Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Behind the Orange (Fashion) Curtain!
Double Breasted in Orange County: Nick Verreos at the Style Week OC Active Ride After Party If you've been keeping up with my lovely blog here, you may remember that last Monday, I went down to the Irvine Spectrum Center in Orange County to shoot a TV segment for "Good Day LA", Southern California's most watched morning news/talk show. The reason: To promote Style Week Orange County and the fashions that would be shown this year. Well, three days later I was BACK! The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS as David and I made our way to Orange County and checked in to our OUT OF CONTROL home for the next few days, the Pelican Hill Resort (more on that in another post!). We got ready and headed to the Irvine Spectrum to check out the fashion shows. I was "blown away" by how fabulous everything was--from the modern and chic stark white runway stage to the stunning models hand-picked from LA's top modeling agency LA Models to the sectioned off area for red carpet and VIP guests. It was like Smashbox/Mercedes Benz LA Fashion Week but outdoors under a balmy evening breeze and 75 degree weather. In other words: It was better! The Greek-Venezuelan Michael Kors: Nick Verreos judges the Needle and Thread Competition, Style Week Orage County The evening began with the SOLD OUT (!) Designer Showcase Fashion Show and the Needle and Thread Competition, a contest sponsored by Ezekiel and Active Ride Shop. Six fashion school grads--who just happened to be ALL from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, my alma mater (Go FIDM!)--were chosen to design looks inspired by the Ezekiel Spring 2010 Collection. Mentor Nick: Nick Verreos flanked by Needle and Thread Contestants Liz Sandhoefner, Brenda Ahamad, Valentina Vardanyan, and Adrian Manuel By coincidence, it happened to be that 5 out of 6 designers were former students of mine, so it goes without saying that even though I was "officially" there as a judge, I still felt like a "proud poppa". All six did amazingly well! They created designs that were "spot on" in following the Ezekiel brand but at the same time, injected their own design "DNA" into each garment.And The Winner Is: Nick Verreos announces the winner (and Second Place) of Needle and Thread Competition It was a tough decision but we ended up choosing the talented 21 year old San Jose native (now residing in LA) Adrian Manuel as the winner. When his designs came down the runway, my fellow judges (all female) were emitting "oohs" and "aahs". Of all the 6 "contestants", he really nailed it! Therefore, we awarded him with the $4,000 (I know, shut up!) Top Prize. Second Place went to Liz Sandhoefner (who was a Debut FIDM 2009 Grad, along with Adrian). She received a $2,000 second place prize. As I announced them as the winners I think I saw tears come down their ecstatic faces. Yes, I was clutching my pearls for them! Can You Spell Your Name? Meeting and Greeting at Irvine Spectrum Active Ride Shop After Party Following the Needle and Thread Competition and Fashion Show, I was whisked off (by security guards no less--who am I Miley Cyrus?) to the After Party at the Irvine Spectrum's Active Ride Shop, where guests drank Champagne and mingled with all the designers. One...Singular Sensation:Nick Verreos and fans do their best Chorus Line Pose I was also there to do a meet-and-greet with all the fashion show guests. I was humbled to see a long line of fans and fashion show guests alike (I'm just happy if two people show up!) and proceeded to sign and take lots of photos. Miss Iraq: Nick Verreos poses with Iraq-born designer Oday Shakar and his models Afterward, as I made my way back to my awaiting town car (yes, the clients got me limo! Love them!), I spotted a stunning six-foot tall model in a black gown so you just know I had to approach her. As it turned out it was a model, the Nigerian-born Tracy Acholonu, along with one of the Style Week OC featured designers, Oday Shakar (I missed his show because of the autograph signing). Of course, she was wearing one of his designs, along with a couple of other models. I might have missed his show but I got the "VIP Viewing" up close and personal--and it was all COUTURE!! Next Up: My Macy's Appearance at the Irvine Spectrum....but first, I had to get a good night's rest at the fabulous Pelican Hill Resort...Toodles! Click Below for a Video of Me Announcing the Needle and Thread Competition Winners at Style Week Orange County (and a "Nick" runway demonstration!):
