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NICK APPEARANCES.....Oscars 2018: KTLA "Live From The Oscars": Behind The Scenes Photos

Oscars Style--Nick Verreos and Magan Henderson--KTLA 2018 "Live From The Oscars" Pre-Show Special

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of being a "Special Guest" for KTLA's "Live From The Oscars" Pre-Show. The show began a couple of hours before the actual 2018 Academy Awards red carpet and I was honored to be a "FIDM Correspondent" discussing the fabulous Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition at my Alma Mater--the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and the college's FIDM Museum.

 Nick Verreos--KTLA "Live From The Oscars" Pre-Show, FIDM Museum

Red Carpet Glamour--Nick Verreos with models in his NIKOLAKI gowns--FIDM Museum

I was also part of a wonderful "90 Years of Oscars Style" showcasing gowns from my NIKOLAKI fashion line, inspired by the NINE decades in which the Academy Awards have been around. I will do a BLOG of the Behind-the-Scenes of filming those wonderful segments later...but for now, it's all about the Behind-the-Scenes of filming for the KTLA "LIVE from The Oscars" TV Special...

Here is my PHOTO RECAP--including a fun run-in with THE Common (!):

Credentials Day:
I've Arrived!--Nick Verreos on the plastic covered red carpet of the 2018 Oscars--Dolby Theater Hollywood

Several days before the actual Oscars, I went to get my credentials. This is also a PERFECT TIME for me to "sneak in" some photos on the red carpet...well, before the plastic is removed!

Selfie Time!--Nick Verreos at the Oscars 2018, Dolby Theater Hollywood

Los Fab--(L to R) Nick Verreos and Antonella Michelena, on the Oscars 2018 red carpet, Dolby Theater Hollywood

Once there, I ran into one of my FAVORITE TV Azteca-Mexico correspondents, the beautiful and very talented Antonella Michelena from the Info7 TV Show TV Azteca Noreste. I was so excited to see her since I had just filmed some TV segments at FIDM Museum with her, discussing the Academy Award-nominated costumes! I also spotted one of MY ALL TIME FAVORITE Supermodels, Brazilian Runway and Tom Ford/Gucci-editorial DIVA Caroline Ribeiro:

Nick Verreos with Brazilian Supermodel Caroline Ribeiro--I just about DIED, when I spotted Caroline Ribeiro on the red carpet, while I was taking photos. Naturally, I just couldn't let this moment go by without--politely--asking her if I could take a photo (OK, SEVERAL!) with well as tell her how much I LOVED her! She couldn't have been sweeter.

Oscars Day:
Sequined Tuxedo Jacket...Nick Verreos on the way...

I was excited to be part of the KTLA "Live From The Oscars" coverage, discussing the Red Carpet, as well the Academy Award nominated costumes plus much more...

We filmed LIVE from the Loews Hollywood Hotel and it was A BLAST to be with KTLA's Doug Kolk and Megan Henderson:
Giving the Oscars "Dish"--Nick Verreos with Doug Kolk and Megan Henderson on the KTLA "Live From The Oscars" Pre-Show, Loews Hollywood Hotel

After the "Live From The Oscars" Pre-Show, I was on with Megan during the KTLA News segments giving my 2018 Oscars Red Carpet "Best Dressed" commentary...
Glam Couple--Nick Verreos and Megan Henderson KTLA "Live From The Oscars"--Loews Hollywood Hotel

During my time filming, I was SOOOO EXCITED when I ran into the FABULOUS Tanika Ray of Extra TV...
Nick Verreos and Extra TV's Tanika Ray--Loews Hollywood Hotel

And then...I spotted COMMON!!! So...of course, I politely asked to take a photo with him :)
Nick Verreos and Common--Loews Hollywood Hotel

After we were done filming, the Loews Hollywood Hotel staff were kind enough to...
Delight us with a plate of their DELICIOUS Sweet Potato Tater Tots...#Yum

Once I was "wrapped"...I ran to the actual Academy Awards red carpet to film a fun Red Carpet TV Segment with my friend Raffi Boghosian and Dean McCarthy for The Insider Arabia and got the chance to take some photos:

Jacket Boys: (L to R) Raffi Boghosian and Nick Verreos--2018 Academy Awards Red Carpet

Tuxedo Trio--(L to R) Dean McCarthy, Raffi Boghosian and Nick Verreos--2018 Academy Awards Red Carpet

That's a Wrap! Thanks FIDM and KTLA for allowing me to be part of this year's 2018 Academy Awards TV coverage! 

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