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FIDM....FIDM SuperLab for Alice In Wonderland: Part 2 The Exhibition

Part 2: And Now...Here Is The "Disney's Alice In Wonderland" FIDM Exhibit:Red Carpet Queens: The FIDM SuperLab Gowns designed by FIDM designer grads inspired by Disney's "Alice In Wonderland"

In conjunction with the "Media Only" Party and FIDM SuperLab Alice In Wonderland-inspired Red Carpet Gown Fashion Show thrown by Disney at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM which I recapped in my last posting, there was of course something else: This also marked the opening of the "Disney's Alice In Wonderland Costume Exhibit" at the FIDM Museum and Galleries. Underland Costumes: Nick Verreos at the FIDM Museum and Galleries "Alice In Wonderland" Exhibition

Right after Kerli's "Tea Party" performance, guests were led into the FIDM Museum to enjoy the actual costumes designed by 2-time Academy Award-winning costume designer (and special guest of the party) Colleen Atwood. For the first time ever in the US, everyone was treated to a viewing of many of the original costumes, including Johnny Depp's Mat Hatter ensembles, including the iridescent blue "frock coat", waistcoat, and plaid kilt seen above.
Helena Bonham Carter's Red Queen Dress, shown here sans the Queens BIG HEAD;Stayne, Knave of Hearts' exuberant cape and intricate armor costume (love the dramatic cape's inner lining);
And of course, several of Alice's dresses. Here is the original demure pale blue dress worn by actress Mia Wasikowska that you've seen in all the film's press photos (she's SOOOO TINY--go to the Exhibit and you'll see what I mean!);
and above is Alice's "Red Dress" from the Red Queen's Court Scenes: This is one of my favorite of Atwood's designs, very modern and reminiscent of the late Alexander McQueen's work.
In combination with Disney's Alice In Wonderland Costume Exhibit, there was the
Art of Costume Illustration exhibition, which was already on display in the FIDM Museum and Galleries. There are over 200 film and television costume illustrations on display from designers and illustrators like Edith Head, Orry-Kelly (his costume illustration for "Auntie Mame" seen above) and Helen Rose, who is famous for designing the wedding gown for Grace Kelly when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco.Sketch by Helen Rose for actress Alice Kingsley "Washington Story" 1952

Originally I wanted to be a Fashion Illustrator (since I love to draw!), until a teacher a LONG TIME ago (in high school I think), told me there "was no business in that", so I decided to become a Fashion Designer. But I've always been an avid fan of fashion and costume illustrations, and love and respect the art so this was a HUGE HIGHLIGHT for me.
Sketch by Helen Rose for Elizabeth Taylor

If you want to check out Disney's Alice In Wonderland Exhibit, the FIDM SuperLab Red Carpet Gowns designed by FIDM grads as well as the Art of Costume Illustration, get thee to the FIDM Museum and Galleries...NOW!!!

Below is a "Sneak Peak Video I took of the FIDM SuperLab Alice In Wonderland Red Carpet Gowns (which I mentored!) on display NOW at the FIDM< Museum and Galleries:

Exhibition Details:
Where: FIDM Museum and Galleries, 919 South Grand Avenue, LA CA 90015

Art of Costume Illustration Exhibit runs May 18-June 19
Alice In Wonderland Exhibit runs May 27-September 30
Open Tuesday-Saturday (closed Sundays and Mondays)

Fee: FREE!!!!!

