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Pas de Deux: Ice Dance pair Gabrielle Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron of France at Grand Prix of Figure Skating Audi Cup of China 2017

Wrapping up my COSTUMES RECAP of this past weekend's Grand Prix of Figure Skating Audi Cup of China 2017, I've discussed the LADIES COSTUMES HERE, the MEN'S COSTUMES HERE and now it's time to talk about the PAIRS and ICE DANCE. Let's begin with the...

Valentina Marchei and Ondrej Hotarek of Italy: Marchei and Hotarek skated their Short Program to Tu vuo fa l'Americano by Renato Carosone. The music and program  was SOOOO Italian, they should have served the judges some Limoncello after they skated! The colors and fun presentation were a welcomed respite from the usually more serious Pairs programs. Ondrej wore black pants, tight white dress shirt and red polka dotted neck-scarf. He looked like the waiter of a fun pizza restaurant. And Valentina wore this red mini dress using the same polka dotted print for the skirt. 

The look included an odd drop-waist style with sequined belt/trim, which was also seen at her neck. I liked the neck detail but the back was odd, at best. The back closure looked wonky and as if it was sewn at the last minute and then there were these nude elastic straps holding up the back neck piece. It all looked kind of unfinished to be honest.

Free Skate to Amarcord by Nino Rota: Once again, Marchei and Hotarek went the Italiano route; this time for their Free Skate, they skated to the music of the Academy Award-winning Federico Fellini film "Amarcord". They were bold and fun in their "Harlequin" print embellished costumes in black, red and white. It was kooky and slightly "Circus"-like but visually, at least it got me to pay attention. I wished his vest (which matched her dress) was tighter...

I did LOVE how the harlequin diamond "print" on her costume were all made from sequined crystals---something that I really couldn't tell until the camera got up close. I wish they would have used the same treatment for his vest.

Nicole Della Monica and Matteo Guarise of Italy: Italians Della Monica and Guarise skate their Short Program to Magnificat by Mina. But frankly, I could CARE LESS what they skated to when they looked LIKE THIS: HOT! HOT! HOT! I loved these lavender costumes featuring ombre-dye coloring and sequined applique embellishments. I liked her little costume with long sleeves and handkerchief-hemmed skirt section. But can we discuss MATTEO GUARISE!!??? Mamma mia!!! His body is INSANE! Oh, and yes, I loved his costume. First, the fit was perfection. And it was great how somehow the dyeing of the shirt almost created (or enhanced) his already six-pack abs! I also loved...

The back! It's so great when a costume is fab all-around: The perfect 360 degree Costume! And I also appreciate when the guy on a Pairs couple isn't just given a black shirt/black pants and calling it a "Costume Day". Grazie Mille!

Free Skate to The Tree Of Life by Roberto Cacciapagua: Well, looks like Della Monica and Guarise did it again...Costume wise! These were two fabulous costumes from the Italians, worn for their Free Skate. The colors were vibrant and ice-impacting. They looked like a wonderful and sexy sea/earth flora-and-fauna God and Goddess in these. I also loved...

The silver, turquoise, aqua and baby blue crystals throughout their costumes. The front sequined detail was beautiful and that jeweled web-like strap back on Nicole was a FAB detail! These two and their costumes make it SOOOOO worth it to spend the hours and hours I spend writing these "Ice Style" costumes blogs!

Ashley Cain and Timothy Leduc of USA: Americans Cain and Leduc wore these costumes for their Short Program to I'll Take Care of You by Joe Bonamassa. I liked seeing these modern and sleek unitard/jumpsuits on them. The looks were done in black with aquamarine crystals scattered throughout. I loved her front and back silver sequined panels which added interest to her costume as well as elongated her body. While I also liked his sequined front torso embellishments I wished he didn't have that gauze-y blouse over it. He needs to just take that off and go without!

Xiaoyu Yu and Zhang Hao Zhang of China: They skated their Short Program to Swan Lake by Petr I. Tchaikovski in these costumes above. I thought these were elegant and quite nice. Her white "Swan" costume wasn't your typical feathered design one sees and I appreciated that. I also liked the subtle sequin detail on his black look. 

Free Skate to Star Wars (soundtrack): I LOVED this blue chiffon costume on her! The gathered bodice design featured gorgeous sequined trim at the plunging neckline, armholes and waist and a fabulous neck drape. This dress could easily go from ice to the red carpet!

