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FIDM.....FIDM 2011 "3 Days of Fashion" Walk-Off, NIKOLAKI Fashion Show

It's a "3 Days of Fashion" Boy Runway Walk Off!!!!
Sunny Fashion Day: Nick Verreos poses with FIDM LA's "3 Days of Fashion" attendees
First was San Francisco and now...Continuing with my Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising 3 Days of Fashion 2011 "tour", the next stop was Los Angeles!!! It was a very hot and sunny day in LA this past week when I was asked to be the "Very Special Guest" at the FIDM LA Campus' 3 Days of Fashion Finale. I was scheduled to show some of my NIKOLAKI gowns and Red Carpet Dresses and talk about all that I learned as a former Fashion Design student at FIDM--as well as owning a Fashion business for ten years.
Brown Paper Carpet--FIDM Los Angeles "3 Days of Fashion"
This time, the organizers decided to have my event outdoors, at the FIDM-adjacent Hope Park. There was a FAB open-air stage and mini-runway set up as well as a "paper carpet" set up for my models so when they made their walk toward the stage, my gowns would not be soiled.
Open Air: Nick Verreos at the FIDM LA 2011 "3 Days of Fashion", FIDM LA Campus/Hope Park, Downtown LA
My "MC" was the wonderful Blaine Vebros, who introduced me as I began to say "Hi" to everyone as well as tell my "How I Got to Where I Got" story. I then introduced my models who sauntered out in my NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Gowns that I brought especially for this event. FIDM was generous enough to provide me with the same models who happen to be on my NIKOLAKI website, Amanda Fields and Lauren Gish.
Pose Under The Sun: Nick Verreos introduces model Amanda Fields in NIKOLAKI turquoise silk gown, FIDM LA "3 Days of Fashion"
I think the 300+ audience comprised of mostly high-school students and some of their parents, loved my "mini" fashion show and seeing the Couture-worthy gowns that I brought.
Coral Couture: Nick Verreos introducing Model Lauren Gish modeling NIKOLAKI, FIDM LA 2011 "3 Days of Fashion"
As a "special bonus" to the day--in addition to having my favorite models and showing my gowns--was that Lauren (one of the models) brought her Mommy, a United Airlines Flight Attendant (and you know how much I love flight attendants!). She had just flown for about ten hours straight in on a Seoul Korea to SF flight, caught a connector flight from SF and came to LA to visit her daughter--and to see me!!! (love her!)
Walk Off: Nick Verreos talks to the FIDM LA "Runway Walk Off" contestants, FIDM LA "3 Days of Fashion"
Soon after my NIKOLAKI Fashion Show ended, I decided to get the audience "going" so I looked out in the audience and saw that they were only about 8-10 boys. I brought them all up onstage and began an impromptu "Runway Walk Off", and subsequently, let the audience decide--by applause--who the best Runway DIVO was.
WORK It Huney: FIDM LA "3 Days of Fashion" Runway Walk-Off Contestant doing his runway pose
I would NOT be exaggerating when I say that: It was a BIG HIT!!!! The audience went MAD! Loved it! My "Male Runway Model Contestants" were so FIERCE it was BEYOND words. This was not a planned thing but the FIDM organizers quickly got the finalists and winners some great prizes.
Wave to Nick: The FIDM LA "3 Days of Fashion" autograph-and-photo line, Hope Park, FIDM LA Campus, Downtown Los Angeles
Afterward, as always, I spent the next couple of hours, signing autographs and taking those "Oh God, I hope I look good" Facebook photos. Everyone was so sweet and generous and most of all, patient (it was a LONG line!!!) The Mom's and Dad's were especially excited (love them!).
Cutie Attendees: Nick Verreos poses with some of FIDM LA's "3 Days of Fashion" attendees
A Special "Thank You" to this young "3 Days of Fashion" attendee, Kathryn Delgadillo who brought me a gift, a ring from her line Kathryn Marie
Thanks to everyone for making this FIDM LA "3 Days of Fashion" so much fun! Especially my "Runway Walk-Off" boys....Much Love! Below is a short video of Lauren Gish modeling one of my NIKOLAKI cocktail dresses at FIDM Los Angeles 2011 3Days of Fashion:

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