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NICK APPEARANCES.....Single Fashion Show at LA Fashion Week

To Russia With Love...Single Runway: John Wade and Nick Verreos do the step-and-repeat at the Single Fall 2009 Fashion Show This past Monday, I was invited to another show as part of Los Angeles Fashion Week. As you may (or may not) know, there really isn't an "official" LA Fashion Week or one like there is in NY or other cities. Last season, Fern Mallis' IMG pulled out of doing the Mercedes Benz LA Fashion Week at Smashbox after about four years of producing it. Lack of interest, funding and various other reasons were the cause. Hello St. Petersburg: Nick Verreos poses with Russian model from Single 2009 Fall presentation So, for this season, BOXeight decided to stage their own "Downtown LA Fashion Week" and other designers and Southern California-based labels staged their own private shows. Single was one of those. Designer Galina Sobolev and her husband Michael, created the company back in 1994 and have been going strong ever since. Single is known for its brightly printed silk tunics, blouses, tops and silky dresses. Single also has the unique title of being the one LA-based company which employed not one BUT TWO, Project Runway designers. Both Santino Rice and Andrae Gonzalo have passed through the Single doors. Model Casting? Guests await the Single Fall '09 Fashion Show, Maxim Restaurant West Hollywood For this special Fall 2009/10 "preview" show, Galina decided to go back to her Russian roots and create a collection loosely based on her native country. And to highlight this, she staged it at a Russian restaurant called Maxim. I called upon my partner-in-fashion-crime, the deliciously sexy John Wade--of Project Runway Season 2 and Marc Jacobs--to be my "date". John had gone to Moscow late last year with Marc Jacobs and (Marc Jacobs) President Robert Duffy to celebrate the opening of their Moscow Boutique, and I thought he would enjoy it. When we first walked in, he turned to me and said "Oh My God, I seriously think I'm in Moscow!" It was that authentic--down to the fact that most of the staff barely spoke English (I just kept saying spasibo to them--thank you in Russia). Models Eat! A Single-clad model enjoying the Russian buffet, Maxim Restaurant, West Hollywood The banquet room/restaurant was split right in the middle to create a runway with round dining tables on each side. Guests mingled and enjoyed the very ample spread of delicious Russian hors d'oeuvres such as beef-stuffed Piroshkis, salmon and lox wrap sandwiches, and red cabbage salad. There was also a fully stocked Open Bar with enough Vodka to make former Russian President Putin smile! Galina knows how to throw an event: Keep the guests well fed and have an open bar.John, Try and Smile Next Time: CA Apparel News Editor Alison Nieder, Nick Verreos and a come-hither pout from John Wade Speaking of guests, I spotted fashion editors of both the Los Angeles Times and WWD (very impressive) as well as stylist George Blodwell (who famously styled actress Helen Mirren at last year's Academy Awards). I was also excited to see my good friend Alison Nieder, the Executive Editor of The California Apparel News. There was also a gaggle of beautiful Russian women and some skinny LA hipster fashionistas for good measure (they were NOT eating!).Parting Shot: A Guest's FIERCE Louis Vuitton shoes (no , it wasn't John who was wearing these!) For Fall 2009, Galina decided to design a darker moodier side of Single. She showed black and purple Russian folkloric printed blouses paired with black leather pants, violet and gold mini dresses as well as long printed bohemian-style dresses. It was Russian Boho Chic. And of course, there were a few sequined cocktail dresses in case you might be invited to the Kremlin for a swanky party. Click HERE for a slideshow of the Single Fall 2009 Fashion Show.

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