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Hollywood Prom 2007 and Dior Haute Couture

Several things peaked my interest last week: a "Hollywood Prom 2007" event and the Haute Couture runway shows in Paris. I attended one, but regretfully watched the other via the Internet!
Last Thursday, I was invited to the First Annual Covered Magazine Hollywood Prom 2007 party. It was supposed to be a party to celebrate the start of "Prom Season" as well as the PYT's (does anyone say that still?) of the Hollywood social/nightclub scene. I made a conscious decision that this time around, for this "Hollywood Prom", I would not wear a baby blue tuxedo ruffled shirt and tails!

I decided not to go stag and bring a "prom date", the ethereal Amanda Fields, model and confidante. I drove to her Hollywood apartment with a little surprise in the backseat for her to wear. I would have given her one of my "Windsor" prom dresses but they are so new, I don't even have one! In almost "Wonder Woman" time, Amanda quickly changed into one of my NIKOLAKI terracotta-colored ruched jersey dresses and we were off. The "Red Carpet" was fun, especially after seeing these photos: I look like I am 5'2" ,trying to reach up to the Amazonian Amanda (with heels she tipped at 6'4"). Once inside the party, I made a beeline to the "VIP" section and said "Hello" to Lauren and Audrina from MTV's "The Hills". Last quarter, I taught Lauren at FIDM, where she took one of my classes in technical sketching. It was fun seeing her outside of the academic environment. The party was fun, and thankfully, I didn't have to bring a Corsage or wear a Boutonniere, or dance to "Rock Lobster" or"Stairway To Heaven" , like I did at my high school prom!

Onto a much more glamorous event which I wish I would have attended, even if I was standing or hiding under one of those gilded chairs, the Spring 2007 Haute Couture runway shows in the City of Lights, Paris. There are not that many designers who are still doing Haute Couture, since almost all the couture houses have closed down because there are only 500 clients in the whole world who can afford an $85,000 dress and because it can cost up to a million dollars to produce such a show. It is a huge money losing venture. Yet , thankfully, several top design houses are still "holding the flame": Valentino, Lacroix, Chanel, Elie Saab, and Dior for example.

The last was my favorite pick of the collections, designed by the mad genius of John Galliano. Thank God for the Internet because it allowed me to experience one of the most exquisite presentations of high art and fashion. After seeing the video (be warned it is about 40 minutes in length), I actually began clapping out loud TO MY LAPTOP SCREEN! As if I was there! Photos alone cannot express the incredible workmanship, one-of-a-kind museum-worthy creations that John Galliano and the incredible Dior atelier created in what is arguably his best collection ever, based on "Madame Butterfly". The magnificent construction of each piece still has me gasping for air: Galliano managed to create Origami shapes unimaginably draped and folded into suits and backs of gowns; intricately beaded butterfly, fish and fauna capes; Opera coats and dresses that were hand painted in gorgeous hues never seen before; crocodile leather draped and pleated as if it were Silk Duchesse Satin. All, literally one-of-a-kind. It was Galliano at his finest, giving an obvious nod to the master, Christian Dior, with the New Look shapes. I am sure he is smiling in fashion heaven!
None of it is wearable, yes, but that's not really the point. Ideas will trickle down to Ready-to-Wear, purses, sunglasses, etc. Maybe, if you are a Saudi princess, you will order one or two. If I was a Saudi princess I would , and then wear it to my "Super Sweet Sixteen".
His love with the Geisha also incidentally spilled over to his Galliano for Men Collection he debuted several days later, loosely based on the Samurai as seen in this photo. It was a whimsical trip to Japan with a hint of Aboriginal tribesmen. He was supposedly influenced by the Irving Penn photographs of indigenous men while on a trip to Peru. Go figure. Amongst the crazy headdresses, plastic-wrapped smudged faces, and "homeless" styling were some very wearable clothing: dandy fitted vests, "Galliano" screen-printed sweaters and sexy underwear, that will most likely find its way into a Barney's or Saks Fifth Avenue Menstore near you.

Click HERE to view the video of the Christian Dior Spring 2007 Haute Couture Show.
Click HERE to view the Galliano Fall 2007 Men's Show.

5 Responses to "Hollywood Prom 2007 and Dior Haute Couture"

Jenn said...

Oh my....I just watched that Galliano womens collection....Nick you were right that was EXQUISITE! I could see myself wearing each and every single one of those mind-blowing colors. I'm pale, so were most of his models and those colors almost made me cry...astonished happy tears.
Thanks for the link!

Good lookin' out, Nick

Giu11iana said...

Nick...I really love you and your work!!! You are fantastic and I just want to tell... God bless you and your mind forever!!!
Your smile and voice makes people trust you, I must recognize that you are completely sincere and like a nice Latin America morning in front of the sea...with strong energy to fight in life!!!
In my country, PerĂº, Project Runway 2nd Season has finished last sunday...and I really think that you have showed your best work and despite you didnt win... now you enjoy the taste of success!!! Best wishes Nick and I hope you could find inspiration for one of your collections in peruvian typical dresses in the near future!!! It would be great!!!
Finally, ss I a winner and keep the fight!!!
Good luck and God bless!!!

*Jacob* said...

Nick! I just found your blog. I was telling everyone I knew about the Dior show, and I love the site revamp now that Ready-to-Wear is out. That show is also like Haute Couture, don't you think? He's such a master.

Anyway, I just wanted to ask, have you been able to actually get into Galliano's site for his personal line? I go to the main page, and it says I need flash 5...I have flash 9 (just updated), and when I go to get in, it won't let me in, it just reloads the opener page. I love his Fall RTW line for his namesake brand, and I bet there's a video in that site if we could ever crack in. Give it a shot, please let me know? If you like the pieces too and you're not to busy, of course.

*Jacob* said...

(on, that is)

Anonymous said...

I've seen the show and I agree the dresses are exquisite!! I like the dress that looks like a Japanese wedding kimono with a modern sleeveless dress underneath. I was sad to hear that you mentioned each dress is about 85,000 dollars, I was hoping to find a pattern somewhere to copy it for a prom dress or something.