Sunday, January 22, 2012
Retro Elegant Homme:
30's Gangster Chic: John Galliano Men's Fall/Winter 2012/2013
As we all know, Bill Gaytten--former "Right Hand Guy" for fallen designer John Galliano--is at the helm of all things formerly touched by "the Man" himself. He designs Dior Pret-a-Porter and Christian Dior Haute Couture, as well as all the Galliano lines.
Bill Gaytten, John Galliano Creative Director/Designer
This past week, during Paris Menswear Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2012/2013, Gaytten unveiled the latest for John Galliano Men. After looking at the runway photos and video, it was simply BEAUTIFUL! The theme was 1930's and the elegant, chic man of that decade. The show went through all the archetypes of a 30's Man--from the UBER Gangsters in patent leather trench coats and side-styled fedoras, to...
Newsboy Love: John Galliano Men's Fall/Winter 2012/2013
Newspaper boys in newsboy caps (of course!) and shearling-lined coats. Outerwear--including jackets and blazers were belted or with their own built-in waistband--emphasizing the teeny-tiny waist of yesteryear (and of the beautiful male models!).
Slicked: John Galliano Men's Fall/Winter 2012/2013
Pants were either wide and lose or skinny/fitted. Big, metalized, patent-leather shoes and very, very slicked parted hair, finished off the total look. I almost thought I was looking at old photos of my Dad and my Uncle from when they were in their teens.
Football Goes Equestrian: John Galliano Men's Fall/Winter 2012/2013
The look was very Charles Lindbergh meets 1930's Football Hero meets Hollywood Star. There was luxurious fur shawl collars accenting semi-double breasted wool tweed coats, jodhpurs and even a vintage football helmet...or two.
Pea Boys: John Galliano Men's Fall/Winter 2012/2013
That's not to say that there was still a lot for the modern 2012 fashion-savvy man (with lots of money) to look at and incorporate into their wardrobe. Those aforementioned coats were GORGEOUS, the wide-legged "Clark Cable" pants were fabulously tailored and yes, I would even think about buying a riding pant--well, if I was 22 and had a 28" waist!
Violet Nights: John Galliano Men's Fall/Winter 2012/2013
For evening, there were deep purples, lurex, metallic's and an overall 1930's Dandy look that somehow looked relevant and oh-so-elegant--in 2012. At least to me. Click Below for the complete Video of John Galliano Men's Fall/Winter 2012/2013:


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