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Nick and the Misses

CORONATION BALL Here are some final photos from the "Miss Universe" Coronation Ball that occurred afterwards at the Shrine Auditorium. They had a grand buffet as well as several bars. Funny I did not really see the Misses eating. However , "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" star, and commentator for the telecast, Carson Kressly, and myself, sure took advantage of the buffet. I went for seconds! Here we are with the 6 feet 2 inch-tall "Miss Ghana"(I mean, really what hormones are these beautiful women taking!!) and Scandinavian beauty "Miss Denmark". We also took a photo with the lovely "Miss Cayman Islands", who another six-footer. We were (almost) dressed the same and he commented that somewhere in some magazine there will be photo of us with the caption: "Bookends". Carson was telling me that he had just gotten back from Manila and was leaving for Hawaii to shoot a film. He told me that his "tour" of Manila, Philippines was incredible, complete with HUNDREDS of screaming fans at a local mall, and a bodyguard that had to SLEEP in his bedroom. Lucky him! It was fun mingling with all the titleholders from all over the world. Some had their sashes on, some did not(they were over it by then). Notably absent was "Miss Venezuela" who left in a hurry ,in casual day clothes, right after the the show ended. Venezuela has had a strong record in turning out beauty pageant winners, but their spotlight seems to be dimming. She did not make the top 20 Finalist and therefore when she returns to her country, she might have to be in hiding for a while--it's that serious. The "Miss Venezuela" pageant organizers might have to rethink what their vision of a "beauty queen" should look like. I did get to take photos with my other compatriot, "Miss Greece", "Miss Sri Lanka", "Miss Bolivia" as well as the Caribbean stunner from "Trinidad and Tobago" and a former "Miss Puerto Rico" wearing a"Marilyn Monroe-esque" black and white halter dress. Fear not Fishtail Hem/Train-haters--none of the dresses were mine and there were no fishtails in sight! All in all , the "Coronation Ball" was loads of fun but David and I were tired and wanted to get back home so we could watch the show we TiVo'ed in the comfort of our home.

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maria said...

Hi Nick!

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your personality. I just finished watching season 2 of Project Runway (I'm a late bloomer) and I just loved your designs. Especially the Barbie dress. I was just feeling the colors on that garment. So wonderful.

Watching the 2nd season is really inspiring for me as a graphic designer. I'm a student right now, but I love being inspired by fashion. I really admire the way you guys construct these beautiful garments out of fabric. You guys are just so great! Hope to see some more of your fashions soon....

Hugs and cheek kisses - Maria

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

Glad to hear that you had such a blast at Miss Universe.

You're adorable.


Chris said...

You're the best, Nick.

And I love everything you said.

I feel sorry for Miss Venezuela, I hope she feels better in a few days.

It will be difficult, I know, but this happens.

Congrats on meeting all those women, they're all beautiful.

We think Trinidad, Bolivia, Mexico and Canada were robbed and should've been top 5 finalists... mais c'est la vie.

And best, best of luck, Nick, the future is yours.

BTW, is Carson your twin brother? ;)


NICCKKKKK! i was there i actually saw you, but got a little shy to take picures .... i also saw you during the preliminaries with BROOKE LEE .... i love the dress she's wearing and she's still f*cking hot!!!!


Carol said...

Hey Nick!

You are a lucky person! I mean, not everybody can take photos with all these beautiful women!
And I'm jealous (just kidding)! I love Carson, I wish I could have a photo with him!

Sorry about Miss Venezuela!

Love you

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hola yo soy de Puerto rico y pues estoy super feliz de que nuestra representante hubiera ganado que bueno que estabas tu por alli

Stacey said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your work. It was always so elegant. I really would like to have the opportunity to wear your designs (and the size two it requires). Oh, one more thing. My favourite was the Nicky Hilton dress (the hiltons have no taste anyway). It was wasted on a woman like that. I was wondering if you've ever designed wedding gowns?

Anonymous said...

cool pictures

oh u look great!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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erika said...

Hey Nick....

You're truly the grooviest!!
Loved your designs...great talent..
Would love some of your designs in plus sizes...any chance?

peace and groovy love~~

Anonymous said...

Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

Anonymous said...

regarding ms venezuela....she looks like a guy...i was actually disappointed when i saw her on the parade of nations...venezuela is known for sending stunning beauties at the ms universe pageant...i guess this year is an exemption...

Nick....Nancy O'Dell looks gorgeous on your gown...simply divine....what a genius you are...