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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 8 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 8

Jackie Oh No!!!!!Even though I am traveling in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico!!!) and the South (Nashville Tennessee), I am still keeping up with good ol' Project Runway, of course. This last week's episode was all about American Sportswear and Jackie Kennedy as the Muse and Inspiration. Mondo Guerra,or as I lovingly call "Latin Urkel", won for his fun yet elegant "Jackie Kennedy at H&M" ensemble. I wonder if he realized that it was the 2010 version of this... Black and white houndstooth wool tweed with black braided trim Suit, ca. 1959, which Jackie Kennedy wore for the Presidential campaign, fall 1959-spring 1960. For some "Fashion History" c/o your truly, here's a brief background: It was designed by Bob Bugnand who trained with the Parisian couturiers Lelong and Piguet. After his apprenticeships, Bugnand opened his own salon in Paris before establishing a branch in New York in 1957. Although his fashionable clients were fitted in New York, their clothes were made in Bugnand's Paris workrooms. "French workmanship without the necessity of a passport" is what Harper's Bazaar declared about his clothing. LOVE that! The WORST for me was... This unfortunate get-up from usually on-point Andy I-only-design-with-an-Asian-aesthetic South. It was a mess! He said he wanted to give the judges "Edgy Jackie". Nope. This is not Edgy and furthermore, not even cute. The Star of this bad outfit were those pants! AGHHHH!!!!! (Is that a word?) The drape is odd and not harmonious and of course: Can we TWALK about the CROTCH: Nasty. But, he was Safe! So, Michael Drummond and his cute tank tops and questionable Do Rag scarves, had to go. It was his Annie Get Your Gun pleated skirt ensemble which was more Prairie Home Companion and less Jackie Kennedy in her Official State Visit to France. Here's the Intro to my Project Runway Recap for this week, titled: Jackie Cameltoe!!! I just arrived in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico to host a fabulous Macy's event ("Don't Cry for Me, San Juan!") and had visions of last week's Resort Wear Challenge and how maybe they should have brought the designers here — but somehow I don't think a trip to Puerto Rico would be in the show's budget! Upon arriving at my hotel, I got "good and ready," turned on the flat-screen TV and began watching this week's new "Project Runway" episode to see: A. What Challenge these kids would not understand; B. If Gretchen would continue her critiquing; and C. If maybe, just maybe, Mondo figured out how to take his tacky Vegas Resort Roller Disco Girl (from last week) to a higher level … I would soon find out. The Queen of Effortless Chic Still Shag-a-delic Heidi Klum greets the designers by telling them that they are to meet up with Tim, where they will be "stepping back in time." At a "Capsule Studio" in Manhattan, Tim Gunn — with a wall of fabulous Jacqueline Kennedy photographs projected behind him — tells the remaining designers that for their next Challenge, they will create a look that defines THEIR point of view on American Sportswear — and use fashion icon Jackie O as their muse..... Click HERE to read my entire Blog!

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