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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos on "The Soup" AGAIN

Get A Soup Spoon...
Yes kids, I made "The Soup" this week! I was in San Antonio Texas this last Friday night--showing our NIKOLAKI gowns at a fabulous Alteza Penthouse Fashion Party Presentation, when I began receiving all the texts--and getting messages and emails--telling me that I was on E! Entertainment's "The Soup" weekly TV Show. "Oh Lordy" was my first response...
Bearded Nick: Nick Verreos with Stylist Jen Rade, TV Guide SAG Awards Fashion Wrap 2011
Upon returning back from Texas, I finally got to see what all the "buzz" was about. And yes, I made "The Soup"!!! Thanks Joel McHale--Love ya! Even if you're making fun of my "inappropriate" Manscaping comment :) I am told it's a Badge of Honor to make "The Soup"! Now, this is my SECOND TIME--fortunately or unfortunately. Happy to be part of the "Soup Family"!! Click HERE for the video!

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