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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Metro Magazine Article on Project Runway: Nick, Chloe and Santino

METRO does Fashion Week Nick, Santino, Chloe and Time take us behind the seams of 'Project Runway' (click on article to read)

7 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Metro Magazine Article on Project Runway: Nick, Chloe and Santino"

Oksana said...

aw, Nick, these are great! thanks for the article scans!

Tanya said...

Cool article like that you design for everybody..:-) Keep it up!!

Heather said...

Nick, I really liked this article. I love the fact that you mentioned designing for "strong and sexy girls, no matter the size". That comment has inspired this strong-n-sexy, plus-sized gal to start saving up for a nikolaki design so that when I'm walking into the party, everyone will not only ask "who is that" but "where did you get that amazing outfit"!!!

I just hope that us "common folk" will have a shot at wearing your designs now that your star is on the rise!!!

Susan said...

Nick! I can't read the article! How do I get to it?

Heather said...

I clicked on the photo of the Metro and saved it to my computer. Then I zoomed in on it to view and read it. There may be a simpler way but it worked for me!

About tonight's show...I am taping most of it so I can watch when I am more awake, but in the first 10 min or so, I was totally laughing at Santino's defense of his jumpsuit. I'm begining to think that they are paying him to say this stuff b/c cannot imagine ANYONE being as clueless as he apparently is!!!

lisa said...

Thank you for posting that article Nick! It was weird watching tonight and you not being on :(
cant wait for the reunion!!

Akira Garcia Noriega said...

Santino didn't even give Kara a chance to talk.If he had, Nick would still be on to Fashion Week..Santino lied and said she was jumping around back stage..come on.You could look at the poor girl and tell that she was very uncomfortable.ANyway, I loved your design , Nick.They have no idea what they did when they "out"ed
Santino did not deserve to slip through the cracks that time.But yeah, it's all about ratings.