Monday, September 28, 2009
Angel Judges: Jeffrey Sebelia, Nony Tochterman and Nick Verreos last month judging the "Fashion Angel Awards", Downtown LA Fashion Week On October 13Th, 5 PM at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Downtown Los Angeles Fashion Week will have it's Fashion Angel Emerging Designers Showcase Fashion Show. I was invited--along with fellow Los Angeles designers Randolph Duke, Project Runway Season 3 Winner Jeffrey Sebelia, Petro Zillia DIVA, Nony Tochterman, to form the Emerging Designers 2009 Judging Panel. Last month, I posted about our judging day/luncheon, and here's a "sneak peak" video of what's to come--with an introduction by Randolph Duke. Click HERE for tickets and more info.
Vampires Like Dogs...Orange Carpet: Nick Verreos at the LA Dogworks "A Night of Emotion" event Yes, it's orange. But it's still a "red carpet". Last week, before my trip to Orange County to attend and judge Style Week OC, I was invited to "A Night of Emotion", an event benefiting Good Dog Animal Rescue as well as to raise awareness for the National Service Dogs Foundation and Fidelco Guide Dogs Foundation. Not Benny: Rita and Nick Verreos hold a Chihuahua puppy at the LA Dogworks "A Night of Emotion" event As some of you may know, I own a beautiful Dachshund/King Charles mixed dog whom David and I rescued over a year ago, so ever since, I have become a "Dog Poppa" as well as a big supporter of all things canine. LA Dogworks is a fabulous "Doggy Hotel"/Kennel where we leave Benny when we have to go out of town (insert "sad face" here) and the location of this "orange carpet" event.Sisterly Love: Rita Verreos in ivory and printed silk charmeuse NIKOLAKI dress, LA Dogworks "A Night of Emotion" event I didn't bring Benny so instead I brought my sister, Rita Verreos, who had been visiting in Los Angeles while filming a pageant runway coaching video (she coaches pageant girls by the way). She came over to my studio and of course I let her borrow a little NIKOLAKI cocktail dress for the occasion. I showed my sister where Benny stays while we are away and we enjoyed some delicious Joe's Pizza slices as we surveyed items up for auction. Dog-Loving Couple: Actors Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin from HBO's "True Blood" I spotted Stephen Moyer and his fellow "True Blood" actress Anna Paquin. Aren't they engaged? I wanted to say "Hello" to Anna and commend her on how pretty she looked but it was a "No-Can-Do" situation: She was either holding on to Stephen for dear life and looking frazzled, or she was surrounded by too many people. I didn't want to be an added bother, as they say.Nick Verreos and stylists George Blodwell, LA Dogworks "A Night of Emotion" event I did get to hang out with stylist George Blodwell (clients include Bill Maher, Helen Mirren), who was looking very dapper as always. The event was great and I'm glad to have attended for such a good cause. I think my Benny would have enjoyed it though. Maybe next time!
Continuing the FIDM Tour with your Guide, Nick Verreos...Computer Couture: The Computer/Study Lab Room at FIDM, Downtown LA Campus "We're walking...we're walking..." Isn't that what we hear from those cheesy tour guides through The Louvre? Well, my Tour of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is more of a fun video tour with no big paddle or brightly colored umbrella being held up (maybe I should try and hold up some pink taffeta?). FIDM's updated website has all these new videos up--starring who else? Me, of course! Here are two new ones, in case you might have missed them. Coffee Tie Dye: FIDM Grad and Season 5 Project Runway Contestant Kelli Martin and her design
One features FIDM grad Kelli Martin's (who was on Season 5 of Project Runway) winning "Gristedes Challenge" dress and the other is of me hanging out at the actual Sewing Room where Project Runway Season 6 contestants sewed ALL their garments!!! Nick and Kelli Martin's Vacuum Cleaner Bag and Coffee Filter Project Runway Dress:


