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NICK APPEARANCES.....Kate Somerville "Complexion Perfection!" Book Glam Squad

Kate's "Glam" Angels...Three Musketeers: Make Up Artist Spencer Barnes, Designer Nick Verreos, Hair Stylist Darrel Redleaf Last year, I was asked to be one of the "Make-Over" Glam Squad for this FABULOUS book from one of the TOP BEAUTY DIVAS from LA: Kate Somerville. No, I wasn't a subject but I got to glam three beautiful women up with my style expertise. Originally, I met Kate at an Awards Gifting Suite a couple of years back and ever since, I have been ADDICTED to her! Well, to be more specific, I SWEAR by her ExfoliKate and her Quench Hydrating Serum (and darlings, she's not paying me to say that!!). That reminds me, I need to order some more for my July Lecture Trip to Europe!! Now, I wasn't alone in the Kate Somerville Glam Squad Threesome: The ladies also got the Make-Up expertise from sexy Spencer Barnes and the the "Hair GAWD", Darrel Redleaf to help bring these three DIVAS into fruition. In March, the book Complexion Perfection! was finally published (love the exclamation mark!!) and I finally got to see the fantastic photos (by the incredible Jim Jordan) inside and the "Fashion Reveals" of the ladies I styled after they received the Complexion Magic Wand from Kate Somervile and her AMAZING products. Here's a Taste of My Fashionista Gals, Shayne, Lori and Fay: Studio 54 2010: Shayne, in Dian Von Furstenberg printed jersey dress, strappy gold heels and Jessica Elliot jewelry Street Chic: Lori, wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket and denim vest, Marc Jacobs Collection Pin necklace, Diane Von Furstenberg peep-toe pumps and H&M tank Elegance Classique: Fay, in Diane Von Furstenberg mustard shirt dress, Badgley Mishka heels and H&M bracelets I think the ladies look AMAZING! (if I don't say so myself, especially since I styled them!!) Now, if you want to see the "befores", you will just have to buy the book kiddies! The book is chalk-full of great tips, and "life-changing" skin regimens, and all the ingredients to make you the BEST from inside and out!

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