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PROJECT RUNWAY.....NBC Universal Bravo Going Green for Fashion

In an effort to raise Eco-consciousness, NBC/Universal and all its entities, which of course includes the Bravo Network, proclaimed last week "Green Week". asked me to write a blog on Eco-chic and what that means to me. I decided to not just give a lecture of sorts about one should do, in terms of clothing, to be more "Green friendly", but also add a Southern California twist to it. I have been taking "baby steps" myself in being more Eco-conscious by (finally) getting separate waste baskets for cans, paper, etc. as well as replacing light bulbs, and so on.

In terms of clothing, I thing my love for "Green" was given enlightened when I created a (according to Michael Kors) vulgar and very Green dress, made completely out of plants for the infamous Garden Party/Flower Power Challenge from Season 2 of Project Runway. I also think I have come a long way, considering "Going Green" for me meant wearing TWO , not just one, puka shell necklaces! That's how much "Granola Crunch Eco-friendly" I could bring into my style atmosphere. And like Puka Shells are really Eco friendly! That could be debated...
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