Nick Verreos at the Project Runway Sewing Workroom--with 2 current FIDM students:


There are lots more--so be sure to check them out HERE --And see you next time I continue the FIDM Tour. Until Tim Gunn says "Carry On!"
Sunday, September 27, 2009
Can Fashion Designers Be Costume Designers?This last week's episode of Season 6 Project Runway was the "Design a Look for a Movie Genre" challenge. I was intrigued since I know several costume designers and my NIKOLAKI partner-in-fashion-crime, David Paul actually received his Master's from UCLA in Costume Design and his resume boasts either designing or assisting in designing the costumes/wardrobe for many different well known TV shows. We both watched very intently. Hollywood Costume Designer God: A look designed by Costume Designer Adrian Hollywood has always had a strong tradition of having AMAZING costume designers, such as the incredible Adrian (he designed the costumes for The Wizard of Oz and many, many other films) and of course, Edith Head, who contributed to the UBER elegant look of Grace Kelly. So with that, I thought this was the perfect challenge for the "LA Season" of Project Runway. If you read my Recap on, I wrote a little bit about the fact that after seeing the designs come down the runway and who the judges picked--and didn't pick--I was a tad bit confused. I was also confused at the challenge itself and whether the designers were asked to be Costume Designers or just be Fashion Designers injecting "a bit" of costume design elements into their look. I loved how Tanisha worked Althea's "Film Noir" look with the handkerchief and black-and-white outfit; it was a strong "overall" showing for both Althea and her model. I also have to say that when model Lisa Blades came down the runway in Carol Hannah's "Action Adventure" design, I DID NOT even recognize her! I also thought they made a fabulous "tag-team" designer-and-model duo. My favorite, however was the same as the judges, Nicolas' Ice Queen. Designing costumes is definitely his forte!Incredible Arianne: Arianne Phillips (with Madonna) and an Arianne Phillips-styled W Magazine cover and photo spread I also loved seeing Arianne Phillips as one of the judges. I personally know Arianne and admire her work. I am often in awe of her talent and what her incredible creative mind can cojure up. Besides being an Academy Award-nominated Costume Designer, she is also Madonna's Stylist and has styled all her W Magazine photo spreads as well as many FIERCE Vogue Italia ones. Love Miss Arianne!Michael Kors is coming BAAAACK!!!!!! Speaking of judges: Don't forget, Michael Kors WILL BE BACK NEXT WEEK!!!!! I know fans of Project Runway have been wondering where the heck he has been. Well, kiddies, someone's got to run his multi-million dollar empire! So, I am sure that it might have been a bit difficult to get out to LA for several days to judge, but by the looks of things, he finally got to sneak off and come back to LA!!!! Click HERE for my Recap of Episode 6 and be sure to tell me what you thought. Maybe you can help me with my "confusion".
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Jay McCarroll: Not A Emmys Gifting Suite Virgin Anymore!!! Plaid & Polka Dots: Nick Verreos and Jay McCarroll, Kari Feinstein Emmys Gifting Suite
Last week was Emmy Awards Week, and boy was I busy: Last-minute meetings with stylists, working on my new line, as well as rehearsals for TV Guide Network Emmys Fashion Wrap. Somehow I found the time to attend several gifting suites. For most of these suites, I had a special "partner-in-crime": Jay McCarroll, Season One Winner of Project Runway. He's in town for a "secret project" which at the time I couldn't talk about. But the secret is OUT: Jay McCarroll will be one of the contestants on Vh1's Celebrity Fit Club. I know: SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! According to sources (from the internets), he will be joined by Bobby Brown, Kevin Federline and his ex Shar Jackson, among others. Hope my Jay is getting PAID lots of money!

SLS Hotel and Secret Room "Think Pink" Style Lounge:Nick's New BFF: Jay McCarroll and Brittany Flickinger, Winner of Season One "Paris Hilton's My New BFF"
The SLS Hotel and The Secret Room Events "Think Pink" 2009 Emmy Awards Style Lounge benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Tiger Lily Foundation was our first stop. We both enjoyed an AMAZING facial and posed with elegant watches from Jorg Gray (the one that President Obama wears). I wore one on my TV Guide Fashion Wrap taping. There were skin care products from a French line called Absolution, as well as the Aloe Vera-based Lexli 30-day Starter Kit Skincare.
The Fanny Pack Is Back: Nick Verreos sports his new leather hip belt with designer/creator Tali Morrison
Last but not least, Tali Morrison, designer/creator of Beltali let me have a HOT leather hip-belt. At this suite, Jay and I ran into Brittany Flickinger, Season One Winner of Paris Hilton's My New BFF (I don't think she had ANY idea who we were!).

