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NICK APPEARANCES.....Macy's Green Hills Nashville Fashion Challenge: RECAP

Nick Does Nashville: Green Hills "It's A Nice Area", The Rockettes, a Run-In with a Miss Tennessee and Suzie Wong's House of Yum...
Nashville Fashionistas: Nick Verreos poses with one of the Winners of the Macy's Fashion Challenge Green Hills Event (left) and her friend
Last week, A DAY after my Macy's Puerto Rico Event, I flew from San Juan to Nashville Tennessee!!! Yes, I was TIRED but huney, FASHION doesn't understand that word! Unless we are describing an outfit! I landed at almost midnight in Nashville, went to my Airport Marriot Hotel, and asked the lobby how far the "Green Hills" of Nashville was (to be ready for the next day and my event). They said "why?" Of course, I told them I was hosting an event at the Macy's in the Mall at Green Hills. They responded with: "Ohhhh, Green Hills,...THAT'S a NICE AREA!!!". Ummm, OK. I checked in and called it a night.
The next day, I got ready and caught a cab to my event. I told the cab driver: "I need to go to Macy's in Green Hills". He responded "Green Hills!!?? That's a NICE AREA!!" That's the second person who said that! I think that the Green Hills area of Nashville needs to make a new marketing campaign: "Green Hills: It's a Nice Area!". I finally arrived and guess who was at the Macy's at the Green Hills Mall as well?
Reunited: Nick Verreos and The Rockettes, Macy's Green Hills Nashville TN
The Rockettes!!!!!! Well, I just about DIED and went to Gay Xmas Heaven! I hosted a "Kick It With The Rockettes" event--back in Los Angeles--not too long ago at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM, and had a BLAST! And here they are again!!! They just happened to be at the same Macy's I was at, doing an event of their own--promoting their Rockettes Radio City Christmas Spectacular, of course.
Of course, we lit up the Macy's Green Hills "Green Room" doing more high kicks and even doing The Rockettes "salute" (photo above).
Waiting For Nick: The audience at Macy's Green Hills Mall, Nashville TN
I finally got my leg to come down long enough to leave my Rockettes "girlfriends" and mosey on over to the fabulous Macy's Green Hills Impulse Department--and host my Macy's Fashion Challenge" event. The floor was PACKED; hundreds of shoppers, guests and yes, Project Runway fans, filled the seats and kiddies, it was STANDING ROOM ONLY!! Who do I think I am: Tim Gunn? Hardly. But yes, it was a BIG crowd!
The Best Sequin Dress Goes To: Nick Verreos Judges the Macy's Fashion Challenge, Nashville Tennessee
Something about being tired from flying and my crazy airplane itinerary, lack of sleep and those Southern Belles in Nashville...but I ROCKED IT! It was mainly the audience: They were FABULOUS with a Capital "F".
Nick Verreos poses with his Nashville Models (styled by audience members!), Macy's Green Hills Nashville, TN
I consider myself a "Southern Belle" at heart, so I was right at home! One of my Macy's Fashion Challenge Models was a REAL Southern Belle...
She was Miss Tennessee USA 2009, Kristen Motil and a Top Ten Finalist in Miss USA 2009!!!
Model Sandwich: Nick Verreos poses with two of the models, Miss Tennessee 20009 Kristen Motil (left) and Sulivan Mellencamp (right)
Macy's LOVE: Nick Verreos and the Macy's Green Hills Mall Nashville Team
After my event, the wonderful store manager, Patrick Bain, drove me back to my hotel (ain't that sweet!) and gave me a drive-by tour of Nashville. He showed me all the sights, including...
Tootsies bar and lounge, "Music Row" of course...
Also, we drove by the "Musica" Statue and I even got to see...
The Country Music Hall of Fame...well, just the front of it (the poster of Tammy Wynette was enough for me!). That night, two of the lovely Rockettes (sans costumes), Laura Danelski and Alina Williams (a local "Southern Belle" who lives in Nashville) invited me to dinner at...
Suzie Wong's House of Yum. The Executive Chef is Arnold Myint, who was on Bravo's "Top Chef D.C." show. He wasn't there, but there were a lot of cutie waiters! My dinner was DELICIOUS and a perfect ending to my short--but FABULOUS--time in Nashville: The Rockettes, Southern Belle Fashionistas, a great Macy's event at Green Hills ("It's A Nice Area!"), and a little bit of sightseeing? Who could ask for more.

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Alina said...

I heart you, Nick! Come back to Nashville anytime!!! ooxx

Will Bridges said...

Here you can see a youtube video from Nashville Fashion Events coverage of the Macy's Fashion Director event (in case you missed it):

Fawn said...

OMG! i had a blast at this event! hope we can work together again, LMAO,
I'm still laughing about you workin the heck outta that runway!!!