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ICE STYLE.....2012 US Figure Skating Championships: MEN!

San Jose Menzzzz!!!!
Galindo Love: US National Champion Rudy Galindo and Nick Verreos, 2012 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships HP Pavilion San Jose California
Last weekend I attended the 2012 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships--the US Nationals--in San Jose California. In my last post on my time there, I talked about my "Nick Figure Skating Costumes Two Cents" of the Ladies Costumes--and now, I'm onto the Men's. But, before I begin my tale on the oh-so-not-exciting Men's Costumes (Guys!!! STEP IT UP!!!), I must share my excitement over meeting two-time U.S. National Champion Rudy Galindo (see photo above). He actually approached me first (I was only 1.2 seconds from approaching him!), and confessed his love of "Project Runway" to me and that he was a "big fan". I returned the praise naturally! Needless to say, this was a big Photo Moment!
David Paul, Ice Network's "The Inside Edge with Sarah and Drew" Drew Meekins, Nick Verreos and Tim Koleto, Midwestern Sectional Junior Men's Champion at the Prudential 2012 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, HP Pavilion (Photo Courtesy of Sarah S. Brannen)
I also ran into my Figure Skating "Twitter Buddies", author and photographer Sarah S. Brannen, Drew Meekins, who write the FAB blog "The Inside Edge with Sarah and Drew" for They brought along their friend, Midwestern Sectional Junior Men's Champion Tim Koleto, who actually competed at the 2012 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. He was third after the short program and ended up sixth after the long in the Junior Division. He was so sweet and had the MOST PERFECT eyebrows!! He wins if there were medals in eyebrows!
Skatin' Boys: (Left to right) Nick Verreos, Jimmy Nguyen, Andrew Harmon, David Paul, HP Pavilion San Jose California
I also ran into other friends, including Jimmy Nguyen who happened to have his Flip Cam and filmed some fun cheeky videos of us giving some Fashion Skating Fashion Commentary (at the end of this post)...But now, let's get to why you guys are really here reading this: to see my "Two Cents" on the Men's Costumes. So...Here we go: Gold Medalist Jeremy Abbott--Long Program Costume: For his Gold Medal-winning long program where he skated to "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3" by Muse, Jeremy wore a costume that was simple, modern and not distracting to the performance. I like the diagonal lines/seaming in the long-sleeved shirt as well as the contrasting matte and iridescent/glittery fabrication. One could argue that on the scale of exciting men's costumes, this might end up on the lower end of that scale. But hey, Jeremy doesn't really do "Glam" "Fabulous" or anything near that, when it comes to his on the ice fashion. When you land an incredible quad like he did, he really doesn't need the costume bells and whistles (although you KNOW I would love it!). Jeremy Abbott Short Program Costume: His short program costume to "Sing, Sing, Sing" and "Bei Mir Bistu Shein" is one of my favorites of the season. I've gushed HERE about how much I LOVE this look on Jeremy. The suspenders/braces, the high-waisted pinstripe pants, the SPATS...All fashion fab!!! Silver Medalist Adam Rippon Long Program Costume: twenty-two year-old curly-haired cutie Adam Rippon, captured the Silver Medal at the Prudential 2012 U.S. Figure Skating Championships last weekend. For his Long Program to "Air" and "Tocatta & Fugue" by Johann Sebastian Bach, he wore a nymph-like costume consisting of a long-sleeved nude-colored Ombre-dyed draped top, gathered "cummerbund" waistband piece and brownish-black pants. I think this costume worked well with his skate and music and his very lithe figure (can you say "figure" for men?? Well, I just did!). It had an ethereal quality which was perfect for him and his skating and I loved the draping.
Adam Rippon Short Program Costume: He skated to "Korobushko" by Bond, based on a nineteenth-century Russian folk song about a peddler and a girl...therefore it makes sense Rippon would go all "Russian Fold Dancer" in terms of his costume: a bright red satin "blouse" with waist tie and off-center black-and-gold placket. Although simple and very to-the-point, with it's Russian reference, it worked. In my "Nick fantasy" world, I would have LOVED a BIG OL' FUR HAT to help finish off the look, but A) That may not have been good when he goes up in the air and tries to complete a Triple Axel...and B) He already has a perfect "Head Accessory": his own curly locks! Coach Style Sidebar:
Ross Miner (right) with one of his coaches, Peter Johansson (left)
Bronze Medalist Ross Miner's coaches are three-time U.S. Figure Skating Championship medalist Mark Mitchell and former Swedish national champion Peter Johansson and I'm fascinated by them--they look like perfect coach "twinsies"--a brunette and blond version!
Coaches Mark Mitchell and Peter Johansson with skater--and pupil--2007 U.S. seventh-place finisher Juliana Cannarozzo
Mitchell and Johansson are always dressed impeccably, perfectly groomed and also boast near-fat free figures. I don't know why, but every time I see them sitting with their skaters, I can sooo easily picture them in Mykonos in Speedos having a lot of fun! But, I digress... Let's discuss their pupil--and 2012 U.S. Bronze Medalist, Ross Miner: Bronze Medalist Ross Miner Long Program Costume: For his Long Program to "The Untouchables" by Ennio Morricone, I liked that he wore a head-to-toe costume--as opposed to what most of the male skaters do by just throwing on a same-old, same-old pair of black pants. I LOVE it when a skater dons an entire costume, especially one that works, and this midnight blue-colored ensemble with sequined trim did. What it had to do with "The Untouchables" is beyond me, but it looked modern, elegant and still, had good "costume" factor. It is subtle, yet stylish, just like his coaches. Ross Miner Short Program Costume: Ross skated to "Para Ti" for his Short program, and this was one of my favorite costumes for the Men's. Yes, he wore those aforementioned skin-tight black pants that have become de rigueur for the male competitors...but his top was EXQUISITE. I loved the interesting seaming--both in the front and back--also, the contrast of the sequined, embroidered fabrication with the black velvet was great. There were elements of 15th Century Spanish Court Costume and yet contemporary skating costume detail as well. Pewter Medalist Armin Mahbanoozadeh Long Program Costume: Armin skated to "Kill Bill" soundtrack for his Long Program. As we all know, "Kill Bill" heroine, actress Uma Thurman wore that iconic bright yellow catsuit with black stripes down the sides of her sleeves and legs in the film: Which obviously "inspired" Armin's costume. His was all black with yellow tape on the legs. However, at first glance--if I didn't know what music he was skating to--I would have asked "Why is their CRIME TAPE on his pant legs?". I get the correlation to the film and Thurman's jumpsuit just fell a bit flat for me. I wished (oh how much do I wish!), that he would have gone ALL the way and donned a bright yellow costume with the black trim on the sides. If he was a Russian or Japanese male figure skater, you just KNOW he would have done that! Or at least the reverse and wear a black jumpsuit with yellow trim. Armin Mahbanoozadeh Short Program Costume: For this, he skated to "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin. The song--as we know--contains distinctive musical patterns of classical Moroccan, Indian and Middle Eastern music. His costume reflected this. Or at least the top did. The interesting patterns on his shirt had Near East influences as well as an "Art Deco" touch. Again, I wish he would have taken it a bit further--maybe included some of that trimmed pattern down the sides of his pants.
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