Debbie Durkin's Eco Emmys Green Gifting:

Rock Icon Boys: Nick Verreos and designer/creator Ryan Trujillo with Rock Icon T-shirt

The following day, I headed to the Eco Emmys Celebrity Green Gifting and Wellness Chateau at a private estate in LA. This suite benefited several charities including GreenWish, SPCA, Free the Slaves and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It's organizer, Debbie Durkin is always so wonderful so I had to come and support! I saw some cool graphic t-shirts (made of 100% bamboo) from the line Rock Icon. It's creator/designer is a graduate of FIDM. Launch My SINGLE Line: Nick Verreos with Single Designer Galina Sobolev

I also ran into one of my favorite LA designers, the ever-so-sexy Galina Sobolev , founder and designer of the line Single, who had a booth set up at this Suite. JLo and a bunch of other celebs wear her breezy printed dresses and tunics. She's also caught the "reality show bug" and will be a contestant on Bravo's Launch My Line. Kari Feinstein's Style Lounge What Do You Think Of Season 6? Nick Verreos answers questions for the media

Next up was the "A-List" Kari Feinstein's Style Lounge at Zune L.A. Lots of the vendors here were obviously big fans of Project Runway because they were all very excited to see Jay and I. When we arrived, Maya was there, as well as "Entourage" actor Kevin Connolly and I said "Hello" to Samantha Harris, co-host of "Dancing With The Stars", who has worn my NIKOLAKI gowns. Vintage Havana gave me a great plaid shirt and I got fun socks from Modern Amusement. I heard they were "giving away" T-Mobile Sidekicks at this suite, but I guess both Jay and I were too "D-list" to get them (yes there's a "Gifting Suite Caste System"!). I was excited when I saw the teeth whitening system, Opalescence and even more excited when the Ultradent people were kind enough to gift me with some.

The London Hotel: Madison & Mulholland Gifting Suite: Suite Threesome: Jay McCarroll, Rex Lee and Nick Verreos, Madison & Mulholland Charitable Suite
To round out my Emmys 2009 Tour of Gifting Suites, I drove to the London Hotel in West Hollywood for the Madison & Mulholland Charitable Suite. This event was special in that celebs (I use the term VERY LOOSELY for myself!) went from vendor to vendor collecting products which we then put into a gift bag for public auction with proceeds benefiting a charity of our choice. The auction is live on CharityBuzz from September 23 to October 13. I even brought an autographed photo and a very special fashion illustration to include in my bag (hopefully, they are still in there!).

All Stars Who: Korto Momulu, Nick Verreos, Jay McCarrol and Jerell Scott

Here I ran into Korto Momolu and Jerell Scott from Season 5 Project Runway. I guess this was the unofficial "Project Runway Gifting Suite". I also said "Hello" to another client of mine, actress Brenda Strong of "Desperate Housewives" and one of my "boyfriends", the always so sweet, actor Rex Lee from "Entourage". There were some great items here, including S.T. Dupont luxury lighters, pens and leather goods, Lacoste Eyewear, SmartMouth Mouthwash, and Johnny Vincent Swimwear.

Click BELOW for a video of Jay McCarroll at the SLS Hotel Emmys Gifting Suite (Be warned: Jay is being a potty mouth, of course!)


