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WHO WORE WHAT?.....2017 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet: The Uh-Ohs!

2017 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet: The Uh-Ohs!

Anna Chlumsky in Roland Mouret: When I first saw Anna Chlumsky and this gown on the red carpet, I was intrigued; I thought "OK, this is interesting..." This isn't a bad dress, in fact it is quite beautiful. Unfortunately, it is a classic example of "Right dress...but On The Wrong Person". Anna needed a dress with a bit more "support"; her upper half seemed to be lost on its (their) own.

Sophie Turner in Louis Vuitton: This slightly avant-garde/directional design just doesn't work at an awards show such as the Golden Globes. This look would be fine for say, the CFDA's or the premiere of the new season of "Game of Thrones", but not for the GG's. It's just too "kooky", especially for a non-fashion-savvy red carpet watcher.

Claire Foy in Erdem: Claire seems to have spent a bit too much time filming "The Crown" since it seems that she is wearing a dress a member of the Royal Family might have worn back in the early 1900's. It's very Costume "referential", especially with the billowy sleeves and almost-Empire satin waist detail. On a good note, I do love the lilac color and at the very least, she was on trend with the Games of Thrones-meets-Medieval-meets-Renaissance-like Trend some of the actresses were donning in terms of their gowns.

Felicity Jones in Gucci: Gucci is the hottest brand in fashion right now--and especially it's newest Creative Director Alessandro Michele, who has brought "Grandma Chic" into vogue. So MANY actresses are being lured by the buzz of the line, but unfortunately this dowdy nightgown of a dress does NOTHING for the lovely Felicity Jones. While "Grandma Chic" is VERY HOT on the runways, this look and trend doesn't always translate to the Red Carpet.

Janelle Monae in Armani Prive: This COUTURE, Custom-made gown by the Atelier arm of Armani, Armani Prive, is said to be a collaboration between Janelle and the esteemed house. This is a perfect example of Too Many Cook's in the Fashion Kitchen. High-lo hem, polka dots, tulle overlay, sequins and a waist bow...Yikes! Someone needed to say "Slow down sister...that is WAY TOO MANY IDEAS FOR ONE DRESS!" Janelle is two oversized paillettes away from a Quinciniera.

Kerry Washington in Dolce & Gabanna Alta Moda: Once again this is not a bad dress and VERY Dolce & Gabanna. But it just doesn't seem right for the occasion. The golden lace gown is from the Couture branch of the brand, so if one were to purchase the dress it would probably set you back $50,000 (trust me kids, Miss Kerry did  not pay for it). But just because it has a high price tag, doesn't mean it had the WOW factor to walk the Golden Globes Red Carpet. This would be lovely at a fancy party in Capri, but Golden Globes,...maybe not-so-mucheey.

Winona Ryder in Viktor & Rolf: Once again, this is a pretty dress and it's not a major "Oh No She Didn't" red carpet moment. In addition, I'm sure if you were to look at it close up, it is impeccably made since Viktor & Rolf only do Couture or Custom-made gowns. But...the bodice does NOT fit her well (slightly slouchy and ripply). Also, since Miss Winona is quite busty, this strapless style is not the best choice. This, in combination with the dark, heavy fabrication, just seems to be weighing her down. I get the look she was going for--it's very late 1940's Dior-esque "Old Hollywood Glamour" but it just slightly failed.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Vera Wang: Oh Sarah....This seems to be another collaborative process gone awry. Ms. Parker LOVES a good ballgown, but this style isn't always the best choice for her teeny tiny proportions. The high-waist and full skirt are completely overwhelming on her body. They tried to balance it out by creating a plunging neckline, but it was too much and that white silk-satin fabrications is one of THE MOST DIFFICULT fabrics anyone can work with!  And then we have the sleeves....I know they were going for a "Game of Thrones" moment (which is all the rage in fashion right now, as I stated previously), but with the fullness and the intentional extra long length, the entire look just swallowed poor Sarah up! Another case of : TOO MUCHEEY.

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A1stDawn said...

Yep..Pretty much! Kerry Washington dress tooooo long. Color is icky too. The 1st one is too big! It is like BIG..everywhere. She looks big, not fat but BIG! lol
SJP - has lost her touch. She no longer seems to be aware of what she is wearing and that eye makeup is really ageing her. Enough with the thick black whatever the hell that is on her eyes already! Her last bunch of choices have not been good...She needs to remember to age gracefully.
JM - sweetheart u r not a teenager and the dress is way too young for her. Aside from all the TOO MUCH, she is such a lovely woman why put yourself in something that looks so uncomfortable?