Friday, February 24, 2006
Jamie Sale, David Pelletier and Myself at the Olympic Ice taping inside the Palavela Arena
Sarah Hughes and I after we discovered that we were mutual fans at the Today Show set in Piazza San Carlo!
At the Palavela Arena, while I was trying to find tickets to the Sold Out Ladie's Figure Skating Finals, a honeymooning couple from Los Angeles, who happen to recognize me, joked that for a picture they would give me their much-sought-after tickets.....obviously they were joking. I still posed for a picture with them, because they were A) cute and B) fans of the show. I hope they enjoyed the competition as much as I did in my hotel room eating take-out, which is where I ended up!!!!!!
I just got finished taping my segment for Olympic Ice and had a fun time with Mary Carillo and Jamie Salle, the Olympic Pairs Gold Medalist from 2002. They were both so gracious and made me feel right at home joining their commentary. My segment was on critiquing the Ladie's Figure Skating Final Costumes, as well as my experience creating a costume for Sasha. Needless to say I was trying to compose my excitement through the entire segment! Tune in today, Friday Feb. 24th @ 6pm eastern/3pm pacific on USA Network's "Olympic Ice". Hopefully I'll be able to post some fun pictures soon, including one with Olympic Gold Medalist Sarah Hughes, who actually spotted me before I even had a chance to ask her for a picture. She first said "Aren't you Nick from Project Runway?!" and I said "Aren't you SARAH HUGHES!!" We both laughed.
Thursday, February 23, 2006
Buonasera from Torino!
I arrived on Wednesday and have been enjoying the beautiful sights of the city of Torino. Today I did a segment for Olympic Zone which airs on local NBC stations just before the Olympic coverage.
Look for me on Fridays show. I had a great time doing a style makeover on the beautiful atheletes from the Bronze winning Women's US Hockey Team!
Also, I will keep you posted on my appearance on Olympic Ice. I am scheduled to appear on Friday the 24th and will post after shooting my segment commenting on the Ladie's Figure Skating Finals!!!!
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
I'm very excited about heading to Torino today! Although I am not completely sure of my assignment, look for me to be doing some fashion commentary on Figure Skating Costumes. Maybe another meeting with Sasha Cohen?! I will try to update everyone here as soon as I have any further info. Tune in to Olympic_Ice on the USA Network on Thursday the 23rd, hopefully you will see me on the show!
Olympic Ice will provide a daily all-access pass inside the Olympic Winter Games' most popular sport: Figure Skating. The one-hour program, dedicated to an entertaining mix of breaking news, in-depth analysis and exclusive athlete interviews, will provide the most comprehensive coverage ever of the sport. Olympic Ice launched the day of the Opening Ceremony, Friday, February 10, and airs nightly throughout the Olympic Games at 6/5C-3 pacific. Olympic Ice will be hosted by Mary Carillo, with skating legends Dick Button and Scott Hamilton alternating as co-hosts.
In addition to requests for the T-Shirt I have had numerous inquiries about "how and when can I purchase your clothing?!" I did a special capsule collection for the Project Runway Web Store and it is available for purchase now! Click_here. If in Los Angeles, you can also purchase my clothing at: Dove 404 N Robertson Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048 (310) 289-7789 Sirens_&_Sailors 1104 Mohawk St., Echo Park, CA 90026 PHONE: 213.483.5423 FAX: 213.483.5444 E-MAIL: Hope this answers some questions!