Good Day OC: Style Week Orange County Begins!!!!Good Day OC: Nick Verreos and Suzanne Marques, Good Day LA Fox 11 Reporter, at the Irvine Spectrum Center Thursday September 24Th begins "Style Week Orange County", a celebration of fashion, style and FABULOUSNESS, at the Irvine Spectrum Center. It will run through Saturday night, September 26Th. You will get to see the best of OC brands and emerging designers at five fashion shows attracting the likes of special guests Ryan Getzlaf, Bobby Ryan and Joffrey Lupul of the Anaheim Ducks; Trevor Ariza of the Houston Rockets; Big Black from MTV; the entire LRG Skate Team and ME!!!!
Lady in Red: Model in NIKOLAKI Gown on Good Day LA
To promote the start of Style Week OC, on Tuesday morning, I shot a very fun segment for Good Day LA, the Number One Morning News Talk Show in Southern California. The STUNNING Suzanne Marques was on hand to interview me and show highlights from the Style Week OC 2009 fashion shows. I even brought one of my NIKOLAKI gowns! It was all so quick and trust me kiddies, Live TV is CRAZY!!!! On Friday, I will be at the Ezekiel Fashion Show and to introduce and actually judge (along with the other celeb judges) the "Needle And Thread Competition". Six FIDM grads (the creme de la creme of course), were chosen to design original looks inspired by the Ezekiel Spring 2010 Collection. It will be like a mini Project the OC!!!! Nick Makes an Appearance at Macys Saturday at 1 PM--don't miss it! I will also be at Macy's in the Irvine Spectrum Center on Saturday at 1 PM; I will be giving a "mini-lecture" on how I got started in fashion, talk about Project Runway and even bring some of my red carpet NIKOLAKI gowns for all to see! Don't miss it!!!! Information on the Fashion Show Schedules can be found here: And in case you didn't know, VIP Tickets can be purchased for ONLY $10 !!!!!! (I know, shut up!) Click BELOW for the fun video of the segment:
Jazz Hands....with Carrie Ann Inaba! Awesome Foursome: Jennifer Rade, Nick Verreos, Carrie Ann Inaba and Lawrence Zarian Monday night was the premiere of TV Guide Network's Emmy Awards Fashion Wrap with Carrie Ann Inaba. I was invited back to be part of the panel of experts, including Angelina Jolie's stylist Jennifer Rade. She was in a silky Gucci jersey dress and stacked gold Gucci pumps (love her!). We also had a special guest, the UBER fabulous Kim Vo, colorist to the Stars! This was the debut of Carrie Ann Inaba as the new host and she did an AMAZING job! We filmed Sunday night ONLY HOURS after the Emmys red carpet took place! It was CRAZY! We usually tape the following morning but Miss Carrie Ann had Dancing With The Stars to tape on Monday so no can do...In her honor, we got all "jazz hands" on her during several of our segments. Trust me, I would loved to have done some high kicks, but my pants were too tight and you might have heard a rip!Bling Bling: Nick Verreos wears a beautiful Platinum and Diamond Pin from the Singer Collection on TV Guide's Emmy Awards Fashion Wrap with Carrie Ann Inaba I was lucky enough to have been invited to the Platinum Guild International Suite at the Four Seasons earlier in the week where they let me borrow a STUNNING pin, made of platinum and diamonds, from the prestigious Singer Collection (not the sewing machine family, in case you were wondering!). Well, naturally, I wore it to my TV appearance on the Emmys Fashion Wrap. Butch It Up: Nick Verreos and his TV Guide Boys, the crew of TV Guide Network Fashion Wrap As always, I had the best time filming these and we all meshed very seamlessly together--it was as if we all had been doing it for years with Miss Carrie Ann. I especially love the CREW---I call them "My Boys"; they are all very "Butch" and they still love me---each time I show up to the set, they try and teach me the Straight Guy Walk. I try and do it for them, but the big red leather man-purse I carry in my arm ALWAYS ruins the effect! Love my TV Guide Boys. Now speaking of our red carpet commentary, I loved getting "down and dirty" with what we liked--and didn't like--on the red carpet. And being that I am a fashion designer as well as an Instructor of fashion design at FIDM, I always try to insert a little bit of "schooling" regarding the fashion terminology we are using so the audience isn't left in the dark. My faves: Well, January Jones in Atleier Versace, Heidi Klum (of course) in Marchesa, and Drew Barrymore in Monique Lhullier. All three were GA-GA-Gorgeous! Now if you want to know who we picked for "not so good", you can click BELOW and watch the ENTIRE TV Guide Emmys Fashion Wrap with Carrie Ann Inaba...and me!
Monday, September 21, 2009
To promote Style Week Orange County (which takes place from Thursday to Sunday), I will be on Good Day LA tomorrow at 9am on channel 11. I will be talking about the Needle and Thread Competition which I will be hosting Friday Night and a Lecture and Presentation of my Nikolaki Collection on Saturday, September 26th. All my LA peeps: Tune in to see a sneak peak of some of the OC designs including a few of my gowns. Hopefully I will be interviewed by Jillian. LOVE HER!!
Sunday, September 20, 2009
