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NICK APPEARANCES.....Victoria's Secret "What's Sexy?" Party Drai's W Hollywood

Sexy Sexy... Fireside: Nick Verreos and Suwana Perry, wearing Nikolaki, at the Victoria's Secret "What's Sexy?" Party On Wednesday night, I was invited to the 5Th Annual Victoria's Secret What's Sexy? Event at the gorgeous Drai's W Hollywood. I had never been up to the new Drai's and so of course I wanted to attend. Also anything that has "Victoria's Secret" attached to it, you KNOW I'm there! Ever since I did my backstage behind-the-scenes "Panty Raid" video for Victoria's Secret--and yes, my "connection" to the UBER Beautiful Heidi Klum--I have been a VS fan! Model Sexy: LA Models including Talesha Byrd (in white), Eugena Washington (from Cycle 7 of America's Next Top Model), Tanisha Harper (from Season 1 Models of The Runway) and Suwana Perry (wearing Nikolaki one shoulder dress) I decided to bring a date, one of my gorgeous model friends, the lovely Suwana Perry, who naturally had to be dressed in one of my designs, a (Very Sexy!) raspberry-colored silk charmeuse one shoulder "Disco" concoction. As we made it to the Pink Carpet outside of the W Hollywood, I looked up and there was Paris Hilton waiting to do her step-and-repeat. Paris was so sweet and funny; she forgot who she was wearing and I helped her look at the back of her dress trying to find a label---fun times! Next time, I might have to lend her one of my little cocktail numbers and then she won't forget.Also on the Pink Carpet were the Victoria's Secret Supermodels, Doutzen Kroes (above), Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Candice Swanepoel and of course, Miranda Kerr, who was one of the Hosts of the Event. In keeping with the party's theme, they all looked VERY SEXY of course. Once inside, the place was PACKED with celebs, models, lots of wealthy-looking men and LA/Hollywood A-Listers. I said "Ola" to the Brazilian model Camila Alves, host of Bravo's Shear Genius, sporting a perfect (Brazilian Blow-Out I presume?) mane of chestnut hair and white and silver tunic-dress. Speaking of models, there was a contingency of the prettiest girls from LA Models--lots of whom have modeled for me--including Tanisha Harper and (my Muse and Fit Model) Lisa Blades (both from Lifetime's Models Of The Runway Season 1). Model-and Designer-Posing: Nick Verreos with Models, Victoria's Secreet What's Sexy? Party When they all saw Suwana and I walk into the party, there was lots of model screamin' and impromptu model "walk-offs" let me tell you. I'm sure other guests were like "What the H***???", but we didn't mind!The best part of the night (other than "Queening Out" with all the models!) was a "Surprise" performance by none other that Pharell, Chad Huzo, and Shay Haley of N.E.R.D. They did a three-song set which capped the night and the event. I even got to stop my shaking and dancing long enough to hold my camera and take some photos. Thanks Victoria's Secret. Now I really know What's Sexy!

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