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To Tuck or Not To Tuck: Frontiers Magazine

Tuck Ins: Frontiers Magazine Article
In the August 29th edition of Frontiers Magazine, a Southern California Lifestyle Magazine, appears my colum: "The Inside Job With Nick Verreos", where I write fashion commentary for guys. In this issue, I decided to talk about what I affectionately coined "Tuck Ins". Not the plastic surgery, "Doctor 90210" kind of tuck-ins, but the shirt kind. Some guys like to tuck in their shirts, some do not. What are the rules and when should you do it? And, what does the "half-tuck" say about you? Well, as I said in the article, for me, it exposes the EXTRA LARGE Gay Rodeo Belt Buckle that I bought , so I could pretend I actually won it in a bull-ridin'contest! Or , to show the gift a cute Texan gave to me! To some other guys ,however, it might look contrived and kind of silly--like you are trying to copy what they did in that "Bloomindale's Catalogue" , but unfortunately, it sort of backfired. Enjoy the article, especially those of you who are not residing in Southern California and cannot pick up the magazine.

4 Responses to "To Tuck or Not To Tuck: Frontiers Magazine"

Simply Elegant said...

i love ur blog, it gives me inspiration!! if u get a chance please check my new blog!! thank you...

Glenn said...

Hello Mr. Verreos,

I'm an "Runway" fan from Australia, and my sisters and I agree: you are one of the most handsome, adorable, and talented designers of the bunch!! The season 2 episodes are being broadcast late here, so we only just saw the "Inspiration" episode...

I recently found out from bravo's website that you were (*gasp*) eliminated, and I literally have not been able to sleep... Honestly, what's the point of Project Runway if we don't get to see your beautiful garments and your beautiful face?

Anyway, back to the original subject, that is, your article on men's fashion... What can I say? I have absolutely zero sense of style. I'm a gay man (not quite out of the closet), but I can hardly tell the difference between chic and wack! If you ever venture down under, please consider giving me a makeover and some pointers!!

Thanks for all the greatness!! God bless...


mike said...

For good or ill, I've spent time experimenting with tuck/untuck, especially in the more casual summer months. Personally, I find it looks better to untuck if it is a really nice shirt -- it's like a contrast. Otherwise it looks sloppy.

It's the difference between casual style and just looking like you were out all night.

Now for the big question as we enter Fall ... what are your thoughts on untucked under a sweater?

As always, thanks Nick for the advice on these issues!

Tucked today,

andreita said...

I'm an PR fan from ecuador!!
i think you are the most talented designers
u rocks!!