ICE STYLE.....Skate America 2019 Figure Skating Costumes Recap: LADIES!

Skate America 2019 Ladies--Kaori Sakamoto of Japan, Bradie Tennell of USA, Kaori Sakamoto of Japan and Eunsoo Lim of South Korea--Skate America 2019 Las Vegas

This past weekend was the 2019 Skate America--the first event in the 2019-2020 Grand Prix of Figure Skating competition series. It was held at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, and covered Men's, Ladies, Ice Dance, and Pairs. As part of my ICE STYLE BLOG, I cover the costumes of figure skating is time to discuss some of the costumes seen at Skate America 2019...

Let's start with the LADIES:
Anna Shcherbakova Russia Short Program--15-year-old Anna showed up to this first of the 2019-2020 Grand Prix of Figure Skating competition series to make history...and she did...later for her Free Skate (TWO QUADS!!!). For now, let's discuss her Short program costume to The Girl with the Plums, Meeting Laura, and Laura's Murder (from “The Perfume” soundtrack). I liked this deep ombre dyed gray dress featuring sequined applique in the torso. It was "Romantic Dark" and a bit "Nightshade Fairy" in its design. 

For her Free Skate, she did an on-the-spot Costume Change:
Free Skate to Six Gnossiennes: Gnossienne No.1 by Eric Satie, performed by Roland Pontinen
The Firebird by Igor Stravinski--Anna started the skate in the lilac costume on the left above and then, she did a tug at her neck and voila: NEW COSTUME! While I really was not a fan of the lilac halter neck look, in the beginning, she Costume-redeemed herself when the "Firebird" one took over...
The red feather-like sequined applique-over-nude-illusion-body-suit-with-red-skirt was eye-catching and impacting. I liked that it was a definite change from what she had worn in the first half. Was it kind of cheesy? Yes, but I liked it.

Bradie Tennell USA Short Program--Bradie skated her Short Program to Mechanisms and Chronos by Kirill Richter wearing this red costume. The design featured a sequined covered nude illusion "plunging neckline" front, long sleeves and short skirt, all accented with a diamante thin belt. It looked sleek and modern and devoid of any unnecessary costume fluff, making Bradie look sleeker than ever! 

Free Skate to Cinema Paradiso (soundtrack) by Ennio Morricone--For her Free Skate to "Cinema Paradiso", Bradie wore this light lilac colored halter costume with ombre dyed skirt and crystal-covered neckline. The costume was pretty but there was nothing fashion-extraordinary about it, to be honest. 

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva Russia Short Program to Drumming Song by Florence and the Machine--Elizaveta wore this sexy black costume for her Short Program to Florence and the Machine. It was modern, sleek and "punk"-like. I liked the asymmetrical slit-front skirt and spray of crystal details. 

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva Free Skate--For her Free Skate to Caravan and Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen performed by The Hot Sardines, Elizaveta wore this vest-and-pant ensemble with a white shirt and untied red bow tie. I get the relaxed "Jazzy" look to it but she looked like a waitress-after-the-Wedding-Party-is-done. Even with that, I have to say, it is still very much on her "brand" of costume-funkiness.

Stanislava Konstantinova Russia Short Program--For her Short Program to February by Leonid Levashkevich, Stanislava wore this gorgeous silver/gray costume. I loved the mock-neck fitted top design with under bustier, and flowy skirt. The crystal work was exquisite; the entire costume was elegant, chic, and elevated.

Karen Chen USA Free Skate--Karen skated her Free Skate to Illumination by Secret Garden wearing this costume above. I thought she looked quite pretty in this lightly ombre-dyed lilac costume featuring heavy-to-light sequins highlighting the torso.

Image result for reveil cirque du soleil
Yi Christy Leung Hong Kong Free Skate--Hong Kong's Yi Christy Leung wore this eye-catching ultramarine blue colored costume for her Free Skate to Reveil, Seisouso (from Cirque du Soleil) by Benoit Jutras. The design was perfect for the "Cirque Du Soleil" music, with the color and varying peek-a-boo insets. I also liked the different sequins used in the costume including crystals, bugle beads, etc. They added a nice dimension to the costume.

Eunsoo Lim Korea Short Program--Eunsoo Lim is a fashion diva when it comes to her costumes; it's almost as if you are dressing a sample size model. She looks delicate, stylish and just-so-right in almost anything one gives her. This season is no different. For her Short Program to Capriccio Espagnol by Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov, she wore this royal purple sequined costume and I LOVED IT! It was elegant, chic, very Toreador (the beads, sequins!), and she even accented it all with flower detail in her chignon. This was a perfect way of showing that you can do SPAIN and not be all red and black.

Image result for sabrina movie audrey hepburn costumes
Free Skate to Sabrina (soundtrack)--Very "Sabrina"'ve got the necklace, the sweetheart neckline, the sequined bodice...this nude-colored costume was elegant, very delicately pretty and right for the music.

Wakaba Higuchi Japan Short Program--For her Short Program to Bird Set Free by Sia, Wakaba wore this black and white costume which was so fashion-forward yet elegant that it was one of my favorites. I loved the delicate sequin work and light ombre dye effect. I also liked the one sleeve and half-hand detail, reminding one of a bird's beak. 

Kaori Sakamoto Japan Short Program--For her Short Program to No Roots by Alice Merton, Kaori wore this red costume which was FABULOUS! I loved the sexiness of it, the varying sizes of crystals throughout and nude-illusion peekaboo panels, as well as Versace-like strap detail. Whether it was intentional or not, the red straps remind me of the Rising Sun Flag that is used at sporting events by supporters of  Japanese teams. 

Image result for matrix movie costumes
Free Skate to Matrix (soundtrack) by Don Davis--Kaori wore this wonderful costume for her Free Skate to "Matrix". I also loved this costume; it was so modern, so fits perfectly and exemplified the music and theme. And personally, I have to bow down to whoever sewed (or glued) those colored sequins to the faux patent leather because A)It isn't easy and B) They did a wonderful job!

Congratulations to the TOP THREE LADIES! (L to R) Bradie Tennell of USA (Silver), Anna Shcherbakova of Russia (Gold) and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva of Russia (Bronze)--2019 Skate America Las Vegas Nevada

**UP NEXT: 2019 Skate America: MEN'S COSTUMES!

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