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RUNWAY REPORT.....Milan Fashion Week: Versace S/S 2012

Grommets, Studs, Seashell Motifs...It's Versace 1992 all over again...And I LOVE IT!
Versace Spring 2012
Last week, Donatella Versace showed her latest Spring 2012 Collection for the House of Versace in the gorgeous garden at the Via Gesù show space. The collection was very "Retro Versace". Like I had seen it before somewhere...
It's All About 1992: Versace Couture 1992 above on Naomi, Stephanie and Yasmeen--and on Lady Gaga
I had. The Versace Spring 2012 Collection had many motifs and style elements from that much-Lady Gaga loved Versace Couture 1992 time period (she's been spotted wearing A LOT from those collections lately). The grommets, the silver and gold studs, the heavily cluttered sequins, the seashell prints and motifs...
Seashell Retro: Versace Spring/Summer 1992
Donatella went back to the Versace Archives (as well she should, maybe inspired by Miss Gaga) and really referenced those years in particular for this collection. And what a surprise, they looked "fresh and new", especially to those "kids" who were probably 3 when those collections came out! But I remember darlings--I could never forget Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Karen Mulder and Yasmeen Ghauri in those seashell printed swimsuits and those leather and gold studded gowns!!!
Versace Spring 2012
But back to the present: Versace Spring 2012 showed lots of light "candy sorbet" colors--the light blues, the lemon yellows, the aqua-greens. Lots of luscious draped and shirred silk jersey and silk chiffon added to the "prettiness".
Versace Spring 2012
And yes, those 1992'esque black gold studded skirts and tops and Seashell-motif sequined applique. Donatella also played with some asymmetry, especially with chiffon "overlay" that would "half" cover a simple and elegant sheath dress or a skirt.
Versace Spring 2012
Gowns were seductive, sexy and oh-so-Versace Red Carpet. Also in those light candy-sorbet colors. The grommeting and studded sequin detail was followed through to the final runway-stomping gowns. Now speaking of Runway Stomping...There was a "Model Down": Poor Lindsey Wixson (American, famous for her "bee-stung" lips) came crashing down almost at the end of the Versace Spring 2012 show. Lindsey happens to be one of Donatella's faves--if not her "Muse", but the 17 year old (A Muse at 17??) came tumbling down as she tried to maneuver those towering 8" lucite stilletto wedge platforms. She did get back up and instead of running as fast as she could out of the runway, she continued her walk with "Victory" thumbs-up hand signs. Nice Recovery Girl!!!! If you want to see the stumble--and the Entire Versace Spring 2012 Collection Runway Video, Click Below:

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