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Costume Romance: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada skate their Short Dance at Skate Canada International 2017, Regina Saskatchewan Canada

In my two previous posts on Skate Canada International 2017, I've discussed the LADIES COSTUMES HERE and MEN'S COSTUMES finish up my ICE STYLE blogs on this second ISU of Figure Skating Grand Prix event, it's now time for the PAIRS and ICE DANCE COSTUMES RECAP. Let's begin with the...

Aliona Savchetko and Bruno Massot of Germany: Savchenko and Massot skated their Short Program to Ameksa - Fuego by Taalbi Brothers, edited by Maxime Rodriguez in these costumes and I liked HERS. His, though, was another matter. "Fuego" means fire in Spanish so it makes perfect sense she would be wearing a fire-inspired sequined costume. Aliona's look included a red costume with jagged hem with gold and silver crystals and fire-like embellishment. I could have done without the wrist cuffs (??!!), but overall it was a very striking look. I especially liked the high neck with a sprinkle of gold crystals and the think, criss-cross black belt which brought the look to a very modern level. Bruno's, however, was your typical "Ross Dress For Less" male figure skating partner look. That tacky belt from 1997 was sooooo unnecessary. 

Free Skate to La Terre vue du ciel by Armand Amar, edited by Maxime Rodriguez: For their Free Skate, they made me proud in that Bruno wasn't wearing stuff from his closet and that they both matched and looked LIKE A PAIR (what a novel idea!). Her lilac colored ombre-dyed costume was exquisite, especially the sequin work and that fabulous back! And...(this is something I JUST NOTICED!): She also LOVES a high neck and here it was being featured, of course. Speaking of necks...

Bruno's Nude Illusion Neck-piece: I was a bit perplexed about his nude illusion neck-piece. I wondered why he even needed it and instead, just let him show some actual SKIN (Hello!!!). It was kind of tacky and very noticeable. After closer inspection, I realized that maybe it was an "after thought"--after they made his costume, I bet that stand up collar and small v-neck just kept flopping down and so...they decided to add that nude illusion piece. I wonder.

Cheng Peng and Yang Jin of China: The Chinese Pairs team skated their Short Program to Assassin's Tango (from "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" soundtrack) by John Powell. I thought these were nicely done costumes for both of them. Her red sequined dress was beautiful and looked Haute (LOVED that neckline!) and his Mandarin-collared tuxedo shirt and back pants look was right--for the music and theme. I also appreciated the black buttons on the shirt that picked up the black color of his pants.

Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford of Canada: Duhamel and Radford of Canada skated their Short Program to With Or Without You by U2 performed by April Meservy and these costumes were VERY NICE! They looked like A PAIR and the delicate crystal details were pretty--I especially liked how they were brought onto his shirt. I was just a bit bewildered by the triangular crystals on Meagan's waist. I get that it was probably supposed to be a belt/waistband detail but, it was just oddly placed and the high waist was odd and cut her body in half.

Free Skate to Neutron Star Collision, Samson and Dalilah, and Uprising by Muse: OK, let's start with Meagan: I LOVED this red and silver sequined costume; GORGEOUS. It looked expensive, well-made, fit well and that sequined bodice work was OUT OF CONTROL! Eric's however...yes, another all-black "Nordstrom Rack" Men's Look. Yawn. Why someone couldn't just give this hot and .000002% fat free man a sexy skin-tight top with sequins and a little bit of red (to match hers), is beyond me. Now, if you think Meagan's beautiful costume looks familiar, it's because it is a COSTUME REPEAT (Groundhog's Day!)...

Meagan wore the same costume for their Season 2015-2016 Short Program to Your Song (From "Moulin Rouge!") by Elton John/Performed by Ewan McGregor. I really wonder if these skaters will just do Costume Repeats or maybe they will "Bust out" (like those Beauty Pageant Girls!) with SUPER FAB NEW COSTUMES in time for the Olympics??!! (PLEASE!)

Natalia Zabiiako and Enbert of Russia: Zabiiako and Enbert skated their Short Program to Summer of 42 (soundtrack). The movie--according to Wikipedia--is a "coming-of-age comedy/drama about a summer vacation on Nantucket Island in 1942. These costumes had NOTHING to do with Nantucket...or 1942, for that matter, but I liked them! The lilac colors were pretty and soft and her beautifully draped dress was so refined. I also loved his asymmetrical neckline top with horizontal sequined darts and gathered side. Even though these had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the movie and era...I was still a fan.

Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres of France: Leave it to Vanessa and Morgan to get me excited about Pairs Costumes! They always BRING IT! And this season is no exception. For their Short Program to Make It Rain by Ed Sheeran arranged by Maxime Rodriguez, Vanessa wore this (almost) painted-on silver unitard/bodysuit. The costume had a gorgeously sequined bodice and...SERIOUSLY, it was A SECOND SKIN. She looked AMAZING. Morgan was not left behind--costume-wise--with his matching silver top and gray skin-tight pants. His top was quite nicely designed with the solid/nude illusion panels, side slits, super tight fit, and slim sleeves. I love how the costume designer made BOTH of them SO SUPER SEXY. It's never all about her. Morgan is no Figure Skating Costume Chopped Liver huney!

