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ICE STYLE.....2011 Skate Canada Grand Prix of Figure Skating: ICE DANCE

A Blah Costume Moment... Over the weekend, Skate Canada 2011 took place in Mississauga, Canada. I "reviewed" the Pairs Costumes in my last post, but now, I needed to take a moment to discuss the "Blah" Ice Dancers--well, their costumes that is. Usually, I REALLY look forward to the Ice Dancers, especially because they're usually the more "costume inventive" of all the figure skating disciplines. Who can forget the "Aborigines Gone Wrong" costumes from the Russians Domnina and Shabalin of almost two years ago? And France's Pechalat and Bourzat "Mummy Dearest" Pharaoh costumes from last week at Skate America. The "taste" level of those costumes could be argued but at least they made me stand up and take notice. The Top Three: (L to R) The Silver went to Canada's Weaver and Poje, Gold to Virtue and Moir, and Bronze to Italy's Cappellini and Lanotte At these past weekend's Ice Dancing competitions--there was a lack of excitement in terms of costumes for both the Short and Free Dances. Let's discuss: Virtue and Moir of Canada: For their Latin Short Program, the Canadian Ice Dancing pair of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir danced to "Hip Hip Chin Chin", "Tempation" and "Mujer Latina" by Mexican singer (and Mrs Tommy Motola) Thalia. I loved her turquoise blue completely rhinestoned costume. The top heavily jeweled neckline was fantastic and so were the bugle-beaded "fringe" dropping from her skirt. It added lots of great "cha-cha" movement to her costume. Moir's was just "there": a deep-v black long sleeve top straight out of American Apparel and matching black pants seemed mismatched for the BEDAZZLED fabulousness that was Virtue. I get that he's supposed to just be "invisible" I guess. But it just seemed as if he was going out to a dinner at a nice West Hollywood restaurant--and she was going to the World Championship of Latin Ballroom dancing! They didn't go together. And for their Gold Medal-winning Free Dance, Virtue and Moir bored me again! They skated to George Gershwin's "Funny Face" and " 'S Wonderful". Their skating was marvelous, it's just the costumes that left me wanting for just a little more. For this, Virtue's garnet "strapless" red dress with illusion neckline and jeweled "necklace" was unexciting. It looked like a dress from the super sale section at Nordstrom Rack. At least, they gave Moir a matching red neckerchief--so we could see some sort of a connection between the two. But even then, take the scarf away and what do you have? A guest at a wedding at midnight after one too many Champagne toasts! With the scarf, he looks like a waiter at a cheesy Italian Restaurant. What an Italian waiter has to do with Gershwin and "Funny Face", is, beyond me. "Middle of The-Ice Dance-Road" Costume Award Goes To: Italy's Capellini and Lanotte, the Bronze Medalists: They skated their Free Dance to "La Strada". I liked their costumes and yes, I get the Italian influence (the soundtrack to a 1950's Federico Fellini film). But I was still left wanting a bit more. They both looked like Italo-French waiter and waitress at a Disneyland Restaurant. The Disco Queen Award Goes To: Canada's Harvey and Gagnon: Tarrah Harvey and Keith Gagnon skated their Free Dance to a Rolling Stone Medley of "Miss You" "Angie" and "Paint It, Black". But both of their outfits look more like a 1979 Jordache Jeans Ad. And somehow, I still loved it! Especially hers: very Studio 54 Disco. They should have skated to Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive", then the costumes would have made more sense! The Best Dressed Ice Dancers Award Goes To--by Default: Weaver and Poje of Canada: Well, here was some "excitement" in terms of costumes, by way of the Silver Medalists from Canada, Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje. They went Tiger-tastic for their Latin-inspired "Historia de un Amor" (Rhumba) and "Batacuda" (Samba) Short Program. Not sure what a costume that looks like a combo of an "exotic" rug and a BCBG "after 5" dress has to do with Samba and Rhumba...but that's just me. But--the fact that they were a little more creative than their other competitors, made me deem them my "Best Dressed" Picks for this season's Skate Canada Ice Dancers. By default: Congratulations and Félicitations. * Up Next: The Men and the Ladies of Skate Canada 2011

2 Responses to "ICE STYLE.....2011 Skate Canada Grand Prix of Figure Skating: ICE DANCE"

Anonymous said...

"It looked like a dress from the super sale section at Nordstrom Rack." - Nick Verreos

I guess you're one of those people who equates classy and elegant with boring. Whatever floats your boat, but I doubt Audrey Hepburn would have cared, and neither will Tessa. :-)

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 9:47: Meh, I agree it was boring and cheap looking. Classy and elegant can be exciting, this wasn't it. Look at Tessa's dress from their Olympic gold medal-winning performance, that was beautiful. This one just doesn't look right, more like a knock-off of Audrey's dress rather than a variation.

Anyway, Tessa's been known to switch it up as the season progresses, so I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see this dress or exactly this version at their next competition.