ICE STYLE.....Skate America 2019 Figure Skating Costumes Recap: MEN

Psychedelic Modern  Bartender--Costumes from Skate America 2019 Men (L to R) Michal Brezina of Czech Republic, Nathan Chen of USA, Jason Brown of USA and Nathan Chen of USA--Skate America 2019 Las Vegas

In my last post HERE, I discussed the LADIES COSTUMES from last weekend's 2019 Skate America, so naturally, now it's time to talk about the MEN! The Men's costumes aren't usually the most exciting or creative for that matter. Sometimes there are shining moments of some semblance of FASHION, but for the most part, it's stuck with tacky "Ross Dress For Less" belts, black pants and 90's-like tops...Let's see what was on the Skate America 2019 "Runway":

Jason Brown USA Short Program--For his Short Program to I Can't Go On Without You by Kaleo, Jason wore this all-black costume consisting of black pants and a shiny & stretchy top with asymmetrical zipper detail and sheer-and-black-striped side panel. I liked the unique details at the top but the overall look was a bit "Matrix"-meets-Devo.

Free Skate to Schindler's List (soundtrack) by John Williams--For his Free Skate to "Schindler's List", Jason wore this ombre dyed gray costume featuring a Lycra turtleneck with sequin applique, deep gray pants, and cummerbund-like waist accessory. I thought this was an elegant design and I especially liked the sequined top with a detail that reminded me of the Manhattan skyline, but I think the pants were waaaay to baggy and old-school.

Alexei Bychenko Israel Free Skate--It doesn't take much to figure out, just by looking at the photo above, what music Alexei was skating to...if you guessed "Pirates of the Caribbean", you were right! Alexei loves a cheesy costume to go along with his past music--like "Hava Nagila"(2017-2018) "Pagliacci"(2016-2017,2017-2018), "Les Miserables"(2015-2016)...he even did "Dracula" last year/season! The problem is that they all kind of start looking the same--or at least bought from the same Halloween store!--and they don't look refined or elevated. But on a good note, at least he is consistent with his tradition of actually wearing something other than black pants, black belt and black top from a skating shop!

Speaking of...
Keegan Messing Canada Short Program--Keegan performed a heartfelt tribute to his younger brother, who recently died in a motorcycle accident in September during the gala at Skate America 2019. You can understand the intense pain he must be going through and it goes without saying, forgive him for any silly costume discussion. For his Short Program to Perfect by Ed Sheeran, the skate was meant as a love letter to his wife (the song was the first song they danced to at their wedding). Naturally, because of his recent tragedy, it was a very emotional skate. For it, he wore this all-black look consisting of black pants, black top, and black belt.

Free Skate to November Rain by Guns N' Roses--For his Free Skate, he wore a look that was very similar to what he had donned for his Short program but changed the shirt.

Dmitri Aliev Russia Short Program--Dmitri skated his Short Program to Je Dors Sur Des Roses (from "Mozart L'Opera Rock) by Mikelangelo Loconte wearing this costume consisting of a wine-red velvet long vest with embroidered lapels, see-through black shirt, and black pants. It was "Mozart"-y I guess and it fits him nicely. That's pretty much all I can say.

Free Skate to The Sound of Silence performed by Disturbed--For his Free Skate, he went more chic and sleek with this black outfit of a cowl draped shiny top and skin-tight black pants. I liked the slight neck drape for sure and once again how well it all fit on Dmitri's very skinny and fit body.

Michal Brezina Czech Republic--Michal performed his Free Skate to a Beatles Medley: Yesterday, I Saw Her Standing There, Let It Be, and A Hard Day's Night by John Lennon, Paul McCartney. For some reason, he thought that wearing a psychedelic tie-dye shirt would be "Beatles"-esque but I was a bit confused, thinking it might have been better to skate to a "Woodstock" medley perhaps; he looked as if he was attending a late 60's Hippie party as opposed to vibing Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

Nathan Chen USA Short Program--Nathan skated his Short Program to La Boheme performed by Charles Aznavour. When looking at what Nathan wore as a "costume", I was glad to discover that the music was not from the famous Puccini opera but instead a 60's song that is known to many French from Armenian-French singer Charles Aznavour...

Nathan's look was, I guess, something a chanteuse would wear while singing this song, but it also reminded me of an outfit/uniform for a bartender at a fancy wedding. I realize Nathan is not really known for his flair for costumes and more for his outstanding ability to do Quads but I would still--as a "Fashionista"--like something that doesn't look like it came from the Sears Men's Department.

Free Skate to Music from "Rocketman": Goodbye Yellowbrick Road by Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell; Rocketman by Taron Egerton and Benny and the Jets by Logic, Elton John and Pink--Soooo...for his Free Skate to "Rocketman", Nathan chose to wear this psychedelic tie-dye printed top and black pants. What this has to do with Elton John or Rocketman, the movie, is beyond me. It seems almost as if it was in Michal Brezina's (see the previous photo) luggage and Nathan had nothing else to wear and said "hey Michal, do you need AN EXTRA tie-dye shirt?? can I borrow it?". I had the privilege last year to be a Consultant Producer on Bravo's "Project Runway" Season 17 and one of the challenges was about "Rocketman" and the judge was its Costume Designer Julian Day, and we even had some of the movie's costumes...

Not sure why Nathan wasn't actually inspired by any of the "Rocketman" costumes above?
Or the fabulous ones...

 Created by the "Project Runway" contestants/designers Bishme Cromartie (L) and Garo Sparo (R) above (the one on the right was the Winner!)

Congratulations! Top Three Men at Skate America 2019 (L to R) Jason Brown USA (Silver), Nathan Chen USA (Gold) and Dmitri Aliev Russia (Bronze)--Skate America 2019 Las Vegas

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