ICE STYLE.....Rostelecom Cup 2019 Grand Prix Russia COSTUMES RECAP: LADIES & MEN!

Ladies and Men...of Russia--(L to R) Mariah Bell of the USA, Evgenia Medvedeva of Russia, Alexandra Trusova of Russia, Alexander Samarin of Russia and Shoma Uno of Japan--2019 Rpstelecom Cup, Moscow Russia

This past weekend was the 2019 Rostelecom Cup (Grand Prix Russia), the fifth event in the 2019-2020 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating...

The competition took place in the Megasport Sport Palace in Moscow Russia. I have discussed the COSTUMES in this season so far in all the other Grand Prix, including Skate America, Skate Canada International, Internationaux de France, Shiseido Cup of China. Most of the costumes I am highlighting below in this BLOG I have already talked about so I will just give a few words on each, but there is one new edition at the end in the Men' let's start with the LADIES:

Evgenia Medvedeva Russia Short Program to Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 by Muse--Evgenia wore this black and blue sequined jumpsuit for her Short Program. I thought it was very fashionable, directional and a lovely "new" look for her. I especially liked the different shades of blue and the flourish of chiffon volants around the sleeves and legs of the bodysuit.

Free Skate to The Chairman’s Waltz, Going to School, Sayuri’s Theme and Becoming A Geisha (from "Memoirs of a Geisha" soundtrack) by John Williams--For her Free Skate, Evgenia wore this. It was STUNNING! I loved everything about this costume. This was Skating Couture on another level! I loved the kimono-like silhouette, the white neckband, the gorgeous sequin applique, the extra-long sleeves and last but not least, the red Obi with gold waist-tie. I also especially liked the extra-long sleeves...And that deep-red lipstick: Wow. Just gorgeous. I bow down to whoever designed it and made it.

Satoko Miyahara Japan Free Skate to Hatikva: Theme from “Schindler’s List”/Prelude in C-Sharp Minor/Hatikva--For this Free Skate to "Schindler's List", I really liked this ombre gray costume with delicate beading. I especially liked the ruffles on her sleeve and wrist volant details. She looked like a sublimely beautiful water creature. The sequin crystals displayed on the shoulder, part of the top and sleeve, were quite beautiful in their placement. 

Mariah Bell USA Free Skate to Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen performed by K.D. Lang--For her Free Skate, I loved this beautiful costume which Mariah wore skating to KD Lang's "Hallelujah". The light lilac-based design featured GORGEOUS sequin work, solid vs. illusion paneling and pretty ombre dyeing effect at the hip area. It looked expensive and "Heaven"-like.

Alexandra Trusova Russia Short Program to Solveig's Song (from "Peer Gynt") by Edvard Grieg performed by Meav, In the Hall of the Mountain King (from "Peer Gynt") by Edvard Grieg--You can't tell in the photos above but the costume started out the light gray that is peaking from underneath...halfway through her program, she flipped the top of the costume down and did one of those on-the-spot "Costume Changes" that we have seen as of late in these Figure Skating Competitions to expose something different. The "new" costume became darker, more "mysterious". To be honest, I am not sure if I am a fan of either the first or the "costume change" evolution. It looks a little too "Witchy"/Bedazzled Betty Rubble.

Free Skate to Pray (High Valyrian) (from “Game of Thrones” soundtrack) by Matthew Bellamy, The Night King (from “Game of Thrones” soundtrack) by Ramin Djawadi--For her amazing QUAD-licious for "Game of Thrones" music, she wore this costume. I think she was trying to vibe Daenarys "Khaleesi" Mother of Dragon's Season 3 costume, with the blue color and gray-ish tights. I get it, it was a nice attempt but it still looked a bit "Junior"-like. She is only FIFTEEN!!! I am not a fan of the sheer "leggings" (the inseam and extra-long extension look awkward) but I give the costume designer points for trying to mimic the "striped" look in her costume to match the famous fur coat worn by the show's "Daenarys" character: 

Congrats to the Russia Ladies! (L to R) Evgenia Medvedeva and Alexandra Trusova--2019 Ropstelecom Cup Moscow Russia

And now, time to discuss the MEN:
Dmitri Aliev Russia Free Skate to The Sound of Silence performed by Disturbed--For his Free Skate, Dmitri went chic and sleek with this black outfit of a cowl draped shiny top and skin-tight black pants. I liked the neck drape and how well it all fit on his very skinny and fit body. It was a modern look that I appreciated.

Alexander Samarin Russia Free Skate to Good News by Apashe--Russian skater Alexander Samarin wore this look for his Free Skate to "Good News" by Apashe. The music is quite "Hipster-Cool" and his look involved a black top and pants with "slashed" front, flared sleeve hems and for some reason, a creepy imprint in the back. That print looked like...

Valak, the (very scary) Nun from "The Conjuring 2"...not sure why but there's that!

Shoma Uno Japan Short Program to Great Spirit by Armin van Buuren and Vini Vici feat. Hilight Tribe--Shoma wore this Hippy-esque tie-dye multicolored top with black pants. The top featured blue, violet and red colors and delicate sequin details. It reminded me of a psychedelic-looking sky during a "Burning Man" weekend...or Led Zepplin-like poster. 

Free Skate to Our Life (Finale) performed by Brock Hewitt, Dancing On My Own performed by Callum Scott and Your Last Kiss by Karl Hugo-- I liked this beautiful, and expensive-looking black-and-silver sequined top, to go with black pants. The crystals shimmered on the ice "stage" and framed him very well. 

Kazuki Tomono Japan Free Skate to Ascension/Nature Boy (from "Moulin Rouge") and El Tango de Roxanne (from "Moulin Rouge") performed by Ewan McGregor--Bringing in the black and red colors of "Moulin Rouge" into this costume was wise; I also liked the onesie/jumpsuit design and that it wasn't just a shirt and black pants (Thank You!). The fire-like ombre dye motif--along with the silver sequins--looked quite impressive and made for a nice costume.

**UP NEXT: The ICE DANCE and PAIRS COSTUMES RECAP of 2019 Rostelecom Cup!

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