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Prima Skater-ina: Alina Zagitova of Russia during her Free Skate at Audi Cup of China 2017

The third of six ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating events/competitions--the Audi Cup of China 2017--occurred this past weekend in Beijing China at the Capital Gymnasium. Since it its Grand Prix of Figure Skating Season, it's also the season I discuss the ICE STYLE--or figure skating costumes of the LADIES, MEN, PAIRS and ICE DANCE.

Operatic China: Chinese Opera show at Audi Cup of China 2017, Capital Gymnasium Beijing People's Republic of China

I've talked about the Rostelecom Cup of Russia 2017 and Skate Canada International 2017 on my BLOG HERE. it is time to discuss the COSTUMES of Cup of China 2017. I'll start with the LADIES...

Now, I have already discussed the costumes of...
Wakaba Higuchi of Japan: I LOVED them both--Click HERE to read my thoughts!

Now--time to discuss skaters' costumes I haven't talked about yet:
Mai Mihara of Japan: For her Short Program to Libertango by Astor Piazzolla, Mai wore this fun "Tango"-inspired costume. The look featured a black stretch lace costume with crystals, red flowers and fringe. It was fun, I really liked the frilly movement and her deep red lipstick added a strong air of Argentine Fabuloso!

Free Program to Gabriel's Oboe (from "The Mission" soundtrack) by Ennio Morricone: This was a BEAUTIFUL costume! Outstanding in it's design, execution, the tie-dye-looking colors...and the silver jeweled sequins were Haute! My favorite part was that top/torso section; it looked luxe and on another Figure Skating Costume Level!

Dabin Choi of South Korea: Dabin skated her Short Program to Papa Can You Hear Me (soundtrack) in this mint-and-white costume. The design featured an ombre-like effect, GORGEOUS turquoise-colored sequins at the Empire/underbust and neckline and flared bell sleeves. The costume was sweet and had slight references to the Hanbok (traditional Korean dress), and still went well with the skate and music (although it was more Barbra Streisand 1960's as opposed to Barbra Streisand Yentil!). I especially loved the attached elastic thumb-strap (right photo above), that was sewn in to keep the sleeves from flailing around. Now, THAT, kids is intelligent costume designing.

Free Skate to Seven Gypsy Melodies and Songs My Mother Taught Me by Antonin Dvorak: This blue and black sequined costume was beautiful and expensive looking. I especially was fond of that open back! This is a design straight out of very high-end red carpet gowns! Whoever designed this: Well done!

Elena Radionova of Russia: Elena skated her Short Program to Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin. In case this sounds familiar, it is! This is the same Short program music she used last season. It worked well for her then so--like SOOOOO MANY skaters are doing this Olympic Season--she's brought it back! But THANK GOODNESS (unlike many other skaters, much to my dismay!), she had a NEW COSTUME (Yeayyy Elena!). I thought this gold and black bugle-beaded fringed number was EVERYTHING! It was so Razzle Dazzle 1920's Flapper Diva: I LOVED IT! In case you're wondering what she wore last year at Cup of China 2016 for this same "Porgy and Bess" Program...

Last year's Flapper...I like the new 2017-2018 Season's costume BEST! What do you guys think?

Free Skate to Historia de un amor 2: Another GREAT costume from Russian figure skater Elena Radionova! The sequined design featured an illusion base that extended to her neck and back and STUPENDOUS red and black mini paillettes. I loved how they jutted out individually onto the upper bust and neckline.   

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva of Russia: Elizaveta skated her Short Program to Pisando Flores by Ara Malikian, Gypsy-like music which went well with her gold and black costume. There were slight nods to a fab Gypsy as well as Tango Queen in her fringed design. My favorite part was that neckline and gold applique/embroidery in the front torso.

Free Skate to Erinnerung performed by Efim Jourist Quartett: The music is from a Ukrainian composer, accordionist and bajan player and has an air of Gypsy-meets-Cirque du Soleil quality. And naturally, so did her costume. I liked this costume from far away. Up close, the multicolored tie-dye effect looked a bit childish but far away, the entire design was stage--or shall I say--ice impacting!

Gabrielle Daleman of Canada: Canadian figure skater Gabrielle Daleman skated her Short Program to Habanera (from "Carmen") by George Bizet. Immediately (naturally!) I knew the music and it was refreshing to see that this was NOT your typical "Carmen"; there was no red rose in her hair and no toreador bolero jacket among all the other "Carmen" costume stereotypes. I liked how fresh and modern this red cold-shoulder costume was. Gabrielle was the "Millennial Carmen". 

Free Skate to Gladiator Rhapsody and Now We Are Free (from "Gladiator" soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer--One word: WOW! First, I just loved how strong and powerful this costume look was. Gabrielle was like a SuperWoman Skater in this! The gold sequined applique and red costume had hints of yes,  "Wonder Woman" (the elongated arm cuffs and curved bust-line bustier!) as well as a Gladiator Goddess. I loved the nude illusion neck with sequined edge trim that extended to the back...and THAT MAKEUP: It was EVERYTHING huney! I also really liked her ponytail/braided hairstyle.

Alina Zagitova of Russia: OK, first off: Alina is AMAZING!!!! Every female figure skater needs to watch out! Anyhow...moving on--time to discuss her costumes. For her Short Program to Black Swan, Alina wore this GORGEOUS sequined and tulle design. I absolutely LOVED this costume--the hand-cut ballerina tutu, the silver and black paillettes...the sleeve/arm was Haute Figure Skating COUTURE! This may be her first Senior Grand Prix Season but darlings, someone is spending A LOT of money on her costumes. And very smart to do so. 

Free Skate to Don Quixote by Leon Minkus: Another excellent costume from figure skating phenom Alina Zagitova. She looked like a Prima Ballerina in this absolutely beautiful costume. The ballet theme started with her Short program continued here and reached a zenith in this red and gold sequined design. But I have to say, she skated so incredible that well, she probably could have put on a red and gold garbage bag...and I would have been: OK! 

Pikachu Love: Japanese figure skater Marin Honda holding a stuffed Pikachu at Audi Cup of China 2017

**NEXT UP, it's THE MEN of Audi Cup of China 2017 Costumes! 

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