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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2014 National Costumes Preview Part 2

Feathers, Jewels and Golden Trims: Preview of National Costumes from Miss Universe 2014 contestants--Clockwise from top: Miss Universe Nicaragua, Miss Universe Thailand, Miss USA, Miss Universe Panama

In my previous post HERE I discussed Part 1 of Miss Universe 2014/2015 National Costumes including contestants from Albania to Kazakhstan. Now, it's time for Part 2: Malaysia to Venezuela. These are just "previews" gathered from the web and some of the contestant's social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) so...things might change. But for are these Miss Universe 2014 National Costumes:

Malaysia Sabrina Beneett: I love the multicolored feathers, the multi-layered golden necklace...and that headdress!!! Oh, and yes, Sabrina looks oh so sexy and divine; she is giving you Malaysian Jungle Diva!

Mexico Josselyn Garciglia: In this photo above, Josselyn is wearing a feathered costume using many different types of feathers--including peacock--but there's also lots of sequins and a side front slit. She's very "Native Empress Couture" with this. Part of me wishes she somehow also incorporated a Mariachi hat as well!

Myanmar Sharr Htut Eaindra: That elephant in the background better watch out! Because Miss Universe Myanmar might be coming to get you! This red and golden accented costume is quite fabulous--blending both tradition and fantasy. I just wish those gold Stripper Platform Heels weren't part of the look.

Nicaragua Marline Barberena: Nicaragua always BRINGS IT when it comes to Pre-Columbian National Costumes. And this year is no exception for Miss Universe Nicaragua Marline Barberena. This costume might win as Best Costume at this year's Miss Universe...if just for those parrots/birds that are placed where her hands should be!

Norway Elise Dalby: Elise's costume is very Norway Traditional. It's cute but seriously, how can you compete with Miss Universe Nicaragua!!??

Panama Yomatzy Hazlewood de la Rosa: From the looks of the photo above, Yomatzy is also going the Pre-Columbian National Costume route--a very popular choice it seems! I like the turquoise blue feathers and silver/blue/turquoise sequin detail and golden neck-piece. She's very "Carnival Queen" in this.

Peru Jimena Espinoza Vecco: Miss Universe Peru's National Costume is also a Pre-Columbian Empress (what a surprise?). But seriously, if anyone is going to do that theme--costume-wise--leave it to Peru to really BRING IT! I LOVE this! I don't even mind the black with gold detail platform heels! That fabulous INCA headdress is INCREDIBLE!!! I just want to know how much the airline she traveled in charged her in extra baggage (for that!).

Poland Marcela Chmielowska: I really like this "National Costume" form Miss Universe Poland. It's simple, chic and still makes a strong point when it comes to the nation she is representing. It's a lesson in Less Is More!

Puerto Rico Gabriela Berrios: Gabriela's white gown is quite exquisite; there's the "lace" cut-outs and the silver sequined under gown, plus that necklace...I know that this is supposed to be her National Costume but with some editing, it could easily double as a Couture-worthy red carpet gown.

Russia Yulia Alipova: Check out that neck-piece and headdress!! Yulia is really representin' "Tsarina Diva"!

Sweden Camilla Hansson: Camilla's costume blends a bit of Traditional and a bit of Fantasy in this ivory high neck sequined gown with red sequin bow waist detail. She reminds me of a Christmas Angel; maybe that's the point.

Switzerland Zoe Metthez: Miss Universe Switzerland's national costume involves a white one shoulder gown with red bust inset and, naturally, the Swiss flag. This is definitely--and unmistakably--a Swiss representative!
Thailand Pimbongkod "Ellie" Chankaew: Miss Universe Thailand's costume was created and designed by Akarapawin Sophon, who won a recent design competition to Design the National Costume for Miss Universe Thailand. The costume is entitled "Shadow of Siam". I love it!

Ukraine Diana Harkusha: Diana's costume reminds me of a glorious Ukrainian beauty...Rising from the Ashes (of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict). Maybe that is the point.

USA Nia Sanchez: Miss USA's costume is very Las Vegas Showgirl. And it makes sense sine Nia is guessed it, Las Vegas!

Venezuela Migbelis Castellanos: Miss Venezuela's costume is supposed to represent the Venezuelan National Tree--the Araguaney, a bright yellow leaf tree. It was designed by Venezuelan designer Nidal Nouaihed and as you can see, really pays tribute to that tree. I have to say that in terms of a National Costume, it is quite fabulous!

Which National Costume is YOUR Favorite??? Let me know!

2 Responses to "SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2014 National Costumes Preview Part 2"

edjerobe said...

Thailand's beautiful as always. And I really like Venezuela (My home country) It's the best national costume in years, I think since 2009. Saludos Nick, fan de tu trabajo desde PR2.

TriniChic said...

One more beautiful costume for the list

That is Jevon King Miss Trinidad and Tobago. Designed by Douglas John.