Free Skate to Say Something (A Great Big World) performed by Christina Aguilera
Sense of Freedom by Maxime Rodriguez: Let's discuss their costumes for their Free Skate. Vanessa wore a bright royal blue "Versace"-like costume featuring strap detail, crystals and overall styling reminiscent of the 90's heydays of Gianni Versace. I could care less if the music or program had NOTHING to do with the Italian designer or 90's Supermodels because I loved her costume! And now, it's time for Morgan...

While I do not complain when I see something SUPER TIGHT and SUPER SEXY on Morgan Cipres (Bonjour Morgan!!), this was a bit of a disjointed mess. I give them points for trying to bring in her royal blue color and strap detail into his look but...this was just odd. And to top it off, his satin lapel-ed vest kept riding up through that "Pirates of the Caribbean"-like belt! I just didn't get it. Dump that vest, dump that belt and just keep that see-through super sexy plunging v-neck top. Add tiny royal blue crystals on it...and call it a COSTUME day! Merci.

Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue of USA: Hubbell and Donohue skated their Short Dance to Samba: Le Serpent by Guem et Zaka; Rhumba: Cuando Calienta El Sol by Tayla Ferro; and Samba: Sambando by Los Ritmos Calientas. I liked the deep violet/purple/lilac colors. Her sexy open side-and-back asymmetrical one-sleeved dress was HOT. I also liked the sequin detail and paillettes at the hem. Even Zach looked great! His v-neck top was sexy and included color and sequin elements taken from her costume. They get a 9/10 in my Costume Book!

Free Skate to Across the Sky - Instrumental by Rag N'Bone Man and Caught Out in the Rain by Beth Hart: For their Free Skate, I liked Madison's dress but Zachary's black-and-white outfit left a lot to be desired. First, her deep gray sequined dress was beautiful, fluid and fashionable. But his...well, it didn't live up to her costume; instead, he looked like a waiter at a restaurant AFTER the restaurant closed! The Lycra jacket was flimsy and the open shirt look was inelegant. STEP IT UP Zachary. You deserve better!

Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker of USA: Hawayek and Baker skated their Free Skate to Liebestraum arranged by Maxime Rodriguez. These lilac-hued costumes were pretty and worked nicely with the program. Her dress had beautiful movement and gathered draping and I liked his deep lilac colored pants that went well with her costume's coloring.

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje of Canada: For their Short Dance to Bolero: Tango by Diane Reeves; and Mambo: Do You Only Wanna Dance performed by Julia Daivel Big Band, this Canadian Ice Dance couple went a bit "Carmen Miranda" least she did. I get that the themes are Mambo/Samba/Rhumba, etc. and there are so many costume variations on that...but Kaitlyn's sequined flower dress--while beautifully draped--was a bit "Miss Brazil" for me (yes, even ME!). I didn't dislike it, and do think it's kinda gorgeous but (maybe it's just her blond hair/porcelain skin) it looks like a "Latina Costume" on her. Andrew--on the other hand--looked sexy and perfect. The see-through shirt (On Trend!); the SUPER TIGHT tuxedo striped pants (Hello!)...he looked MUY BIEN!

Free Dance to Je suis malade performed by Lara Fabian: For their Free Dance, they wore these looks. She wore a scarlet red cowl-neck slip dress (with an intentionally off-the-shoulder strap). And he wore a blue-gray tuxedo shirt and deep gray pants. If you think you have seen these before, well...maybe: This was the same Free Skate music AND very similar COSTUMES they used back in the 2011-2012 Season (also used in for Exhibition Program in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013). The difference (I think) is that this new costume isn't beaded at the satin cowl front top section (as opposed to the earlier version) and maybe his pants are not as "boot-cut" in the leg. Here are the "earlier costumes":  

2012 ISU Four Continents (left) and 2012 NHK Trophy (right)

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada: One word: WOEW! I would have put TEN PHOTOS of them and these looks but I didn't want to overwhelm y'all! So, I just added four! In case you missed it: I LOVED these! Canada's Virtue and Moir wore these costumes for their Short Dance to Samba: Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones; Rhumba: Hotel California by The Eagles; and Cha Cha: Oye Como Va by Santana. Tessa's design involved a see-through cheetah print look with fringe and GORGEOUS gold jeweled sequined embellishment. It also featured a very sexy scooped open back. I loved it all! And then, there was Scott: Oh Huney! That sequined black-and-nude top is EVERYTHING! Both looked Samba and Rhumba Fabuloso! (and can we discuss Scott's KABUNKADUNK THIGHS!!!???)

Free Skate to Roxanne and Come What May (from "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack): For their Free Skate, they wore these looks. For Tessa, it was a Cabernet red stretch velvet costume that showcased her fat-free fab figure with a scooped-side and open back. It was very "Azzedine Alaia/late 90's" Fab. And Scott, he donned a super tight mock-neck top and skin-tight pants. Even though the shade of his top didn't even match the shade of pants...and there were no crystals or any Cabernet-matching color on his look...They looked PERFECT. 

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