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ICE STYLE.....2017 Internationaux de France Grand Prix of France COSTUMES: LADIES

Maria Sotskova Debuts her new Short Program Costume--2017 Internationaux de France Grand Prix of France--Grenoble France

The 2017 Internationaux de France was held this past weekend in Grenoble France. Previously known as Grand Prix International de Paris (1987-1993) , Trophee de France (1994-1995, 2016), Trophee Lalique (1996-2003) and Trophee Eric Bompard (2004-2015) (take your pick of a sponsor!), this was the fifth of six I.S.U. Grand Prix of Figure Skating Competitions in advance of the Grand Prix Finals. As you may know, I have covered all the previous Grand Prix events of the season here--on my ICE STYLE BLOG so just click on "Ice Style" in the header for ALL the reviews.  Now, it's time to discuss this Grand Prix of France Costumes and I'll begin with the LADIES COSTUMES that I have not discussed in the past Grand Prix events/competitions.

Polina Edmunds of USA: This violet colored sequined jumpsuit costume is what Edmunds wore for her Short Program to Palladio by Karl Jenkins performed by Escala. I had never seen this costume before and so, naturally, when she stepped on the ice, I was like "OOOHHH...OK...Polina is giving a ONE PIECE JUMPSUIT!" Polina is a tall skater (compared to other ladies--She's 5'6" and Ashley Wagner for comparison is 5"3") and the jumpsuit can make her look even longer and leaner. This costume featured beautiful rhinestones jutting out like sun-rays--or crowns, take your pick--in a solid/"nude" panel design. This is definitely a "different" look for Polina and...

I liked the color and sequin work. The "open" nude illusion back was quite seductive  as well.

Elizabet Tursynbayeva of Kazakhstan: Elizabet skated her Free Skate to The Prayer performed by Celine Dion, Andrea Boccelli in this lilac costume. I liked the costume; the ombre-dyed look featured a gathered upper torso with exquisite silver sequin embellishment. The costume looked EXPENSIVE for sure. If there was any critique, I just felt the ruching in the front torso looked heavy--especially for her TEENY TINY frame. I am sure they were trying to give the illusion of a bust when there isn't one (she's 17 and 4'10"!) but maybe they should take away some of that gathering and make it...flatter...but still with a little ruching?! The sequins, however were GORGEOUS!

Maria Sotskova of Russia: Maria wore this pink costume for her 2017-2018 Short Program to Swan Lake by Petr I. Tchaikovski, and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! I loved this elegant costume featuring a pink chiffon base with 19th Century-like design details reminding me of a Romanov Russian Princess. The rhinestone-studded necklace, bracelets and bodice embellishment were superb! I also loved that back. I was thrilled to see that this was a NEW COSTUME for her.  At the last Grand Prix she competed at--2017 Skate Canada International--she wore this:

And I remembered that she had worn THIS SAME COSTUME for last season's Free Skate to different music (not "Swan Lake"). I also said something to the effect of "either her team is being cheap or I.S.U. isn't giving the Russian skating federation enough funds. In addition, I also wished that she would have worn A NEW COSTUME. As it turns out, I guess her new costume just wasn't ready. 

Time for another Costume Redux...kind of:
Mae Berenice Meite of France: I have discussed Mae Berenice and her costumes for this season before at the 2017 Rostelecom Cup of Russia--click HERE--so when I saw this look at the Grand Prix of France for her Free Skate to Les Nocturnes de Chopin and Happy by C2C, I was like "WAIT! There is something different!". I remember her lady-like Peter Pan collar and rather basic white and black costume (at least for her!) but those rhinestones were NOT THERE! I swear!...

I was right! On the left is the costume at 2017 Rostelecom Cup and on the right is what she wore this weekend in France. Rhinestones on the once-basic Peter Pan collar--as well as on her cummerbund, front button placket and wrist bands. Back when I saw the costume at the Rostelecom Cup I thought it just needed something. I guess someone must have read my blog (wink! wink!).

**UP NEXT: THE MEN'S COSTUMES of the 2017 Internationaux de France Grand Prix of France!

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