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My Super Sweet Sixteen!

Last Friday, Windsor Stores held their annual Corporate Meeting at the fabulous Hyatt on Sunset Strip. The day-long affair was basically filled with business objectives, introducing new styles for Prom Season 2007, and giving direction to Windsor's store managers for their 39 stores in 12 States across the USA. The highlight of the meeting was the introduction of my "Nick Verreos for Windsor" dresses integrating them into the Windsor "family". There was a mini fashion show, where all the ten styles were modeled by young women--who were actual sales associates from the stores.

Just the reaction (High-yelling "woo-hoos" ) from the audience as well as the giddy emotions from some of the 16-year old teen models made me assured that these were the right dresses for this market! The whole theme for Windsor this season is a return to the luxurious, lady-like look. Glamour is back--slutty is out! I wanted to design sexy, fashionable dresses perfect for a Winter Formal, as well as a wedding reception or a "cocktail" event, and make them affordable.
I combined two main themes, already seen on recent Award Show Red Carpets, including "Grecian-Goddess" draping and shirring, as well as a 1950's/1960's retro look(as witnessed by the shorter cocktail styles).

In conjunction with the fashion show, it was also announced that I will be traveling all across the US to various Windsor Stores to make appearances at various trunk show events. Not all the cities are known as of now, but a little birdie tells me I will be traveling to Illinois, Arizona and Florida, amongst other States. I will keep my readers posted on the exact locations as well dates.

I had a great time meeting and taking photos with all the Windsor "girls"--and one boy (manager). TheTexas girls at my table were especially a hoot! I hope they went to the "Saddleback Ranch" nearby and got to ride that infamous mechanical bull! They seemed to be genuinely excited by my line for their stores, as well as by my surprise attendance. We ended the day with a glamourous dinner at the penthouse/rooftop ballroom of the hotel, overlooking all of Hollywood. It was a gorgeous and clear evening and you could almost see all the way to the beach.

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Amy said...

Gorgeous dresses, Nick! How wonderful that glamour is in and slutty is out. Auf wiedersehen, slutty!

I do hope your tour brings you to Las Vegas. There are Windsor stores in Las Vegas and in Henderson, a suburb of Las Vegas. We already have Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Cavalli, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Gaultier, and Dior, to name a few. Surely it's time we had a little Verreos!

Anonymous said...

Howdy! This is Shannon from Texas! I had a great time sitting by you at dinner. You were a hoot as well. =) And yes 2 of Texas girls showed Sattle Ranch how to ride a bull! LOL
Hope 2007 is a prosperous year for you! I must get to work now. BYE!!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! This is Kat from Katy, TX (the other Texas gal who was sitting next to Shannon!) I had a wonderful time and I'm so glad you are a part of our 'family' and you guys shared the evening with us! We definately had a blast.

I brought plenty of stories and pictures back with me so my associates would believe me when I told them shared a great dinner with an AMAZING designer!!!

Happy Trails!

Oksana said...


These dresses are fabulous.I'm in love with the yellow one!

Laura K said...

I am looking forward to your visit to Arizona, Nick!

tiana said...

Yes I was one of the models at the dinner ans i loved every single dress of yours. Heck if u need me to be one of your models for any show just let me know and i'll be there. it was lots of fun and who doesn't like modeling the best of the best.

Anonymous said...

So I saw you at the Airport in Phoenix and for the life of me couldn't remember your last time and wasn't about to be all casual and use your first name. But I was really tempted to say Hi, buuut since a security checkpoint isn't quite the place to barge in on someone..yeah. Hi! :-) ~Juliet