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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2011 Evening Gown Portraits: Sassy Group

The "WORK IT!" girls...
It's 1979 All Over Again: This contestant--scroll below to find out where she is from--makes my "Sassy" Miss Universe 2011 Evening Gown List
To wrap up my "reviews" of the Miss Universe 2011 "Official Evening Gown Portraits" (You can click HERE, for my "Best", HERE for my "Oh No You Didn't" and HERE for "Strippers or Miss Universe Contestants"), I decided there were FOUR gals who stood out for just being SASSY and FAB-u-LOUS, in terms of their photos and "gown" choices. Now, these contestants could have easily made my "Put That Dress Back On The Rack" list--or even my "Miss Universe Strippers" List for that matter--but the good thing is that THEY DIDN'T! Why, well, see for yourself: Miss South Africa Universe 2011 Bokang Montjane: Safari Anyone??? Where is Peter Beard when you need him??? Miss South Africa is giving animal print and not just any animal print but BIG OL' zebra!! You Go Girl! The gown fits beautifully and that "Oh, are you really looking at me?" pose is FABULOUS in my "Nick V" book! If I was a LION, I'd run the other way!!! Sassy Points: 8.8 Miss Guyana Universe 2011 Kara Lord: Seriously, when I saw this photo, I almost thought I heard Chic's "Le Freak" and I was back at Studio 54!!! How amazing is this? This lady knows WAAAY too many gays! And I LOVE her for it! I really want to know what song they were playing during this photo-shoot that got her "in the mood" to be all Pat Cleveland/Bianca Jagger. The poly charmeuse dress, bold tacky necklace those not-matching black pumps...she could have easily made my "Not" List. But the pose and that "It's 1979" look, got her in my Sassy List. Sassy Points: 9.5 Miss Bahamas Universe 2011 Anastagia Pierre: I can't even begin to tell you the SHIVAHS I got when I saw this photo of Miss Bahamas Universe 2011 Anastagia. let me remind you, this was supposed to be the "Official EVENING GOWN Portraits" for the Miss Universe 2011 Website. And she chose a strapless sequined JUMPSUIT!!!! How much do I LOVE her!!! I think she's waiting in line with Miss Guyana Universe 2011 to get into Studio 1979! I also LOVE her because I actually had a FAB "encounter" with her:
Model Anastagia Pierre, Miss Bahamas Universe 2011, Islands of The World Fashion Week 2010
Anastagia was one of the top models "working the runway" at last year's AMAZING Islands of The World Fashion Week in Nassau The Bahamas, which I hosted. She modeled for several of the featured designers and in fact, wore a gown of the Winner of the IOTW Fashion Week's "In Search of the Next Oscar" Competition: The winner was Georgina Estherr (middle) of the Dominican Republic and her "Muse", none other than Anastagia Pierre, Miss Bahamas Universe 2011 (on the left). Oh, and by the way, she gets 9.8 "Nick V. Sassy Points" for the sequined jumpsuit "Evening Gown" Photo! Finally...our last "Sassy Girl" is... Miss Thailand Universe 2011 Chanyasorn Sakornchan: First: The Gown. AMAZEEENG!!! It's a gown..nope, it's also a sequined jumpsuit! Second: The Pose. She is having a BLAST. The perfect pose for this KRAZEE "gown". She's going to the Oscars AND Disco Night at "Oil Can Harry's" in The Valley (The L.A. peeps will understand!). Not to mention: She is STUNNING! Therefore Chanyasorn gets TEN Nick V Sassy Points!!! ขอแสดงความยินดี (Congratulations in Thai) !!

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