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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Hosts Macy's "Material Girl" Party with Kelly Osbourne

I HEART MG(Material Girl)...Kelly...and...Macy's!
Macy's Prom Dates: Kelly Osbourne and Nick Verreos onstage, "Material Girl" Party, Macy's Beverly Center (Photo Courtesy of Faye Sadou)
Last Thursday, I had the great opportunity to host a Macy's "Material Girl" Party and Event and more importantly, officially introduce to Southern California the one-and-only Kelly Osbourne as the new Face for Madonna and daughter Lola's FABULOUS--and very successful--clothing line!
The Right Color Tie: Nick Verreos on the pink carpet of Macy's "Meet Kelly Osbourne/Material Girl" Bash (Photo courtesy of Faye Sadou)
In case you didn't know--I do lots of events for Macy's, traveling across the country and Puerto Rico (LOVED going to La Isla del Encanto last year!), hosting in-store events and fashion shows (next week I'll be traveling to Chicago and the Detroit area to host TWO upcoming Macy's "Putting It Together" Events---more on that soon!!). So, I guess some of the VERY SMART (hee hee!) Macy's execs decided "Hey, let's get Nick to host Kelly Osbourne's 'Material Girl' party!" Done and done...
Look Who's Here! Nick Verreos at the entrance of the "Material Girl/Kelly Osbourne" Party, Macy's Beverly Center
I had never met Kelly officially (a close "Six Degrees of Separation" however, since her co-anchor on E! Fashion police, Giuliana Rancic just wore one of my NIKOLAKI designs on the show!) so I was beyond-excited to finally get to say "Cheers!". Upon arriving to the Macy's Beverly Center, I headed straight to the Level One Junior's Dept. where it had been transformed into a "Material Girl" Party VIP Lounge (above and below photos) with black-and-white striped couches, flat screen TV's, bubblegum pink pillows, candy jars with lots of REAL candy as well as... A DJ, Lipstick Reader (she can analyze you by reading your lipstick "kiss") and a High-Definition Photo "booth" rounded out the ambiance of this soon-to-be FAB event! I then went up to where Kelly was holding Media Interviews before the event to give her a hug and tell her what fun we would have together!
Pink Carpet Smile: Nick Verreos Macy's Material Girl/Kelly Osbourne Event
Finally, it was time for the party: Pink Carpet(!), TONS of photographers and press, as well as a Packed house of many many young girls--and their moms--waiting to meet Kelly and see this season's new "Material Girl" collection (exclusively at Macy's!!).
Fashionista Girl: Kelly Osbourne, Material Girl Event Macy's Beverly Center
The press went KRAZEE with flashbulbs snapping a mile a minute the second she stepped on the carpet, wearing a cropped chambray denim shirt, polka-dotted and flower-print skirt ensemble--all from the "Material Girl" line of course!
Le Smooches: Nick Verreos introduces Kelly Osbourne, "Material Girl" Party Macy's Beverly Center (Photo Courtesy of Faye Sadou)
I finally introduced Miss Kelly as the NEW FACE of the line and brought her onstage for a fun tête-à-tête (Francais for "head-to-head" or conversation). I asked her all the questions EVERYONE in the audience wanted to ask...
The Kelly-Nick Show: Nick Verreos interviews Kelly Osbourne, "Material Girl" Party Macy's Beverly Center
Questions like: When did Kelly first meet Madonna? What was it like when her and daughter Lola asked her to be the new Spokesmodel? Who are her Style Muses? What is she listening to--music wise--and what is her next project. This Q & A portion of the party was soon followed by questions to the audience--that had to do either with Madonna, Lola, Kelly or the "Material Girl" line--and those who answered correctly, won $50 Macy's Gift Cards!! (Hello!!!)
Denim & Flowers: A look from "Material Girl" Spring 2011
Then of course, it was time for the FASHION--and the exclusive "Material Girl" fashion show!! Ten beautiful models hit the runway showing the latest styles from the collection. In case you want to know what's HOT for Spring 2011 "Material Girl":
Paper Bag: A Look from "Material Girl" Spring 2011
Washed-and-distressed denims, "Flower Power" prints, hippie-chick meets rocker girl, neon colors, bubblegum pinks, yellows, black-and-whites, minis, leggings, patent pumps, and PILE On the jewelry! Think 1984 Pat Benatar with a little Joan Jett with a dose of Cyndi Lauper thrown in to the mix and yes, of course, some Madonna.
Material Girls: Nick Verreos and Kelly Osbourne, flanked by models wearing "Material Girl" Collection, Macy's Beverly Center (Photo courtesy of
The event was a complete success and I sure as heck ain't lying when I say: I HAD SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!! I loved and enjoyed every minute! Miss Kelly Osbourne was so sweet, so effusive with her excitement and a class act! Huney, we could have spent TWO more hours discussing fashion, the 80's and how much we LOVE Madonna and the Material Girl line!!!
Is My Tie On STRAIGHT? Nick Verreos and David Paul in the "Material Girl" Party HD Photobooth
After the Q & A, Fashion Show and Macy's Gift Card Contests were over, the party continued and... of course, my NIKOLAKI design partner--and better half--David Paul, and I were "coaxed" into the HD Photobooth, where, yes, we tried out our "Vogue'ing" as an homage to Miss Madonna. Two Material Boys workin' it! Or so we think :)
Photo Courtesy of
Until next time...Thank you to EVERYONE who attended!!!! And Congrats to all the winners of the Macy's $50 Gift Cards (I'm jealous!) *Click HERE to read all about the event--with additional great photos--on California Apparel News' BLOG And...Click Below for videos of my Q & A with Kelly Osbourne at the Macy's Beverly Center "Material Girl" well as...the madness of the Photographers/Press when Kelly hit the Pink Carpet!!!

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Great Recap Nick! Maybe there can be a MG tour to other Macy's!