FIDM.....FIDM SuperLab Disney's "Alice In Wonderland" Fashion Show Gala Part I

Mad Hatter Couture!!!
Hat Queen: Nick Verreos hosts the Alice In Wonderland FIDM Fashion Show Event This last week was the unveiling of the FIDM "Alice In Wonderland" Fashion Extravaganza at a big "Media Only" event Disney held at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM Grand Hope Park backlot. Disney approached FIDM to showcase the wonderful Colleen Atwood-designed costumes for the film and they both had a GENIUS idea: Why not get FIDM grads and/or fashion design students involved in creating modern-day Alice In Wonderland ensembles. Designers...Make It Work: FIDM SuperLab Designers and their Red Carpet Creations Well, of course, we took it one step further: As an instructor and Spokesperson for the college, I was invited to Mentor and be the "Stimulus Package" and actually head the entire Alice In Wonderland FIDM SuperLab! FIDM SuperLab directs special project collaborations for advanced level students and grads in partnership with the industry. Therefore--as I stated in my previous "Sneak Peak" blog posting--we hand-picked six FIDM designers (most of whom I instructed in the past) and asked them to design and create Red Carpet Gowns inspired by the film. The results were SPECTACULAR as you'll see.Tea Party: The scene at Hope Park and FIDM FIDM was transformed into a vision of "Underland" with a center stage and runway with hedges and all--to mimic the Garden in the beginning of the film--before Alice goes into the Rabbit Hole. Bless The Runway: Nick Verreos does a "Model Walk Off"...alone! I was also asked to be the Mad Hatter "Master of Ceremonies" for the entire event ( I took extra Mylanta and Pepto Bismol to calm my nerves!). I decided to throw on my recently purchased Zara cropped jacket with mini-tails and a fabulous Hugh Simms bow tie (love his ties!).The party began with a walk down the red carpet of course. I took lots of photos with my Mad Hatter-ettes (above). Now, let me explain, I arrived to the party without that hat but those pesky red carpet photographers insisted I put one one--so of course, I obliged.I also posed with the illustrious Colleen Atwood, Costume Designer for "Alice In Wonderland" as well as... Estonian-born singer Kerli, who's hit "Tea Party" from the film recently hit #5 on the Billboard charts... and naturally, I had to have the support of my NIKOLAKI design partner, David Paul as I multi-tasked through all my assignments. Backstage was all a buzz as the models--all from LA Models--as well as the designers got ready for their Alice In Wonderland close-up on the runway: Backstage Cat Eyes: Model Sarah Deanna and Nick Verreos On The Runway: Cheshire Cat Red Carpet Gown by Kapasa Musonda Backstage Bunny Fashion: Nick Verreos and model Laura Larue in her White Rabbit Red Carpet dress Red Heart Pout: Model Amanda Fields (also from Project Runway Season 3 and one of my NIKOLAKI muses!), and Nick Verreos On The Runway: Red Queen Red Carpet gown designed by Clay Sadler Seeing Double: Nick Verreos poses with models , including Holly Ridings of Lifetime's Models of The Runway Season 2 (to my left), and designer Natalia Romano On The Runway: Tweedledee and Tweedledum Red Carpet designed by Natalia Romano On The Runway: Mad Hatter Red Carpet, designed by Angela Avanesyan, modeled by Zdenka On The Runway: Alice Red Carpet Gown designed by Dominique Pearl David, modeled by Carla Salomao Downtown LA Tea Party: Kerli performing at the FIDM and Disney Alice In Wonderland Party Right after the fantastic Red Carpet FIDM SuperLab Runway Show, guests were treated to a three-song performance from Kerli right in the middle of Grand Hope Park which then was followed by the opening of the actual Alice In Wonderland Museum Exhibit! But you will have to go read my "Part Two" Posting for photos and recap of that.... For Now: Click HERE for complete coverage--and special videos--from, and... Click Below for videos of the Alice In Wonderland FIDM SuperLab runway show:

NICK APPEARANCES.....Macy's Valley Fair Santa Clara Swim Fashion Show: RECAP

Vintage Swimsuit Beauties, Chocolates and a Birthday Girl...I Forgot My Speedo: Nick Verreos Hosts Macy's Valley Fair Swimsuit Event Last Saturday, following my very successful Macy's Union Square "Sex And The City 2" Shopping Event, I drove down to Santa Clara (about an hour south of San Francisco), to host the Macy's Valley Fair Swim Event. My Bodyguard: My driver, Sam from Pacific Heights Limousine Service Now, I actually didn't drive but my ever-so-gracious clients outfitted me with a SUPER-DUPER Hybrid Chevy Tahoe SUV from Pacific Heights Limousine and my very own driver, a very dapper Sam, who was of Egyptian descent and taught me a few Egyptian-Arabic words and phrases, on my drive down. Sold Out: The Scene at the Macy's Valley Fair Swimsuit Nick Verreos Event As the Macy's "Host With The Most", I was asked to be the Master of Ceremonies of a fun fashion show highlighting all the new and latest in Swimsuit styles for the ladies (no boys, sorry!) for Spring/Summer 2010. Macy's Swimsuit Pageant: Nick Verreos and his "bathing beauties", Macy's Valley Fair The entire Macy's Valley Fair Swim Department was set up with a runway stage, audience chairs, a DJ and even a Snow Cone Table. As I peeked outside the stage's curtains, I was excited to see that the floor was Standing Room Only with over 150 attendees!Turquoise Beauty: Nick Verreos points out how to wrap a sarong, Macy's Valley Fair In case you want to know here's the List of What's In For Swimsuits This Summer: Swimsuits with Ruffle Details, Colors like Canary Yellow and Turquoise, Tankinis will be VERY BIG as well as Animal prints. I was also there to celebrate Jantzen's 100Th Anniversary in designing and making women look beautiful. To honor this occasion, they have designed their Heritage Collection, with iconic 1930s, 40s and 50s styles that are fabulous for 2010, which were also shown on the Macy's runway. Pool Diva: Model featuring stylist's Liz Baca's vintage Jantzen Swimsuit circa 1940s The entire fashion show was styled by Liz Baca, who styled a Macy's Sacramento event I hosted back in March. Besides being a FAB stylist, she also runs the Gotta Get the Goods site, where she "Treasure Hunts" for Vintage goodies. On that note, she brought a Vintage Jantzen swimsuit from her own archives, a woolen jersey two-piece number dating back to the 1940s.And The Winner Is: Nick Verreos picks from the bowl, Macy's Valley Fair After the fashion show, the event was capped with several giveaways, including a Shiseido Basket (stocked with many of their sun-protection products) worth over $350 and a pair of Burberry Sunglasses to perfectly compliment the new swimsuit you were going to get---after seeing my Macy's fashion show! Among the audience I was so happy to see my cousin Christopher Verreos (above), who lives in San Francisco, and his lovely wife Regina, both of whom I haven't seen in years. Regina, who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Paris as a Pastry and Chocolate Chef, hand-made the most delicious batch of chocolate bonbons--just for moi--and brought them as a gift! Merci Regina! Nick Verreos Fan Club: Nick Verreos poses with Raquel (second from right), the Birthday Girl, and her friends, Macy's Valley Fair Finally, I noticed a group of very excited young ladies in the audience and as it turned out, they were "big fans" and wanted photos (which of course I obliged!). In addition, one of them was having a Birthday, so I gave her a special "Uncle Nicky" hug and made the entire audience give her a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out! I think she really enjoyed that! And hopefully everyone enjoyed another great Macy's Event!

NICK APPEARANCES.....Macy's Union Square "Sex And The City 2" Shopping Party: RECAP