Wenjing Sui and Cong Han of China: This Chinese pairs couple is REALLY EXCITING ME in terms of costume commentating! They are bringing the Haute in Haute Couture Figure Skating Costumes. For their Short Program to Hallelujah, they wore these gorgeous looks. Her scarlet red costume was BEAUTIFUL; I loved the sequin work that went from heavy to light--as if a gorgeous Swarovski crystal mirror had broken and ended up beautifully on her costume! And he was not left behind with a beautifully-embellished "Dragon" sequined top. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Free Skate to Violin Fantasy on Puccini's Turandot by Vanessa-Mae and Nessun Dorma (from "Turandot") by Giacomo Puccini, performed by Luciano Pavarotti: These costumes worn for their Free Skate were two of the MOST BEAUTIFUL COSTUMES I have seen in a long time on Pairs skaters. They were bold, right for the music, looked super ice skating COUTURE...I can go on and one. I loved the sequined applique on her gorgeous red dress but that gold and silver dragon on his shirt was EVERYTHING!

Madison Chock and Evan Bates of USA: Chock and Bates wore these Latino Caliente costumes for their Short Dance to Salsa: Aguanile by Mark Anthony; Rhumba: Que lio by Mark Anthony; Samba: Vivir mi vida by Mark Anthony. The colors were nice and the details--like her loose fringe and asymmetrical upper torso styling--could make the very talented costume designers of "Dancing With the Stars" envious that they didn't make them! (I hear Madison designs all their costumes). I also liked how Evan was looking sexier this year with the skin tight top and that HOT plunging v-neck. Muy bien.

Free Dance to Imagine by John Lennon: Chock and Bates wore these blue costumes for their Free Skate. I liked these costumes as well. The blue colors were pretty and the sequin detail was beautiful. There was a somber yet elegant glamour to these that I admired. And Thank you Evan for that plunging neckline! (or shall I thank Madison??)

Lorraine McNamara and Quinn Carpenter of USA: Americans McNamara and Carpenter wore these looks for their fun Short Dance to Rhumba: Mambo Italiano by Bob Merrill; Slow Rhumba: El Perdedor by Enrique Inglesias feat. Antonio Solis and Samba: Big Bagz by Alex Romano. I thought these were great costumes that looked "Senior Level" and had great sequined detail. I especially liked her "Gladiator Goddess"-like detailing, front bustier gathering and "open sides" design. I also loved  his sequined vest top. We are seeing a bit more skin on the men so he did look too covered up, however. 

Tiffany Zahorski and  Jonathan Guerreiro of Russia: If there was any question that the theme is RHUMBA/SAMBA/SALSA for this season's Ice Dance Short Dance, well...take a look at this Russian Ice Dance couple! They skated their Short Dance to Samba: Hip Hip Chin Chin performed by Club des Belugas ; Rhumba: Volveras performed by Gloria Estefan; and Samba: Batucada Brasiliera performed by Samba Brazilian Batucada Band. Tiffany looked like a fab samba dancer at the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony with her super vibrant colorful fringe-tastic costume: LOVE. And Jonathan--while not really donning a "costume" perhaps--was still right as the male partner to her sexy HOT HOT HOT look. In this is ALL ABOUT her!

Gabrielle Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron of France: Here is another example where the female is the Costume Star. For their Short Dance to Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran and Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, remastered by Karl Hugo, the French Ice Dance couple of Papadakis and Cizeron wore these costumes above. Gabrielle looked like someone at the top of a Brazilian Carnival Float--and THAT IS the point! Loved her two piece sequined and fringed look. The gold and green colors were great. And Guillaume...sleeveless, tight, Muy Sexy Le Smoking Skating Tuxedo. Très Chic and Très Sleek.

Free Skate to Piano Sonata N. 14 in C sharp minor, Op. 27, No 2. "Moonlight Sonata", Adagio Sostenuto, by Ludwig van Beethoven performed by Steve Anderson 
"Moonlight Sonata", Presto Agitato by Ludwig van Beethoven--Two words: JUST GORGEOUS. These costumes were subtle, beautiful, elegant, and PERFECT. Her softly flowing chiffon dress with Lycra bodysuit was sublime and fluttered with the dance like a gorgeous bird flying through the wind. And Guillaume...

That side cowl drape top was FIGURE SKATING COUTURE Fab! Sexy, elegant, draped. I love that for the Free Dance, HIS costume was actually THE STAR. 

Merci Papadakis et Cizeron...pour les beaux Patinage Couture ! XO

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