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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network "The Fashion Team" at Kitson LA

Fashionista Filming...and Shopping!Happy Fashion: Nick Verreos, Jennifer Rade and Lawrence Zarian, Kitson LA This last week, I had the pleasure of filming a little TV segment with the tall glass o' water host of TV Guide Network Fashion Team co-host Lawrence Zarian and my lovely Award Show Fashion Wrap "sistah", the one and only Miss Jen Rade, costume designer and stylist to none other that Angelina Jolie among other A-List celebs.
We were at Kitson Los Angeles on Robertson (no Paris Hilton OR Nicole Richie sightings unfortunately--or fortunately!) filming a fun little segment and loved EVERY minute of it! So much so, that afterward I went shopping (quelle surprise!) and bought a fun bubblegum pink Adidas digital watch! Note to self: Never bring my credit card if I film in a store!!! Hello!

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