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NICK APPEARANCES.....Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Makeup Launch Party

VERY SEXY MAKE-UP Earlier this week, I was invited to the Launch Party of Victoria's Secret "Very Sexy" Make-Up line at the Tropicana Bar poolside the fabulously refurbished Roosevelt Hotel. I went with Raymundo Baltazar, designer(and friend) from last season. We immediately ran into one of Victoria's Secret Top Supermodels, Karolina Kurkova. I just love saying her name, enunciating every "K" and "R", as if my passport to the Czech Republic depended on it! She was so much fun, posing with Raymundo and I , as well as Full Pictures Executive Producer and friend, Jane Cha. We also ran into stylist extraordinaire, Charlie Altuna, who besides doing EVERY A-List celebrity, styles all the "America's Next Top Model" shoots, and Sarah, one of the Finalists from last season's ANTM. She is gorgeous and over 6 feet tall!! We took photos with Los Angeles Times Fashion Editor, Booth Moore (in the photo wearing a blue jersey number). Her husband (not in the photo) was sporting a very smart seersucker suit I might add, and educated me in where the word "Seer Sucker" comes from. It is Hindi and it means, literally "Milk" and "Sugar". The party was straight out of the pages of "Us Weekly", "InTouch" and "OK" magazines: one minute, I turned around and I was in JC Chasez' poolside cabana taking photos(I was THAT close to asking him where Lance Bass was and which closet he was NOT hiding in). The next minute , I turn around and there is Jessica Simpson sitting with her entourage. At one point , I almost had a flashback of being "a little Mexican kid in Tijuana", when I spotted Niki Hilton and friends. Needless to say, I headed for the bar! There were lots of 5'10" wannabe "Victoria's Secret" models and their 50-something male hanger-ons, and lots of cute young "Hollywood" male actor/model types, being ignored by those 5'10" aforementioned models. There were also(to my surprise) a lot of guests who kept yelling "look, it's Nick from Project Runway". I'm glad they did, because it made me suck in my stomach and straighten my posture. It was a fun night, but I reminded Raymundo that it was still a "School Night" and we were about to turn into pumpkins. *Click HERE for more pictures from the party.

7 Responses to "NICK APPEARANCES.....Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Makeup Launch Party"

Faith said...

Sounds like you had a blast! :D

misty said...

Aha! So THAT'S why Hollywood Blvd was all blocked off, crowded and more annoying to get through than usual! J'cuse! (I have no idea if that's the right spelling :) )

Just kidding--a little. It's very difficult to live on Hollywood Blvd-what with the awards shows, movie openings and big cocktail parties happening all the time, but as long as this one had you involved, I'll forgive it.

Seriously, next time your in my 'hood, just look west and wave. :)

ANDREITA said...

hi nick!! i´m from ecuador!! i really love this pic!
u r so lucky!! i love jc chasez!!
hape u have a nice weekend!

i´m ur fan since PR 2



mdizzy said...

just wanted to send some love to the one and only nick verreos. looks like you are painting the town and having a blast doing so. the pictures looked great and i barely recognized sarah from ANTM with that dark hair. she looks great. from another 6 footer, i just wish she would own her height a little more. cheers and much success. love ya

Anonymous said...

you are the best designer ever in Season 2. i love you nick verreos. :)God Bless..

from your Filipina fan, Kriztel Lorbes (

Anonymous said...

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