SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Dominican Republic 2012 has been DETHRONED



In The Event That The Winner Cannot Perform Her Duties...The new "Miss Dominican Republic 2012" is First Runner (right) Dulcita Lieggi.

Well, well, well...we have another mini-Pageant Scandal in the news again, involving the Miss Universe franchised national pageants. First, of course, there was the Miss Canada Universe Transgender kerfuffle. And now, the just-newly-crowned ( she won the title last week on April 17th!)...

Carlina Duran (above), has been DETHRONED!! It was discovered late yesterday that the 5 '11' beauty was...Wait For It...MARRIED. Si, Casada!

 Dethroned "Miss Dominican Republic 2012" Carlina Duran and her secret husband of almost three years, Emad Adl

On Tuesday, the Dominican Republic newspaper Diario Libre published on their website all the civil marriage information of the beauty as well as the fact that she had been married to a handsome man of Arab-Dominican descent named Emad Adl since June 6 2009 (Oh Dear!). And well, as you may know, being married is a big NO NO, in the Miss Universe Pageant Rules.

Give Back That Crown Mija: Last week's "Miss Dominican Republic 2012", Carlina Duran being crowned and sash-ed by the reigning "Miss Universe 2011" Leila Lopes of Angola.

Remember, it's Miss Universe, not Mrs. And naturally, it is also against the rules of the Miss Dominican Republic Organization. Its national director, Magaly Febles announced just today, that indeed, Carlina was married (Ms. Febles saw the documents in person, she confirmed), and therefore subsequently the First Runner up would be crowned as the new "Miss Dominican Republic 2012" to compete in December's Miss Universe competition. So here's the new winner:

Photo Courtesy of Pedro Livio Cedeño Photography

Dulcita Lynn Lieggi Francisco, or Dulcita Lieggi. Dulcita was "Miss Distrito Nacional"  during last week's televised national pageant. And now, she's the "Most Beautiful Woman in the República Dominicana". She's originally a brunette (although at last week's pageant she sported a Rita Hayworth ginger red-haired look), is tall (stands 1' 82"--5' 11 3/4") and models.

Dulcita was crowned tonight at a formal press ceremony in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic. Below are some photos of the new "Miss Dominican Republic 2012" being crowned:

Click Below for a Compilation Video of the new Winner form the "Miss Dominican Republic 2012 Pageant":

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