Golden Gate FASHION!!!!! SF Color: Nick Verreos poses with his Models, Macy's Union Square San Francisco Last Thursday, I had the privilege of flying to San Francisco via one of my favorite airlines, Virgin America (and they are NOT paying me to say that, thank you very much!!!), to host a fun event/party at the iconic Macy's San Francisco flagship: A "Sex And The City 2" Shopping and Fashion EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Nick Verreos hosting the Macy's San Francisco Sex And The City 2 Shopping Party After checking into my sleek room at the Hotel Monaco San Francisco (my SF home away from LA home!) I donned my favorite Top Shop Robins Egg blue jacket (very Carrie-meets-Samantha!), pressed my shirt, and headed to Union Square!Nick Verreos Leads his Guests, Macy's San Francisco Union Square The massive (one of the biggest of all of the Macy's!) second floor Impulse Department was set for this very special night highlighting the upcoming release of "Sex And The City 2" and letting all the VIP shoppers know how they could get their best Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda Fashion ON!!! Since it was a party, there was also a great bar set up serving yummy cocktails and hors d'oeuvres passed around to keep all the shopping girls happy! Cocktails=Get Your Credit Card Out! And I heard those registers ringing!Four Middle Eastern-inspired tents (to mimic the We-filmed-in-Morocco-but-we're-supposed-to-be-in Abu-Dhabi 'Sex And The City 2' movie) were set up throughout the floor with racks and tables of clothing and accessories showcasing the various styles of all the movies' characters. Each "Shopping Tent" was named after the area in NYC where the ladies live, such as "Soho" for Samantha, "Upper West Side" for Charlotte, "Upper East Side" for Carrie, and so on. There were four models representing the girls from "Sex And The City"--my favorite was the "Asian Charlotte"!! Love her! She was styled in a very Uptown and "Ladies Who Lunch" suit with pearls (of course) but still looking very young and fashionable! Speaking of styling, the AMAZING--and very beautiful Keylee Sanders, and her Style Studio gals styled each and every ensemble as well as hand-picked all the outfits that were on display at all the four "SATC2" tents. Style Couple: Nick Verreos and Keylee Sanders, Macy's San Francisco Union Square The event was a great success--the floor was "filled to the rim" with guests shopping and enjoying the entire party. One of my favorite parts: At one point while I was trying to get all guests to come follow me into the "shopping tents", I turned around and all I could see were over 200 women following me like I was the Tour Guide at a MAJOR Museum Tour! I SOOOO wish someone got that on YouTube, because it was quite a moment!I was so happy to see so many stylish Bay Area women come out to the event--some of which were actually only there, because they were fans of me (who knew?). But soon I got them shopping and inspired by all the FABULOUS fashion surrounding us (that's the point, HELLO!!!). I was so happy to see old high school friends (I grew up in the Bay Area) and even one of my cousins showed up! I even got some of the most stylish boys from San Francisco to come out! (love that trench coat huney!). I can't thank everyone enough for coming out and having a fab time at my Macy's San Francisco event! Pink Traveling: Nick Verreos eyes his "dream" suitcase, Macy's San Francisco Union Square Finally, among all the fabulous Rachel by Rachel Roy tops, sexy BCBG dresses and outstanding Michael by Michael Kors accessories (you know, those Sex And The City gals LOVE a statement-making bag and necklace!), I fell IN LOVE with a bubblegum pink Samsonite suitcase, that was featured as part of the Upper West Side/Charlotte tent--Of all things! I can just see THAT PINK suitcase coming out of LAX baggage claim and having ME pick it up. Proudly! I have been invited back to lecture in Florence Italy this Summer for Miami University's Europe Summer Program so maybe by then, I will save enough to own it!

FIDM.....Nick Verreos to Mentor FIDM SuperLab Project for Alice In Wonderland

Mad Hatter FASHION!!!! Mad Hatter Mentor: Nick Verreos with FIDM Designers (left to right) Natalia Romano, Angela Avanesyan, Clay Sadler, Dominique Pearl David, Airi Isoda and Kapasa Musonda I am so proud to announce my participation in the unveiling of a First-Of-Its-Kind Alice In Wonderland Exhibition at my Alma Mater, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM... In celebration of the debut of Alice In Wonderland Blu-ray and DVD on June 1, 2010, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, in partnership with Disney Consumer Products, are unveiling a one-of-a-kind Alice In Wonderland Exhibition (at the FIDM Museum and Galleries) FREE to the public, beginning May 27Th and running through September 30Th.Collen Atwood's Original Red Queen illustration for Alice In Wonderland In lieu of this fabulous Exhibition, I was invited to lead a very special FIDM SuperLab Project where FIDM Fashion Designers were asked to design and produce Red Carpet-worthy gowns and/or dresses inspired by six iconic characters in the film. Yes, I was asked to be the Mentor and Inspiration Mad Hatter for this incredible project! Most of these FIDM designers have been my students and I can't wait to see what they created! Illustration DIVA: Colleen Atwood's illustration of The Red Queen, Alice In Wonderland The Alice In Wonderland characters we chose to "inspire" the designers include: Alice (of course), The Red Queen, The Cheshire Cat, The White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum and The Mad Matter (Johnny Depp's fabulous character). Below is a "Sneak-Peak Video" of the FIDM SuperLab for Alice In Wonderland: Also, check out for more "Alice In Wonderland" FIDM SuperLab Couture fun!!