Wednesday, February 15, 2006
BRENDA_STRONG_DRESS_UP FOR AUCTION The Clothes Off Our Back Foundation is a 501c3 organization that hosts charity auctions showcasing today's hottest celebrity attire. Items are put up for bid to the public with proceeds going to benefit children's charities. Clothes Off Our Back was founded by actors and philanthropists Jane Kaczmarek ("Malcolm In The Middle") and Bradley Whitford ("The West Wing") whose efforts, along with their celebrity and designer friends have helped improve the lives of children across the globe. (click on title to bid) I hope someone will be able to bid on this, support a great charity and help this dress live on!-Nick
Sunday, February 12, 2006
THANK YOU!! First of all, I must thank everyone for their overwhelming response to Wednesday night's episode. I arrived in New York on Tuesday and have been so busy with Project Runway that, in fact, I not only missed watching the episode but have not been able to check this blog until today. And WOW!!! I just about fell off my chair when I started to read all the amazing and supportive messages everyone has been leaving for me from all across the country! Ironically, Wednesday night was when we taped the Reunion episode. When I was finally able to check my cellphone I knew something was up because I had over 20 voicemails filled with overwhelming support and emotion from all my friends and family. Because this was all said and done 7 months ago, my recollection of what had occurred was somewhat hazy, but it all came back to me when I heard the first message which was from my Dad saying how incredibly proud he was of me. It's been so great to be back in New York and see everyone again, especially the amazing Project Runway crew. They have been so kind and supportive through this whole experience. I must give a special THANK YOU to all the NY fans that have been stopping me on the street and yelling out encouraging words. I expected people's first words to be "I'm sorry" but instead they have been "You were robbed!". Things happen for a reason, and you will definitely be seeing more of me. This past week can be summed up with one special story that happened at the end of the final Fashion Show at Bryant Park. Amongst all the photographers and well-wishers, a mother and her adorable little 7 year old daughter emerged out of all the chaos and timidly approached me holding the My Scene Barbie that I had designed. She was shaking and almost in tears asking me to autograph the box. While I was signing she began telling me how much I inspired her and loved my work, and how she wants to become a designer because of me. This one moment makes everything worth it! Again, thank you so much for all the wonderful messages. I am humbled and filled with indescribable emotion. Nick
Wednesday, February 01, 2006
The Color Purple Rules at the SAG Awards Sorina Diaconescu Mon Jan 30, 1:56 PM ET Fashion Wire Daily - Los Angeles - A purple haze seemed to descend over the red carpet as the 12th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards unfolded yesterday evening at L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium - and we don't mean the thick blanket of smog that hung over the city. Violet was the one hue that held its own at the SAGs amidst acres of monochromatic black and white, also glimpsed aplenty in the bi-tonal combo of black-and-white. Much like the Golden Globes a couple of weeks prior, this was another rather safe and tame affair from a sartorial point of view, and as such any dames cruisin' for a bruisin' in purplish frocks stood out like sore thumbs. Legitimizing this colorful spring trend, no less than three "Desperate Housewives" opted for purple: Marcia Cross looked stunning in a statuesque lavender number, draped with a clever, architectural elegance that brought to mind New York's Chrysler Building. Felicity Huffman donned a strapless, pale purple mermaid dress with a fitted bodice, and Eva Longoria (who at one point during the televised ceremony could be glimpsed nestled in Huffman's lap), sprang for a lilac-trimmed beaded frock. Contrarian Nicolette Sheridan went for striped yellow-and-green taffeta in a va-va-voom number that fit the bold, bodacious bombshell persona we've come to expect from her. You can tell a trend is catching on when even Ludacris (a winner last night in the best movie ensemble performance category alongside his "Crash" cast mates), rocked a purple display handkerchief and tie - as did Longoria's boyfriend, San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker! Even Morgan Freedman, not someone you'd normally accuse of being a trend follower, made a point of contrasting his plum shirt with a royal blue tie. Brenda Strong of "Desperate Housewives" in an edgy couture-meets-Golden Era Hollywood knockout made for her by "Project Runway"'s Nick Verreos. Strong may have been afflicted with the stomach flu, but her stunning, bias-cut dress in vibrant violet satin charmeuse was positively palliative. Accessorized with a Martin Katz brooch worn casually in her hair and Martin Katz baubles, hers was one of the most noteworthy outfits of the evening. We gather purple must be the Housewives' lucky color, because they all carted home statuettes for their collective win as the best ensemble in a comedy series.
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