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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Earth 2017 Long Gown Competition Group 1: My TOP 10 BEST List!

Gown Divas--The Winners of the "Miss Earth 2017 Group 1 Long Gown Competition" (L to R): "Miss Earth Netherlands" (Bronze/Tied) Faith Landman, "Miss Earth Panama" (Bronze/Tied) Erika Parker, "Miss Earth Venezuela" Ninoska Vasquez (Gold), and "Miss Earth Thailand" (Silver) Paweensuda Drouin
Photos courtesy of Miss Earth Facebook Page

In case you may be out of the International Beauty Pageant loop, it's PAGEANT SEASON and the "Miss Earth 2017" Beauty Pageant is happening in the Philippines right now. The third--and final--of the "Miss Earth 2017 Long Gown Competitions" was held this past Thursday at Versailles Palace Alabang in Metro Manila Philippines. This was the Group 1 Long Gown Competition comprised of the "Miss earth 2017" contestants guessed it!...Group 1. I have already discussed my TOP 10 BEST GOWNS from Group 2 HERE and Group 3 HERE so now it is time to review these gowns and my Top 10 Best.

Gown Show: Contestants from Group 1 of "Miss Earth 2017"--Versailles Palace Philippines

Now, for some reason, these last contestants from Group 1 were the "Save The Best For Last" in terms of overall gowns...or at least the most professional presentation. Maybe it was just the venue or the contestants but, Group 1 was a couple notches up from poor Group 2 (sorry Group 2!). With that said, here were my TOP TEN FAVORITES beginning with the actual Gold Medalist: Miss Earth Venezuela!!!

1. Miss Earth Venezuela Ninoska Vasquez: Ninoska won the Gold medal in this royal blue satin gown from Venezuelan designer Hugo Espina. Her GORGEOUS earrings were from George Wittels (of course!). I have to say that this was Red Carpet Fab all the way. Ninoska looked chic, an actress at Cannes Film Festival...HOT! The gown featured a strapless bustier with an over-the-shoulder fall for drama as well as a side draped/wrapped gown-skirt. LOVED her sleek hair and THOSE earrings (OMG!) and I didn't even hate the platform heels! Why? These were subtle and kind of elegant. Not tacky like most of the others I have seen! Now...even though she was MY BEST PICK, there was an OOPSIE....

Is That Her Cha-Cha?--I think I see her "See You Next Tuesday"...or maybe the edge of her panties. Whatever it could be, this is a lesson in that it doesn't need to be THAT HIGH. And maybe a little hand stitched sewing right there should be in order. ASAP!

2. Miss Earth Panama Erika Parker: Erika tied for the Bronze medal in the "Long Gown Group 1 Competition" but she made my No. 2 spot. I loved the fringed mint green gown with back iridescent chiffon "capes". The style had an Empire-waisted sequined trim and the color looked FAB on her. With that beautiful face and that on-point elegant all came together BEAUTIFULLY!

3. Miss Earth Thailand Paweensuda Drouin: Thai-Chinese Canadian Miss Earth Thailand was my 3rd Spot in this black strapless sequined gown design. She won the Silver (2nd Place) with the real judges. I thought she looked like a true Red Carpet actress--and one who would end up in the Best Dressed List--in this gown. This was all pretty flawless--even down to her NOT TACKY NON-PLATFORM shoes!

4. Miss Earth Crimea Elena Trifonova: In case you guys are wondering...yes, there is a "Miss Earth Crimea". Move on...Now, let's discuss her gown! I thought she looked quite pretty! The light pink ballgown was delicate and Princess-like. The dress had a sequined bodice and full tulle gown-skirt and Elena looked very Lily Collins-like in this. She should save this gown for the "Miss World" or "Miss International" peeps (if she ever competed with those pageants) 'cause they would LOVE THIS; it's SOOOOO THEM!

5. Miss Earth Australia Nina Robertson: Filipino-Australian Nina wore this white and nude sequined applique gown for the "Miss Earth 2017 Group 1 Long Gown Competition". I liked the gown design and style, especially the shape and those iridescent tulle skirt godets and shoulder "falls". I just wish something could be done--design-wise--to not see those BOOB PADS; they're soooo distracting and tacky.

6. Miss Earth Wales Sophie Bettridge: Sophie wore this red sequined strapless gown and it was stunning enough to make the 6th spot in my Top 10 "Miss Earth 2017 Group 1 Long Gown Competition". The fit was perfect and so was the length. The elaborate flower-like paillette beading was exquisite! I also loved her sleek and clean hair and makeup.

7. Miss Earth Czech Republic Iva Uchytilova: Iva went with the Golden Gown Trend but her choice involved a cheetah-like "print"--and I liked it! The halter-style fit-and-flare gown fit her very well and she looked amazing. Her hair and makeup were also A+.

8. Miss Earth Austria Bianca Kronsteiner: Bianca's gown ended up in my 8th position (out of 10). I thought this was a pretty effort in this strawberry-red/pink sequined column dress which featured flower appliques. Once again, the fit was nice and length: Very good. I wish the straps were something more...elegant, but overall, it was good enough to make my Top 10 here.

9. Miss Earth Ethiopia Mekdalawit Mequanent: Gold: Check! Sequins: Check! Miss Earth Ethiopia wore this strapless golden number and it was nice and effective. Was it extraordinary pageant Couture? Nope. But it was OK enough to make my No. 9 (out of 10) spot. I thought her makeup and hair were beautiful but in terms of the gown, I wished the strapless neckline looked a bit odd and I could removed about an inch off the top.

10. Miss Earth Netherlands Faith Landman: Faith and her gown actually tied for the Bronze medal in the "Miss Earth 2017 Group 1 Long Gown Competition", which means she was Number 3...or 4! But in my list, she was Number 10. There are soooo many of these golden sequined gowns, you REALLY need to be OUTSTANDING to...STAND OUT. This was a bit "Scheherazade" Tacky-licious. From the Too-big earrings to the wrist/hand the hair and was like a Moroccan Belly Dancer at a fancy restaurant.

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