top was kinda beautiful with that great snow-like detail.

Free Skate to Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, performed by Jeff Buckley: Once again, not sure if his actual costumes finally arrived and these were those but if not--who cares? I thought this was, again, quite beautiful. I LOVE seeing male figure skaters wear softly draped tops such as these. It might not have been much of a costume--and it would be nice to see maybe some red piping (or a red tuxedo stripe) down the side of the pants--but I appreciated the draping.

Jason Brown of USA: Jason skated his Short Program to The Room Where It Happens (from "Hamilton") by Lin Manuel Miranda. We know that Jason Brown has probably never met a fabulous costume he did not like and from the moment he stepped onto the ice, you KNEW he was skating to "Hamilton": I loved this costume. The sleeveless jacket color, the sharp black buttoned lapels, white ruffled blouse, grey vest, pants...all reflected the era and look of Aaron Burr in "Hamilton" and overall, it was an EXCELLENT costume: 

Leslie Odom Jr. as "Aaron Burr" in Broadway's "Hamilton"

Jason Brown Free Skate to Inner Love by Maxime Rodriguez: For his Free Skate, Brown donned this all blue look consisting of stretch velvet pants and an ombre-shaded skin-tight top featuring an off-center illusion panel accented by sequined embellishment. Once again, I "Heart" Jason for embracing a head-to-toe costume look. I loved the bold color and especially the gorgeous crystal detail on the front of his top. If I had one small critique, it would be the fit of the pants. I'm not sure if it is the weight of the velvet material or just a bit too much ease, but they seem a bit loosey-goosey. I almost wish the entire outfit were one piece. I have a feeling he could pull it off!

Alexander Samarin of Russia: Samarin skated his Free Skate to La Naissance de Yaha by Saint-Preux, The Unforgiven III by Metallica and House of the Rising Sun performed by Dave Evans wearing this...and why not?? The music was hard rock/metal and his costume reflected this in a kooky costume way. The top had orange colored "fire" accents (??), a nude illusion black scroll-like sleeve (just one) and take a look at that skull belt buckle! I just HAD to add this photo--and costume--to end my Men Costume Blog.

**UP NEXT: The PAIRS and ICE DANCE COSTUMES of Skate Canada International 2017!

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The.Awesome.Banana said...

Actually, I would credit Shoma's fabulous costumes to the costume designer (who also designs the costumes for most Japanese skaters including Yuzu). Compared to Shoma, Yuzu was way more involved in the details of his costume design whereas Shoma was more concerned with the details of things like weight and basically didn't want anything that stood out *too* much (ironically he hates standing out haha).