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ICE STYLE.....2018 European Figure Skating Championships COSTUMES: LADIES!

New Carolina: New Costume for Carolina Kostner of Italy--2018 ISU European Figure Skating Championships, Moscow Russia

This past weekend were the very important 2018 ISU European Figure Skating Championships, which were held in Moscow Russia, in advance of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Lots of top European figure skaters competed for the medals--several of which also showcased new costumes.

I'll talk about the MEN, PAIRS, ICE DANCE, but first up, it's time to discuss the LADIES:

Evgenia Medvedeva of Russia Short Program to Nocturne by Frederic Chopin--For her Short Program, Evgenia has worn this gray, blue and ombre lilac costume throughout this entire 2017-2018 Season. It is a gorgeous costume that reflects the "nocturne", night-lit sky through the design, colors and sprinkle of star-like crystals. I also liked the subtly asymmetrical/handkerchief hem and strappy neckline.

Free Skate to Anna Karenina (soundtrack) by Dario Marianelli: For her Free Skate, Evgenia debuted a brand new costume at the 2018 European Figure Skating Championships, in advance of the 2018 Winter Olympics.  The costume was similar to what she had been wearing before in style and sequined applique but while the previous one was black, this new one was in a rust/Cabernet red-like color. I thought the costume was very luxe, reflecting the Upper Class Russia "Anna Karenina" era, and I loved the blood-like red caviar beading throughout the design. If there was any critique, it would be that it was verging on being a little too busy and too intricate; she could have done with a couple less sequined applique flowers for sure and still made a nice costume impact. 
And in case you were wondering, this was her previous costume for the same Free Skate:

Old Anna Karenina Costume--Which one do you guys like best? The black one above or rust/red-ish colored one?

Maria Sotskova of Russia Short Program to Swan Lake by Petr I. Tchaikovski--Maria wore this pink sequined costume for her Short Program and it was beautiful. In the beginning of the season--at 2017 Skate Canada International, she was still wearing an older costume (from the previous season) and I wondered if she was going to change it or if a new one was being made and it wasn't ready yet. Well, yes and yes were the answers to my questions. I loved this elegant costume featuring a pink chiffon base with 19th Century-like design details reminding me of a Romanov Russian Princess. The rhinestone-studded necklace, bracelets and bodice embellishment were superb! I also loved that back. 

Free Skate to Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy--Maria debuted this gray costume back at the 2017-2018 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals and I thought it was elegant and very pretty. The costume was a silver/gray sequined embroidered design featuring a high neck, long sleeves, appliqued bodice and clean chiffon bottom/skirt section.

Alina Zagitova of Russia Short Program to Black Swan--For her Short Program to Black Swan, Alina wore this GORGEOUS sequined and tulle design. I absolutely LOVED this costume--the hand-cut ballerina tutu, the silver and black paillettes, the sleeve/arm was Haute Figure Skating COUTURE! This may be her first Senior International Season but darlings, someone is spending A LOT of money on her costumes. And very smart to do so because it rounds out her incredible skating! This young woman might be your next Olympic gold medalist!

Free Skate to Don Quixote by Leon Minkus: Another excellent costume from figure skating phenom Alina Zagitova. She looked like a Prima Ballerina in this absolutely beautiful costume. The ballet theme started with her Short Program and reached a zenith in this red and gold sequined design for her Free Skate. But I have to say, she skated so incredible that well, she probably could have put on a red and gold garbage bag...and I would have been: OK! 

Carolina Kostner of Italy: Italy's Carolina Kostner is BAAAACK! And I for one, am very happy! For her Short Program to Ne me quitte pas by Jacques Brel, performed by Celine Dion, she wore this Cabernet red colored costume that was romantic and feminine...just right for the iconic song. This, by the way, was a BRAND NEW COSTUME, and featured lovely volants/ruffles at the neckline, an illusion front, a gathered waist and a smattering of hand-sewn crystals throughout. And in case you are wondering, this is what she wore at 2017 Rostelecom Cup/Cup of Russia:

Which one do you guys like better? The Ruffled new design or silver jeweled strappy one above? I love the straps but I'm more inclined to say that my favorite is the newer one.

Now speaking of NEW COSTUMES and COSTUME CHANGES....Carolina Strikes Again:
Free Skate to L'apres-midi d'un faun by Claude Debussy: For her Free Skate, Carolina debuted this NEON GREEN JUMPSUIT at the 2018 European Figure Skating Championships. When I first saw her--and this--I was like "WOW! Ummm, OK!". This was definitely  something that one had to stop and take in because well, it was A LOT! The apple green colored costume was completely covered in sequins and had nude illusion panels down the sides and through the upper torso. it was definitely A STATEMENT...

While I thought it was kind of pretty and she did evoke some kind of Flora & Fauna "Nymph"-like was a bit "Too Mucheey" and distracted from her beautiful skating. With all that said, at least we know she's being consistent with her love of sequined JUMPSUITS:

 Carolina Kostner at the 2012 ISU World Figure Skating Championships the way (in case you were wondering)...this is what she wore for her Free Skate previously: 
Lilac Bird--Which one do you guys like better?  The neon green jumpsuit or this above? 

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Lesa said...

I like the jumpsuit but just not in that neon green - maybe a more 'subtle' colouring like Nicole Della Monica and Matteo Guarise's costumes would be less distracting.