Dancing With ....the Red Carpet!!!!Red Carpet Dishing: Nick Verreos returns for some red carpet "schooling" ....and with a new FABULOUS HOST, the one and only Carrie Ann Inaba from Dancing With The Stars. I am so excited to be doing the Emmy's Fashion Wrap with Carrie Ann. She's worn a couple of my NIKOLAKI gowns and I've known her for YEARS!!! Nick Loves Carrie Ann! Carrie Ann Inaba in NIKOLAKI gowns on ABC's Dancing With The Stars I'm also excited to be dishing with my TV Guide Fashion Wrap "bestie", stylist Jennifer Rade--also known as the "Project Runway Cougar" after her much-touted Project Runway Season 6 judging stint. Love her! I have a feeling this is going to be good! Don't miss it! Tune in tonight or set your DVR's for 7pm TONIGHT!! For all the information click HERE
Pregnant and ROCKING IT!!!!!Here's Heidi Klum arriving at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards, the Nokia Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. She whispered in my ear at her recent LA Confidential Pre-Emmys Party that she would wear a "lace Marchesa" gown. And here it is! It's black, strapless; has beaded embroidered lace overlay and a fabulous train for added drama! What do you guys think? I think she looks HOT!!! Go on Miss Heidi--work the belly out!
Saturday, September 19, 2009
Heidi's Barbie Crashes NY Fashion Week!!!!OK, so I just saw this video on and I just about DIED!!!! It's the Heidi Klum Barbie in New York City attending some of the NY Fashion Week shows. Since Miss Heidi is 8 1/2 months pregnant and can't--and shouldn't--really be getting on a plane to NY to attend runway shows (First Class sleeper seat or private plane!), she sent her Barbie instead. I just love her voice, her glittery pink sequined mini-dress, those gold pumps of hers (Mini Louboutins?). I want her and I need her! In the video, she is seen hobnobbing with all the fashionistas--from photographer Mario Testino to Heidi's Project Runway cohort, designer Michael Kors. The interaction between the Heidi Klum Barbie and Kors are HILARIOUS. His facial reactions SLAY me! I could just see him thinking "Am I really talking to a doll??". If you haven't already, you've got to see this video: See more videos on
Heidi, Her Louboutin Lace Heels, A Bel Air Mansion and much more... Heidi Klum and Nick Verreos, LA Confidential Pre-Emmys Party (photo courtesy of Evans Vestal Ward/BEI Images) Stopped Traffic: Last Thursday I was excited to attend Heidi Klum's LA Confidential Emmys Party at a fabulous estate in the "backyard" of the UCLA campus. My girl Heidi was on the cover of the new "Fashion Issue" of Los Angeles Confidential Magazine, looking serious and bundled up in a woolly grey-beige coat. As David and I got one block away from the house, a private mansion in Bel Air just off of Sunset Boulevard, we waited in stopped traffic trying to enter the driveway---for 45 minutes--no kidding! We quickly realized this was "going to be crazyyyyy!!!!".Nick As A Car Valet Guy: Finally, after making our way into the front of the house and leaving our car, we got out and a (already drunk) female guest of the party, headed right towards me and tried to give me her valet ticket! I guess she mistook my Top Shop jacket, Hermes silk pocket scarf and skinny jeans as the new Valet Uniform for the the LA Confidential Party. Who knows? Well, you know kiddies that I threw that woman a look that she probably has never been thrown before--it was quite an amusing start to this party, needless to say!Couture Valet Boys: David Paul and Nick Verreos of NIKOLAKI, LA Confidential Pre-Emmys Party (photo courtesy of Evans Vestal Ward/BEI Images) The Bel Air Scene: Once inside the party, we quickly surveyed the atmosphere and the gorgeous Bel Air surroundings. The backyard was packed and the line to the bar was very long. But somehow, David and I managed. We passed our time by doing "mental red carpet" commentary on the guests outfits! Giving Strapless: Debra Messing at the LA Confidential Pre-Emmys Party I spotted designer Christian Audigier as well as actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, and "professional heir", Jason Davis (with a cane). Max Axria, BCBG and Herve Leger Designer (and recent judge of Project Runway) was also there. A little bird told us we had missed Debra Messing (we must have been waiting in that Sunset Blvd. traffic) who had arrived, gotten out of her car, walked the red carpet, and then went right back into her car. Fierce! Finally, I saw the Woman of The Hour, Miss Heidi Klum, holding court at a table, sitting down (resting her pregnant belly I assume!) and flanked by MAJOR bodyguards. Pregnant Heels: Heidi Klum's lace and animal print Christian Louboutin HIGH heels I made my way over to say "Hellooooooo" (think of her "Heidi Klum Project Runway Greeting"), and somehow was not beaten up by the hunky bodyguards. She looked FLAWLESS in a black jersey ankle-length off-the-shoulder tank dress. As I looked down, to see what shoes she had on, I spotted the HIGHEST of Louboutin lace platform heels, the same ones Jennifer Lopez wore at the VMA's. I asked, "How do you stand on those Heidi?". Without missing a beat, she answered "Why do you think I'm sitting down Nick!!" Attagurl! I also got the "Inside Scoop" on what she was going to wear on Sunday to the Emmy Awards--but I ain't telling a soul! That's a secret that I will hold--until Monday night!
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