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Halloween Costume Ideas by Nick Verreos NPR--National Public Radio , asked me, as well as several Project Runway designers, to submit some Halloween costume ideas for their story on They asked for a costume idea for "Adults" and one for "Children". I jumped at this invitation, since I am a big fan and supporter of National Public Radio and I love to sketch so I wanted to show them what my ideas would be for Halloween. Initially I wanted to draw Madonna in a Malawi costume with her new child, but thought that might be a bit controversial! Instead I chose to sketch "Flavor Flav" and his "lady-friend", "New York". The idea came to me because earlier in the week, I accompanied Andrae to the "Reality Remix Awards" in Hollywood. He was nominated, and won (of course) for "Best Crying Scene of 2006". It was a mess of an event with all those "reality show" stars, and I use the term loosely, from shows such as "Amazing Race", "Survivor" and "Meet The Carters". "Flavor Flav" and "New York" were there and I instantly thought "Oh, there's going be a lot of people dressing up as them for Halloween". The thought was in my mind when I put pencil to paper and then sketched my idea for "Adult" costumes. I think they turned out quite fun! The children's costumes were easy, simply because I thought that Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" was such a big hit that many kids would be dressing up as Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley's characters. And if I had my way, that's how I would dress my niece and nephew to go Trick o' Treatin'. The sketch is dedicated to them. Click HERE to see the entire NPR article and all the sketches from the other Project Runway designers.

3 Responses to "FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS.....Happy Halloween!"

Anonymous said...

Very cute! New york and flav cracked me up!
Keep up the great work!

LENA said...


Aim said...

Hello Nick.
My name's Aim.
I'm 18 years old.
I live in Bangkok,Thailand.
I'm a student I just graduated grade 12 last year
and aim to join faculty of Dentistry next year.
(This year I can join only Pharmaceutical science and Veterinary science but I don't like it)
I like fine arts,computer graphics and fashions very much
but I can't let someone knows that I like fashions.
Because in Thailand the man who like fashions will be considered "Gay man".(Why I have to hide my gender from the people :-X)

I have seen you in Peoject runway.
I cheer you since this seasons get started until now,
(I'm in Thailand this's latest season) but I know you're out in EP10.
That's not good for me because I cheer you.
(But this week is good for me because I didn't see Zulema ,Tarah has stolen from you by her!)

I like your designs , your style and your personality
what a cool beard you have!
(In fact I like a man with beautiful beard and teeth very much)
I saw you when you give an interview to the camera
you have many senses of humor
you make me laught out loud!

I want to let you know I 'm your fanclub and you're my idol

PS.sorry my english is poor
-this's message may sounds absurded and sorry if I disturb you-

Please e-mail back to me
rareshowyou@hotmail .com
Maybe I'll print it and stick it on my wall!
(Look! That's an email from Project Runway star!)

Hope to hear from my idol :-)
"You are "Always" In"