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Learning Annex San Francisco

I will be doing a "LEARNING ANNEX" course, "How To Break Into The Fashion Industry" , this Wednesday, July 19th 7-9 PM in San Francisco. I feel a little bit bad because I will miss my beautiful sister's(Rita) Birthday, which is on the same day! But I am really looking forward to my return to San Francisco, even though it is only for one night. The two-hour session will be moderated by Simon Ungless, Director of Graduate Fashion at the prestigious Academy of Art University so I am more than honored. The prices vary from $39.99 for "members online fee" to $49.99 for "non-members course fee", so it should not break anyone's budget. Only a little bit goes to me, so please tell your friends in San Francisco or anyone you think that might be interested in learning the "inner dirt" on the fashion industry to come and support the "Nick Fund". The address of the class is : American College Of California 760 Market Street 11th Floor Stockton and Grant Street Click HERE for a map of the location I will also be doing one in Los_Angeles and one in San_Diego at the end of the month as well!! For more info. on registering, check out : or call 415.788.5500 *attached flyer has details for San Diego only

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JK said...

I was in SF last week and came
back to Korea yesterday.
goshhhhh.... if i only could see
JK from Korea.

Caique Beraldo said...

Olá Nick, one more time I am Caique of Brazil... E you when come pra here?
he has will?

I hug Caique
Brazil - São Paulo - SP

my web page

Carol said...

Hi Uncle Nick!

It's Carol, the brazilian girl =D

Don't be bad about missing you sister's birthday. I mean, phone her, give your love to her, and enjoy that course!

Love ya,

-LeOnA- said...

hi Nick! a fan of yours and i love watching you on project runway...its fun and enjoyable watching you on tv. you have a charming smile =)

hope to read from you soon. =)

-LeOnA- said...

sorry forgotten to leave my blog address.

and my email add is

hope to read from you soon =)

god bless and take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

Hope all went well is SF last night.

Can you please give us your dish on last nights episode of PR3?

I'd love to hear your comments.


Heather said...

OMG! I know this thread is not about PR3 but I just had to comment on last night's episode. As soon as I saw that they had to design a gown for Miss USA, I thought "NICK!!!!!!". What a perfect challenge this would have been for you. I have to say that I did like Kayne's creation b/c it stood out.

lescobar said...


I was in your class last night and I left feeling so inspired. Thanks so much for all of your input. When I watched Project Runway, I admired you for the dresses you made. Now I must say that I admire you for much more; you are such a giving person and I truly wish you continued success. You deserve it.

Thanks again,

mike said...

Hi Nick:

Three cheers to you for continuing to take time for the education side of fashion while still doing "commercial" things.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick Verreos. :) I've just finished watching the 'reunion" episode of proj.runway and I loved it. You and Santino are my favorite and when you got kicked out of the show,I felt really sad. I especially liked the Barbie Doll outfit you made, it was very perfect. I was rooting for you and Santino every single episode that I get to watch. I've always loved your works and your personality. Goodluck,Godbless and as we Filipinos always say,"Mabuhay ka.." (Long Live!)

--Much love, Kriztel Lorbes from Manila, Philippines..


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