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NICK APPEARANCES.....Faces: Iconic Portraits of Los Angeles Fashion

Fashionable FACES...
Casual Fridays Posing: Nick Verreos prepares for his "Faces: Iconic Portraits of LA Fashion" close-up
Late last year, I was asked to partake in this wonderful opportunity to be photographed for the Faces: Iconic Portraits of Los Angeles Fashion, an ongoing series of books with portraits capturing some of the fascinating people who work for or on behalf of the Los Angeles fashion industry. The entire idea was produced, edited and directed by John Arguelles, President at Lloyd Klein Couture, and a man with an inspiring vision and an unstoppable love of LA and it's Fashion.
James Galanos
"Volume 1" of the book--due out next month--will feature over 150 of these people--a wide range of 'subjects", from Retailers, Editors, Factors, Stylists, Models, and of course, Designers. It is dedicated to James Galanos, our very own Master COUTURIER and was photographed by Steve Anderson. The first video of the portraits is up and features LA fashionistas from my very good friend, California Apparel News Editor-in-Chief Alison Nieder, to Fashion Historian Sylvia Sheppard to LA Times Fashion Critic Booth Moore to designers Randolph Duke, Sue Wong and myself.
Sue Wong
For the shoot, John asked me to just show up--and I did after dealing with back-to-back pattern-making, draping and design meetings--When I saw how FABULOUS and made-up Miss Sue Wong looked (ALWAYS a DIVA--take a look a the video below!), I now wish I would have at least put on a jacket, a dress shirt and a tie!!!! Click Below for Part One--I make a brief "appearance" around 7:16:
FACES: iconic PORTRAITS of los angeles FASHION - part I from John Arguelles on Vimeo.
Click Below for a 'behind the Scenes" of my quick two-minute Photo session:

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