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SASHES AMD TIARAS.....Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler WINS Miss Universe 2013

 Bella Molly: Maria Gabriela Isler, "Miss Venezuela" becomes "Miss Universe 2013"--Miss Universe Pageant Crocus City Hall Krasnogorsk Moscow Oblast, Russia

Last night at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow Russia, a new "Miss Universe" was crowned: Maria Gabriela Isler became the SEVENTH beauty from Venezuela to be crowned "Miss Universe"! Gabriella--or "Molly" as her closets of friends call her--was a front-runner from the minute she arrived in Moscow several weeks ago ahead of the international beauty pageant.

 Here's Your Crown..Now, I Gotta Go...Gabriela Isler "Miss Universe 2013" trying to be crowned by the outgoing "Miss Universe 2012" USA's Olivia Culpo

 Ooops, Where's My Crown? Gabriel Isler "Miss Venezuela" and new "Miss Universe" tries to get a hold of her slippery/always falling crown--

The 1.78 m (5' 10") tall beauty beat out 85 other gorgeous women from all over the world for the coveted international beauty crown. Once it got down to the Top Five Finalists, there were FOUR Latinas--"Miss Venezuela", "Miss Spain", "Miss Brazil" and "Miss Ecuador", and one from Asia, "Miss Philippines"...

Top Five: (left to right) "Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler, "Miss Philippines" Ariella Arida, "Miss Spain" Patricia Rodriguez, "Miss Brazil" Jakelyne Oliveira, and "Miss Ecuador" Constanza Baez--Miss Universe 2013 Pageant Moscow Russia

As hosts Thomas Roberts and former Spice Girls Mel B. announced the First Runner-up and Winner, there was a bit of confusion and the winner--Gabriela Isler from Venezuela, thought "Miss Spain" Patrica Rodriguez had won, until well, Olivia Culpo (last year's "Miss Universe") came over and crowned her--Miss Venezuela--as THE WINNER!

 Ivory Top Two: "Miss Venezuela" Gabriela Isler (left) and "Miss Spain" Patricia Rodriguez (right)--Miss Universe 2013 Pageant Moscow Russia

Click below to watch the crowning moment video that was NOT shown in the US (forward to 2:18 when "Miss Venezuela" realizes SHE won and NOT "Miss Spain"):

Maria Gabriela Isler was crowned "Miss Venezuela 2012" in August of last year (photo above)--therefore she had over a year of training for this "Miss Universe" moment...

 Here are some HIGHLIGHTS of Gabriela Isler "Miss Venezuela" as she competed for the "Miss Universe 2013" title:

Model Fabulosa: "Miss Venezula" Gabriel Isler modeling in the Tony Ward Couture runway show two weeks ago--Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 Russia

National Costume: "Miss Venezuela" Gabriel Isler as Doña Bárbara/Liki-Liki Fantasia

Intro: Gabriela Isler..."Miss VENEZUELAAAAAA !!!!"--Miss Universe 2013 Pageant Moscow Russia

Swimsuit Perfection: Gabriela Isler "Miss Venezuela"'--Miss Universe 2013 Pageant Moscow Russia

Evening Gown: Gabriela Isler "Miss Venezuela" in her ivory and silver sequined gown from designed Alejandro Fajardo--she decided NOT to wear the gown she wore during the Preliminaries and instead wore this one--Miss Universe 2013 Pageant Moscow Russia

Felicitaciones and Congratulations Gabriela Isler and VENEZUELA!!! 

***UP NEXT: My Miss Universe 2013 Final Telecast Evening Gown RECAP/REVIEW--My Favorites, the Gown Changes + More!!!

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Nick! Don't forget that the Philippines was also an ex-Spanish colony, so technically all the top-5 were latinas! :D

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